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Chapter 43: Big Man! Little Maid!

In the study room.


The three to four-year-old boy was dressed in an exquisite and adorable mini black suit.

He strode over with his short legs and crawled onto the study table with his hands and feet.

He knocked on the advanced chip technical document that Gong Jue was looking at solemnly.

“Daddy, a man should keep his word.

Dont you think so”

Gong Jue replied with an equally serious question.

“Who did you learn this bad habit from Speak plainly if you have something to say.

Dont beat around the bush!”

The boy curled his lips.

“Thats true.

With your IQ, you wont understand even if I twist my words, so Ill accommodate you.”

Gong Jue was speechless.

Was this little brat really only three and a half years old

The boy asked seriously, “Have you found out the name of my female nurse”

Gong Jue frowned.

“What nurse”

The boy said anxiously, “I knew that you werent doing your job well! I should have done it myself…”

Gong Jue frowned even more tightly, before he finally remembered.

“Nonsense! I checked the CCTV three days ago.

There was no such person.”

Besides the fact that the person whom the boy was looking for didnt exist, neither did the woman whom he was looking for!

This countryside was truly chaotic.

Luckily, Gu Qiqi had been caught.

Otherwise, he wouldve blown up that lousy hospital to quell his anger.

That wasnt right either.

Ever since that stupid woman came by his side, the number of times he got angry had increased.

The boy glared at Gong Jue unhappily before he turning around to leave.

That d*mned dung! He was obviously distracted and wasnt even listening to him properly.

Adults were so dishonest!

“Where are you running to” Gong Jue grabbed the boys black suit collar.

“Im going to the hospital to find a kind lady.

I want to start a family with her.

I dont want you, you useless old man!”


Gong Jue said as cold as ice, Youre not allowed to go.

Go downstairs for dinner!”

“No!” The boy replied equally coldly.

After staring at each other for a few seconds…

Gong Jues lips twitched.

“If you wont eat, then go hungry!”

The boy curled his lips as he watched his father slam the door shut and walk away.

He loosened his bow tie and said, “I hate it when people mess up my clothes, Im not handsome anymore…”

Gong Jue came to the dining room with a furious look on his face.

At a glance, he saw that Gu Qiqi had already started eating.

She was eating happily.

This heartless woman only knew how to eat.

Why didnt she wait for him

“Special Assistant Lu, since when have the rules of the research base been broken Can the female prisoner eat at the table now” He pulled out a chair from the master seat and spoke unhappily.

Special Assistant Lus lips twitched.

Chief, you instructed me to do this.

Have you forgotten

“I was the one who wanted to eat first when I was hungry.

It has nothing to do with the subordinates.” Gu Qiqi couldnt stand it anymore and explained.

Why was this man so cold on the outside but warm on the inside

If he wanted to cause her trouble, couldnt he have said so directly What was the point of implicating others

“Run ten laps around the field! Squat a hundred times! Write down the systems sequence for a thousand lines!”


Gu Qiqi was flabbergasted as she watched Special Assistant Lu confess his crime.

No, no, no.

She took back her words.

This man wasnt cold on the outside, but domineering and unreasonable.

Just because Special Assistant Lu gave her food to eat

Or was it because she spoke up for Special Assistant Lu

“A weak woman escaped three times under my watch.

Everyone here should feel ashamed! They should be punished!”

Gong Jue snorted coldly.

The subordinates behind him shivered.

Gu Qiqi curled her lips nonchalantly.

“Shouldnt you, a small manager, be the one taking responsibility”

They said that she was a weak woman

Hmph, then he was the domineering manager!

Gong Jues fierce gaze shot over.

“And you! Coming back is supposed to be a punishment, not for enjoying yourself!”

After speaking, her gaze swept across the cutlery on the table.

Gu Qiqi immediately understood.

Now that Special Assistant Lu was gone, there was no one to serve him.

Was he asking her to serve him tea

At this moment, why did she have the illusion that the domineering man with erectile dysfunction had deliberately sent Special Assistant Lu away

He did all of these just to toy with her What kind of tricks did he have up his sleeves


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