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Chapter 303: The Performance Of A Scheming Bitch

Gu Xuexues lips curled up secretly.

She couldnt help but admire herself.

She was going to watch Gu Qiqi and Gu Yuanyuan fight over this birthday banquet.

She, on the other hand, benefited from it easily.

No one would have expected that Grandpa would ultimately like her handmade gift.

She didnt spend a single cent.

She didnt even do anything.

It was purely a free gift when she bought a necklace!

Not far away.

Gu Yuanyuan was so angry that her eyes were about to spit fire.

That little b*tch Gu Xuexue actually dared to show off more than her!

She should have slapped Gu Xuexue twice just now.

She clearly knew that she was going to curry favor with her grandfather, but that little b*tch actually dared to take out some handmade painting to snatch her popularity.

What a scheming b*tch!

She actually teamed up with a scheming b*tch to deal with Gu Qiqi.

This scheming b*tch was too unreliable.

As if sensing Gu Yuanyuans resentful and unhappy gaze, Gu Xuexue hurriedly stopped while she was ahead.

“Grandpa, Grandma, Im actually used to being frugal in Qing Cheng.

Thats why I thought of this idea.”

“Actually, Sister Yuans paperweight is the most valuable.

She knew that Grandpa liked painting and calligraphy, so she specially selected a gift that could be placed in the study room.”

“These few days, I accompanied her to dozens of shops.

Her legs were swollen and blistered from walking.

In the end, she chose this flawless ice-type jade.”

“So, I know Sister Yuans feelings for Grandpa best!” Gu Xuexue said coquettishly.

While praising Gu Yuanyuan, she didnt forget to establish an image of herself as a “caring and loving” good younger sister.

Also, she was tenacious and wasnt afraid of suffering by describing how Gu Yuanyuans feet were worn out.

Of course, it was very tiring to walk with her.

Indeed, when Gu Yuanyuan heard this, she felt much better.

Old Madam even took the opportunity to praise them a few more times, causing everyone to nod and praise her repeatedly.

Unfortunately, the little dirty turtle—who had long seen through all of this—laughed coldly.

“Acting skills! Acting skills! Why isnt Gu Xuexue in the entertainment industry She might be the next best actress!”

Gu Qiqi smiled lightly.

“The entertainment industry also depends on strength.

Her acting skills can only be used to cheat men in the family circles, right”

“What Master said makes sense!” The little dirty turtle nodded fiercely.

However, there was still a trace of worry in its heart.

“Master, their gifts are so outstanding.

What about our longevity peach…”

It had already done as Master instructed and poked a few holes in the two halves of the longevity peach from the inside, splitting it open like a spider web.

It estimated that once the gift box was opened later, it would shatter into powder.

Was Master trying to play a prank

But the old man couldnt appreciate it, right

The little dirty turtle was very worried, but Gu Qiqi was very calm!

“Yes, thats right!”

The corners of her lips curved up slightly with a faint smile.

As the gifts were opened one by one and revealed, everyone laughed for a while.

Finally, it was that longevity peach jade.

The sandalwood box that contained it was very exquisite and antique.

It immediately attracted everyones attention.

“Wow, who sent this It looks good.”

“It cant be an antique, right That would be expensive!”

“Open it quickly and youll know.”

Steward Zhao deliberately held the sandalwood box in his hand and circled the room.

After ensuring that everyone had seen and attracted everyones attention, he walked to the old master.

He slowly opened it—

The emerald light immediately made everyone blink.

What was that It was so beautiful that it shone like a diamond under the sunlight!

“Old Pit Glass Jade!”

Immediately, an uncle who knew his stuff exclaimed.

But immediately, someone was surprised.

“Is this a longevity peach Why is it… split in half”

“Is it missing a corner Which kid made a prank and bit one part of the peach”

“The child is too naughty!”

Gu Yuanyuan laughed in her heart.

This half-opened longevity peach was very effective.

But… No!

Clearly, no one had directed the situation in the right direction.


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