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Chapter 543: One of the Most Scary Toxins in the World

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Gu Xuexue and Bai Yingzhu immediately became nervous!

If it was just some rumors spread by Gu Qiqi, there was nothing to be afraid of.

At most, they would let the security guards beat them up and say that it was a country girls nonsense.

But the reporters actually interfered!

That would be troublesome.

The two of them were like ants on a hot pan.

For a moment, they didnt know how to stop the reporters sharp mouths.

Unfortunately, Bai Yeyuan and Bai Lang—the two gods who held the fort—werent around!

At this moment, Gu Xuexue and Bai Yingzhu deeply realized that doing business wasnt that easy.

They were still inexperienced!

Faced with doubts from all directions, it was impossible to stop those words without some ability.

That reporter continued in one breath without hesitation.

“If this piece of Hetian jade was produced from the Hetian Ridge, it would be fine.

But it cant be produced from the northern mountain range! Last winter, the Empire Investigation Team discovered a buried radioactive material in the northern mountain range that nearly covered half of the northern mountain range.

Thus, the food and water supply in the northern mountain range were severely damaged.

Now, everyone in the northern mountain range has to rely on external food supplies.

Do you know why Its because those radioactive substances will cause permanent radiation sequelae in the body.

The cancer-causing rate, deformity, and death rates are very high! Since this Hetian jade is produced from the northern mountain range, then theres a high chance that it contains radioactive substances! Thus, I think that Young Lady Qiqi is right.

If you want to live a short life, you have to wear more.”

When the rich madams heard this, their faces immediately turned pale!

It turned out that what Gu Qiqi said was true.

This Hetian jade was really poisonous.

The jade even had the most terrifying radioactive toxin!

All of them couldnt wait to throw the jewelry in their hands out immediately as if they had been burnt.

It was all their fault for not caring about current news at all.

The northern mountain range was so far away.

Who would worry about that kind of poor and remote place

No! Qing Yuxuan should be blamed.

Why did they sell toxic jewelry

They were all implicated!

All of them looked angry.

Gu Xuexue was still trying to salvage the situation.

“Esteemed guests, dont panic first.

Although there are radioactive substances in the northern mountain range, the reporters said just now that its not 100%.

Perhaps our Hetian Jade originated from another small half of the land without any pollution.”

Bai Yingzhu even grabbed the appraisal certificate and swore.

“Thats right.

Were doing an authoritative body examination here.

If theres poison, the appraisal certificate will definitely label it.

Since its not written, then its safe! Everyone, please believe in our Qing Yuxuans quality.

Dont let someone with ulterior motives cause trouble and besmirch our Qing Yuxuan!”

Gu Qiqi raised her eyebrows coldly and didnt give Gu Xuexue and Bai Yingzhu a chance to turn the tables at all.

“That appraisal certificate only detects heavy metal toxins and not radioactive substances.

Of course, it looks beautiful and harmless.

Just because its not marked doesnt mean that it doesnt exist!”

Bai Ying was so anxious that her face flushed red.

Gu Xuexue was speechless.

Amidst the awkward silence, Mrs.

Mu, the die-hard fan, spoke.

She didnt believe that there was a problem with Qing Yuxuans quality even if she was beaten to death.

After all, her family had stored a lot of goods that were worth millions.

If Qing Yuxuan became worthless, wouldnt her jewelry be wasted Let alone selling them to earn money, no one would dare to want it even if she gave it away for free.

Thus, she spared no effort in protecting Qing Yuxuan.

“You cant say that.

Although it doesnt mean that theres no radioactive material without a proper label, it doesnt mean that there is either.

No matter what you say, it has to be measured.

Gu Qiqi, its useless no matter what you say here! Everyone, dont believe her!”


Lets do a live test then..” Gu Qiqi was direct.


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