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Chapter 517: If Only She Could Marry Them

Qing Yuxuans VIP guest reception was scheduled for one night.

After school, Gu Yuanyuan passed by the veterinary school and even walked into the classroom specially to knock on Gu Qiqis desk.

“Hey, country bumpkin.

Dont forget to attend Qing Yuxuans cocktail party at 8 PM tonight.

You dont have to be afraid to come because you feel inferior.

You have to know that in front of such an awesome jade jewelry brand like Qing Yuxuan, its normal to feel inferior!”

Gu Yuanyuan said proudly and left arrogantly.

Hmph! She had suffered so much in front of Gu Qiqi recently, but she had never defeated this country bumpkin once.

Now, she finally had a job that this country bumpkin couldnt catch up to and was rendered speechless by her.

It was simply refreshing!

Gu Qiqi looked at Gu Yuanyuans smug back and said coldly and disdainfully, “Childish.”

However, the other students from the veterinary school didnt think so.

They discussed enthusiastically.

“I heard that Qing Yuxuan is an old brand.

It was originally bankrupt, but Gu Yuanyuan personally rescued it.”

“I heard that Gu Yuanyuan is Qing Yuxuans executive director.

Shes so awesome!”

“Sigh, theyre about the same age.

Others are already rich and flourishing in the business world.

Were still poor people in the classroom who are daydreaming…”

“I really want to go to that kind of high society banquet… There must be a lot of beautiful women.

The scene must be very luxurious, right”

“Cant you tell just from that dress Gu Yuanyuan wore just now Thats the latest style for this years autumn and winter collection.

Its extremely dazzling.”

“How beautiful! Im so envious! Do you think that a rich young master will attend”

“I heard that the eldest young master of the Bai family, Bai Yeyuan, is a cold and cool young master from a noble family… Also, the second young master of the Bai family is elegant, gentle, humorous, and especially popular with women.

If I could marry them and become the wife of a pharmaceutical family, I wouldnt have to study so hard…”

Gu Qiqi wasnt interested in gossip at all.

Furthermore, the gossip wasnt reliable at all.

Would a b*stard like Bai Lang be popular with women Or be gentle and humorous

Dont joke around.

However, the evening gown that they spoke of reminded her of something.

She had to return to her residence quickly to change into a dress.

It was too ridiculous to wear a school uniform to such a formal occasion.

She quickly packed her bag and rushed out.

Little Master Xiao Ning and Yang Xiaolan were waiting at the school gate.

Little Master Xiao Ning gestured at Gu Qiqi.

“Qiqi, lets go to the Lan Ting to take care of things first.

Its all up to you tonight.

You must infiltrate the enemy and beat them to a pulp…”

Yang Xiaolan sized Qiqi up.

“Qiqi, arent you going to change into a gown”

Gu Qiqi smiled.

“Im about to go back and change.”

Only then did the boisterous Xiao Ning notice that Gu Qiqi was still wearing her school uniform.

She shouted, “Damn it! If you didnt say so earlier, I would have prepared it for you.

Your Gu family is so petty towards you.

How could they possibly give you a gown Come, lets go to my house to take one!”

Little Master Xiao Ning was very loyal.

She belonged to the type of person who would have nothing to say if she wore the same pants as her best friend.

Yang Xiaolan also said shyly and timidly, “I also have one or two gowns at home.

When I moved, I couldnt bear to sell them and secretly hid them.

My family hasnt gone bankrupt yet.

Dad gave me the gowns for my coming-of-age ceremony dance.

Why dont you try them too, Qiqi”

If she could watch Qiqi wear her own clothes, she would definitely be very happy, right

It was close to her body with Qiqis temperature and herbal fragrance…

Faced with the enthusiasm of her two good friends, Gu Qiqi was touched.

She laughed and held her forehead.


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