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Chapter 146: You Have to Apologize to Me!

The truth was finally revealed in front of her.

The live-stream audience was unhappy.

“Damn, such an obvious framing.

Are those examiners stupid They actually slandered my goddess together”

“No wonder I felt that there was something wrong with my college entrance examinations, middle school examinations, and elementary school graduation exam scores.

Damn, it turns out that a bunch of pigs are controlling my fate!”

“No, I want to check the results too.

I want justice!”

“Lets go, brothers! Lets cause trouble!”

A few minutes later.

The student recruitment examination website that had finally recovered to normal was fiercely attacked once more…

The screen went black!

The reason was that thousands of people had come to complain about their exam results from elementary school to the college entrance examinations…

Red words appeared on the black screen: You must apologize to me!

At the same time.

In the examination room, that examiner who had been making things difficult for Gu Qiqi was sweating profusely.

His hands were trembling uncontrollably!

He had just received a call from his superior.

He had been suspended and was being taken care of.

The reason was that his words were inappropriate in front of the national live broadcast cameras and he had smeared the image of an educator.

He finally understood that if he didnt give Gu Qiqi an explanation as soon as possible, his life from now on wouldnt be as simple as a mere suspension… Perhaps, he would be attacked over and over again like the tragic admission website.

“Ahem, that… Classmate Gu Qiqi, after careful research, we have determined that you didnt cheat on your previous results.

So… on behalf of all my colleagues, I apologize to you!”

After speaking, he bowed 90 degrees honestly!

Behind her, the other examiners also looked ashamed as they bowed in apology.

In front of the live broadcast screen.

All the audience held their breaths as their eyes reddened.

Everyone knew that this innocence and apology had not been easy to come by.

If Gu Qiqi hadnt shown her perfect strength, she would have an evil reputation of being a cheating dog and would have been maligned for life!

There were so many people who had been wronged in this world.

How many people had the chance to prove themselves like this

And in her life, how many times had she been innocently slandered, misunderstood, and at a loss for words How many times had she been ignored

At this moment, Gu Qiqi stood straight in the examination room.

Her face was as calm as water as and she calmly accepted the apology of a group of examiners who were dozens of years older than her.

She bowed and apologized.

Her cold gaze swept past these people and turned to the live broadcast camera.

Suddenly, her lips curved slightly.

“Thank you, everyone, for supporting me.

What happened to me today will give you hope for tomorrow.”

The live-stream audience exploded once more.

“Our goddess laughed!”

“Gosh, the flowers have bloomed! The world is peaceful!”

“The goddess is encouraging us.

She wants us not to be afraid of being slandered and misunderstood.

We have to stand up bravely and fight back!”

The little dirty turtle exploded as well.

“Master, Master.

I cant handle such immense joy anymore.

Our color points have surged.

Its going to hit 100,000 soon.

I cant even stop it.

Its too satisfying…”

Because this was a live broadcast online.

Gu Qiqi received admiration, admiration, gratitude, and hatred… All kinds of rich and intense emotions surged.

Of course, there were also some haters who were jealous and clamoring.

But so what

The more jealous they were, the more points she gained.

Wasnt the best way to retaliate against the haters to become more perfect, so that they would be more jealous and contribute more points


Gu Qiqi curved her lips and walked out of the examination room proudly.

In the corridor outside the door.

She bumped into a few female students from Grade 12 Class 1.

“Ah, Qiqi! Turns out that your live-stream examination venue is here! No wonder youre so noble! Come and join us in the appreciation banquet, okay”

Not good at all.

Gu Qiqis expression was cold.

However, the little dirty turtle urged her desperately, “Master, go on! Theyre scum so take this chance to earn some color points!”


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