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Chapter 131: Waiting For The Little Fairy To Be Tricked!

Did he calculate the total price wrongly

Upon hearing Gu Qiqis words, the manager hurriedly took out his calculator.

With a crackling sound, he did a new round of calculations.

“Young Lady Qiqi, its 85 million dollars…” The manager scratched his head.

Could it be that Young Lady Qiqi couldnt afford it and deliberately found a way out

Gu Qiqi glanced lightly at the herbs on the table.

She slammed the card in her hand onto the counter.

“Money isnt a problem.

But I offered a price of 85 million dollars.

You have to give me medicine of the same value, right”

The manager was shocked by Gu Qiqis handsome actions and nearly cheered for that domineering “money isnt a problem”!

After regaining his senses, he hurriedly explained,

“This… Young Lady Qiqi, Im sorry.

Our pricing is indeed a little more expensive than the outside world, but our supply channel is especially good.

The quality of the same herbs is especially high.

Look at how clean and plump this wormgrass is…”

He thought that Gu Qiqi was clinging onto the price that was ten times more expensive.

He could only praise the quality of the herbs.

Not far away, Bai Lang secretly watched this scene and sneered in his heart.

“Little vixen, its useless even if you seize the loophole that its ten times more expensive! Ive done my homework.

The Empires law states that even the Bureau of Commodity Prices cant interfere with the pricing of expensive medicine materials.

Expensive medicine materials are like diamonds.

They can be sold for a sky-high price no matter how big the market is! The next time you dare to come again, Ill increase the price by a hundred times!”

Bai Lang was incomparably grateful.

After being scammed by Gu Qiqi the last time, he—who had always hated doing business—went back and flipped through the legal regulations for the entire night.

He had memorized the laws regarding the medicinal herb business very well.

At this moment, he crossed his legs, squinted his amorous eyes, and took a sip of chilled red wine.

He sat leisurely and waited for Gu Qiqi to be scammed!

85 million dollars.

Who would have thought

Gu Qiqi stretched out her fair and jade-like finger and pointed at the most expensive winter worm and summer grass in front of her.

She said unhurriedly, “Very clean Very plump Are you sure, Mr.


The manager looked over in confusion.

Wearing a pair of gloves, he carefully picked up a golden cordyceps.

“Young Lady Qiqi, you can take a closer look.

The quality of this cordyceps is really perfect.

Ive been in the pharmacy profession for twenty years.

Theres no lie—”

The confident words came to an abrupt halt!

The manager was dumbfounded as he looked at the “perfect” cordyceps.

Perfect my foot!

At some point in time, several wormholes had appeared on that short and thick blade of grass.

The originally perfect wormgrass had been eaten clean.

This was a very serious quality problem.

It could be said that the wormgrass that was originally worth hundreds of thousands of dollars became worthless because of these few wormholes!

Since it was eaten by worms, it meant that there was a big problem with the safekeeping.

The medicinal effect was greatly reduced.

Furthermore, it was impossible to predict whether there were other problems.

“This, this, this is definitely a mistake.

Im sorry, Young Lady Qiqi.

I guarantee that only this one with poor quality is mixed in.

Ill discard this one and definitely wont calculate it in the total price.

I, I, Ill calculate the price again for you!”


I suggest that you do a thorough check before you do the calculations.” Gu Qiqi was calm and composed.

Cold sweat formed on the managers forehead.

“Okay, okay.

There definitely wont be anymore—”

Unfortunately, these two words “anymore” hadnt even been said for three seconds.

The manager was shocked to find that the entire row of winter and summer herbs had been eaten by worms!

There was no exception.

All of them were eaten!

In an instant, he felt as if someone had ruthlessly slapped his face.

It hurt!

Didnt he say that he would never do it again


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