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Chapter 556: Chu Junmo Wanted to Announce His to Proposal to Marry Qiqi in Public

“Gu Qiqi, if you apologize to me in public today, Ill reluctantly accept you as my useless daughter-in-law and let my Liuchuan try to accept you!”

The superiority in Mrs.

Mus eyes couldnt be concealed.

It was as if her son was golden and Gu Qiqi was just a dispensable side dish.

After speaking, she felt comfortable all over.

It was as if the anger she had suffered just now had finally subsided when she trampled on Gu Qiqi.

Yes, so what if Gu Qiqi was arrogant and awesome

Isnt she the Mu familys most lowly wife

Wont she have to kneel down and lick the feet of the Empress Dowager

Hmph! If you dont let me feel good today, dont even think about entering my Mu family if you dont apologize in public.

Yang Xiaolan gripped Gu Qiqis sleeves tightly.

She was extremely annoyed and regretted that because of her familys lousy matter, Qiqi had caused a fight with her future in-laws and her reputation was affected.

If she had known earlier, she would have tolerated Mrs.

Mus humiliation just now and not let Qiqi suffer.

Upon hearing that this was the Mu familys private matter with their prospective wife, the other noblewomen couldnt comment rashly for a while.

Although they wanted to speak up for Gu Qiqi, they couldnt interfere recklessly in order to avoid making a fool of themselves.

Chu Junmo frowned and wanted to step forward to speak for Gu Qiqi, but he was stopped by Gu Qiqi.

“Brother Chu, Ill settle my own matter.”

Chu Junmo nodded solemnly and whispered, “Dont be afraid… Ill be there to help.”

He didnt dare to say it too clearly.

But he had already made up his mind in his heart.

If Mrs.

Mu really threw a tantrum in public and insisted on making things difficult for Qiqi like this, and ruinined the engagement in front of all the noblewomen, then he would publicly announce that he would marry Qiqi!

Qiqi wasnt a girl that no one wanted, okay

He wanted her so much!

Gu Qiqi looked at Chu Junmo gratefully.

Oh, Brother Chu is so considerate!


She had nothing to be afraid of because…


Mu, I think youre mistaken.

Your son isnt RMB and not everyone loves him.

Even if hes RMB, I, Gu Qiqi, wont be interested at all!”

Gu Qiqis tone was clear and powerful.

It stunned Mrs.


“Youre not interested Then why are you pestering my son!”


Mu was like a middle-aged woman who knew how to throw a tantrum.

She couldnt tolerate others despising her son the most.

Immediately, she felt resentful.

The jade bracelets, jade necklaces, and jade rings all over her body swayed with her fat body and clattered.

Gu Qiqi glanced at Mrs.

Mu in disdain.

He said to Yang Xiaolan, “Xiaolan, help me bring over the thing that I stored with you.”

Just as Gu Qiqi turned around to speak…

Mu Liuchuan pushed open the door and entered.

He was just about to hear that incomparably heartbreaking sentence.

Even if he was RMB, Gu Qiqi wasnt interested at all!

His heart skipped a beat.


When he saw his mother shouting fiercely at Gu Qiqi, he immediately understood.

He rushed forward and pulled his mother back.

“Mom, stop talking!”

“Whats wrong Did Mommy say something wrong This kind of woman is so arrogant and domineering even before shes married.

If you marry her, wont she flip the roof of our Mu family upside down”

Mu Liuchuan was simply speechless towards his mother.

It wasnt easy for him to talk nonsense and play some tricks before he could beg Qiqi to take back that engagement token.

After that, he wanted to steal an opportunity to win Qiqis heart back.

But now, his shrewish mother had caused such a scene in public.

How could Qiqi give him a chance

Mu Liuchuan simply wanted to fall out with his mother.


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