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Chapter 466: Never Let Her Enter the Gong Familys House

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Assistant Lu suddenly wanted to mourn for Gong Jue.

Poor Chief.

He had personally entertained his admirer for his wife, but in the end, he was blamed by his wife.

It was really… so tragic.

Chief should be so angry that he wanted to beat someone up now, right

It was the exact opposite of what Assistant Lu had guessed.

When Gong Jue heard Gu Qiqi say “that female doctor in a white coat”, he was not angry.

Instead, his eyebrows relaxed a little.

Was she jealous of her

Her angry look was rather cute.


She questioned him seriously and blinked her big eyes.

The more she looked at him, the more he wanted to kiss her.

If not for the sake of proving his innocence, he really wanted to stare at her longer.

“What does that woman have to do with me Why do I have to see her”

Gong Jues denial was within Gu Qiqis expectations.

However, Gu Qiqi was a little surprised to hear that they were completely unrelated.

“Thats not what she said.”

“What did she say” Gong Jues tone darkened.

“She said that shes very close to you.

She can come over to your house for a meal and chat with you whenever she wants.

She knows everything about you like the back of her hand…” When Gu Qiqi thought about how Bai Mori acted as if nothing had happened in front of her that day and secretly flaunted her close relationship with Gong Jue, she felt stifled.

Gong Jues eyes dimmed.

Without a second thought, he replied, “Ill never let her enter the Gong Familys house again.

If you want to accompany me home, you can go back anytime.

As for knowing me like the back of your hand…”

He grabbed Gu Qiqis hand and said in a charming tone, “Where do you want to touch me”

Special Assistant Lu, who was sitting in the front row, trembled again.

Damn, he was caught off guard and choked by the Chiefs display of affection!

Impressive, my Chief.

Ill never let Bai Mori enter the Gong familys house again!

On the other hand, Miss Qiqi can come anytime!

The main point was… Chief, did you suddenly realize that your flirting skills were off the charts

He simply couldnt believe that this was something a simple and crude Gong Jue could say.

But in fact…

Not only did Gong Jue say it, he even did it.

He pressed Gu Qiqis hand against his chest.

Following which, he moved it downward.

“Do you know everything here, or here Or…”

It was about to hit… there.

Gu Qiqi felt as if her fingertips were scalded.

She blushed.

“No! You know thats not what I meant.”

She was saying that Bai Mori was showing off that she knew Gong Jue more than her!

She had known Gong Jue longer than she had, okay

Gong Jue was intrigued.

“Oh If thats not the case, what does that mean”

Gu Qiqi gritted her teeth.

“She said that she knew that you had changed mu major behind my back! You were the one who kicked me out of clinical medicine! How could she know so much if she didnt know you”

Upon hearing this, Gong Jues displeasure vanished.

He curled his lips and said, “Didnt you say that you believe me”

Gu Qiqis eyes widened.

“You… overheard it”

Damn it, Gong Jue actually knew about her conversation with Bai Mori.

So, back then, when she had confidently rebuked Bai Moli and said “I believe him”, the stupid man had actually heard it

How embarrassing!

A rare smile appeared on Gong Jues face.

“You dare to say that but you dont dare to admit it”

Gu Qiqi pouted.

“I… I was just trying to anger that woman… Just pretend I didnt say anything.”

The smile in Gong Jues eyes deepened.

“Why shouldnt you say that Well said! You can say that in the future!”

Number 1 jolted.

Special Assistant Lu, who was sitting in the front row, could no longer control his trembling hands.

He was shocked by the Chiefs godly skills.


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