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Anything could be satisfied.

The first thing she desperately needed to be satisfied was…

Gu Qiqi blurted out, “Its regarding the college entrance exam professional ambition.”

Chu Junmo was stunned.

“You just graduated from high school”

Even the Head of the Surgical Department in Qing Cheng Hospital had screwed up his operation when he had a heart attack in that car accident.

But a high school student had saved him

It was simply incredible!

Gu Qiqi thought that he was complaining that she was too young and that he didnt want to help her anymore.

In a fluster, she said.

“You said just now that you would satisfy me.

You cant go back on your words.

I know you can do it!”

Chu Junmo laughed out loud.

“Are you trying to agitate me”

Gu Qiqis eyes darkened and she sounded disappointed.

“No, I really know that you have the ability to reach the sky.”

In her previous life, this noble Mister had sued the Gu family to court.

Gu Qiushans vitality sharply declined and the Gu familys assets were nearly wiped off from the face of the earth.

In the end, she became the Gu familys scapegoat and the money-making machine of the family to make up for the shortfall that happened because of this accident.

Chu Junmo played with the expensive fountain pen in his hands.

His long and narrow phoenix-shaped eyes squinted.

“I promise you.”

Gu Qiqis heart beat rapidly.

Did he… agree to this

Wasnt that too straightforward

However, the man wasnt joking at all.

“Where do you want to enroll”

“At the Imperial Medical University.

Major in clinical medicine!”

“This is the best medical school in the Empire.

Youve also chosen a great profession.

You have great foresight.” Chu Junmo praised her.

Although he was a business tycoon, he was no stranger to medicine.

Gu Qiqi smiled.

“You could be considered as having great foresight as well for accepting me, a top scholar.”

“Woman, youre very arrogant!”

“No, Im just confident.”

Chu Junmo laughed lightly and asked like a gentleman, “Do you have any other wishes”

Gu Qiqi thought for a moment.

Then, she replied without being polite.


If its convenient, can you hold the Head of Surgical Department in Qing Cheng Hospital, Zhu You, accountable for the medical mistakes that he had made”

“Also, Director Gu Qiushan tried to cover up the truth of this incident.

One cannot say that hes acquitted from the blame.”

“You want to hold them accountable Are you sure”

Chu Junmo looked at Gu Qiqis detailed CV that his subordinate had just handed over to him.


She was going to hold her birth father accountable!

Didnt she know that if proven guilty, the defendant would have to serve jail time and also compensate the prosecution a huge sum of money

Since she was Gu Qiushans daughter, shouldnt she ask him to let her father off

“Im sure.” Gu Qiqi said in a low voice.

A trace of pain flitted past her eyes.

Zhu You and Gu Qiushan had been so vicious to frame her up.

If she didnt return their favor with a “big gift”…

How could she be worthy of this chance of being reborn

They were ruthless.

So she was going to be more ruthless!

Chu Junmo promised her.


“Wait!” Gu Qiqi suddenly thought of something.

Feeling embarrassed, she asked, “Can I trouble your subordinate in Qing Cheng to send over two pregnancy test kits to me”

Even though she was saying the words “pregnancy test kits” over the phone, she was still embarrassed as the other party was a man after all.

However, the crisis that would come out as a result of Xiao Nings pregnancy was close.

She had to do what she had promised her friend.

She was penniless, and it was also impossible for her to go to the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department to steal a few kits again.

She could only be thick-skinned and request for them from this beautiful man.

But she didnt expect that the mans tone of voice could remain so calm.

He didnt even laugh at all, as he only nodded and replied, “All right.”

“Thank you.”

Gu Qiqi was about to hang up the call when suddenly, she said once more, “Hold on!”

“Also… also…”

“…” Also Chu Junmo raised his eyebrows.

“Can you lend me some money One thousand dollars would be enough.”

Gu Qiqi emphasized the word “lend”.


“I will definitely return this favor to you! Thank you.”

Gu Qiqi hung up the call.

However, Chu Junmos lips curved up.

She wanted to convict her father

She wanted pregnancy test kits

And she wants to borrow a thousand dollars

He said slowly…

“Woman, you have successfully left a deep impression on me.”


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