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Chapter 130: Walking Into His Trap Step by Step

The manager was still guessing Gu Qiqis thoughts towards Bai Lang.

But Gu Qiqi was already pointing to the row of expensive medicine materials on the counter.

“Dendrobium, seahorses, musk, red fungus, wild ginseng, winter worm, summer herbs… This and that, take them out for me to see.”

The manager shivered and couldnt help but be speechless.

One had to know that their price was ten times higher now.

It wasnt a big deal to increase the price by tenfold for a ten-dollar medicine.

These expensive herbs cost more than ten thousand dollars, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per gram.

If it was raised tenfold, Young Lady Qiqi, have you really calculated it

However, Gu Qiqi didnt seem to care about the price at all.

Her expression was extremely calm.

“Why You dont want to sell it”

“Selling, selling, selling! Wait a minute.”

The manager could only go and take it as instructed.

He was puzzled once more.

Could it be that Young Lady Qiqi really wasnt going to fight with Second Young Master anymore Could it be that she wasnt here to cheat him this time Was she here to express friendliness, send money, and reconcile

Although this probability seemed to be nearly zero!

The little dirty turtle was as dumbfounded as the manager.

“Master, why did you give money to that scum Hes a b*stard! Hes a pervert!”

Gu Qiqi curved her lips slightly.

A trace of slyness flashed past her eyes.

She didnt answer the little dirty turtles question.

She asked it, “You said before that you could leave me and move out”

The little dirty turtle said awkwardly, “There are too few colored spots at the moment.

I can at most stay one or two meters away from you.

If I move too far away, I wont have the energy to support myself.”

Gu Qiqi nodded.

“Yes, its enough!”


The mahogany counter in the pharmacy was covered with expensive Chinese medicine materials.

Especially those top-notch winter insects and summer grasses.

They were carefully arranged in a straight line on a golden velvet tray.

Top-grade herbs were more expensive than gold!

Everyone knew that branded bags and jewelry were expensive.

Little did they know that real rare herbs could kill those golden luxury goods in seconds with just a gram or two.

At this moment, any one of the row of winter insects and summer grasses in front of Gu Qiqi was worth a diamond ring.

She scanned the room.

Her gaze swept across the sandworms and summer grasses before finally landing on an inconspicuous box of second-grade antler slices.


Gu Qiqi stretched out her fair finger and pointed.

The manager smiled.

Indeed, Young Lady Qiqi had considered her words.

Among all these luxurious herbs, deer antlers were the cheapest.

The original price was 2000 dollars.

Now, Second Master had deliberately made it into 20,000 dollars.

Actually, she didnt suffer a huge loss buying this box of deer antlers.

Young Lady Qiqi, you should be magnanimous.

This time, you will suffer a little.

Hurry up and buy it before leaving.

Dont fight with our familys d*mned young master anymore.

He packed that box of deer antlers neatly.


Just foot the bill here.”

But in the next second.

The managers mouth was as wide as an egg!

He had completely misjudged Gu Qiqis intentions.

Gu Qiqi frowned and continued, “This, I dont want! Wrap the rest up for me.

I want them all!”

The manager was stunned for a moment.

Only then did he realize that among this pile of expensive Chinese medicine materials, only that box of the cheapest second-grade deer antler was something Young Lady Qiqi didnt want.

She actually wanted to take the rest away.

When he was calculating the total price, his old hands were trembling non-stop.

In a VIP room not far away.

Bai Lang watched excitedly as Gu Qiqi walked into his trap step by step.

He was so happy that he was just short of wagging his tail on the spot.

Ten million dollars…

30 million…

In the end, he watched as the manager struck out a total price of 85 million dollars.

Bai Lang couldnt help but laugh out loud.

“Hahaha, you little vixen! Lets see if he still admits that you spent over 80 million dollars of Gong Jues this time! Youre a bad woman who specializes in wasting his money!”

Not only was she spending money recklessly, but she was also stupid!

Bai Langs fingers already pressed Gong Jues name in his phones contact list.

He was prepared to broadcast the exciting scene of Gu Qiqi using the black diamond card like a sucker.

He never expected that…

Gu Qiqis light and irritating voice suddenly traveled to his ears.

“You must have calculated the total price wrongly!”


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