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In the medical room.

Gong Jue had administered sedatives and desensitization drugs.

The rash on his arm finally subsided a little.

He slowly opened his eyes and scanned the room.

His dry lips moved and he asked in an unhappy tone, “Where is that stupid woman”

Special Assistant Lu was stunned for a moment before he recovered himself.

“Young Lady Qiqi is resting in the room.”

After thinking for a while, she added, “She was in her room the entire night and didnt escape.

Also, its fortunate that Young Lady Qiqi was the first to notice your allergic reaction!”

Gong Jues eyebrows relaxed and his tone became gentler.

“What are you doing”

This random question was only because Special Assistant Lu—this clever old subordinate—could understand it and knew how to answer.

“Young Lady Qiqi is quite quiet.

She didnt do anything.

One night, she pushed open the door and was about to come out when the guard asked her what was the matter.

She said that she wanted to borrow some change.

But before the guard could say anything, she closed the door and returned.”

Gong Jue closed his eyes and spat out a few words.

“Give her my black card.”

This stupid woman.

Didnt she just spend a few lousy dollars on me

Was she that short on money

How embarrassing to borrow money from someone!


“Black Card, dont you understand human words”

“Yes… as you command!”

Special Assistant Lu was secretly speechless.

Master Jues black card was actually a black diamond card.

That was issued by a Swiss bank for the people at the summit of the pyramid.

In the Empire, only the few extremely noble people—Mr.

President, Young Master Dongfang, and the big boss of the Nalan family—were qualified to have it.

This card should be able to buy half of the Empire, right

He was going to give them to Young Lady Qiqi to play with

Special Assistant Lu swallowed his saliva.

Back then, it didnt seem to be this exaggerated when the old master doted on his wife.

Master Jue was really… Putting aside the fact that he didnt know how to flirt, he was also ruthless when it came to flirting.

He didnt care about his capital at all.

A man in a white suit was half-lying coquettishly on a lounge chair in front of the hospital bed.

Rubbing his nose, he said in frustration, “Hey, hey, Master Jue.

Do you have any humanity left in you I traveled thousands of miles to Africa just to catch a plane overnight and rush back here desperately just to save your life.

But look at you.

Its fine if you dont take a look at this rumored best friend of yours when you wake up, but you actually ignored me the first thing that came out of your mouth.

You even remember that little vixen Qiqi”

Gong Jue raised his hand and threw a cup over.

“You can go back to Africa now.”

“Hey! Youre trying to get rid of me once Ive outlived my usefulness! You cant do this to me! Its not like you dont know that the consequences of being touched by a woman can be serious or small.

Although its just a rash and a coma this time, the next time might be apnea and a heart failure!” Bai Lang protested in all seriousness.


“Thats why… I think its better for me to stay here and do my job as an attending physician for you.

After all, Ive been with you for ten years regarding your illness.

No one knows you better than me.”

“Then shut up.”

“Gasp—Can I say one more word Why do I feel that that little demoness isnt reliable She just hooked up with you and shes already scheming against you for your money” Bai Lang gossiped.

He was a famous playboy and had seen all kinds of women.

There was a type of little white lotus who pretended not to love money but could cheat a man of his entire wealth with a single move.

Gong Jue was no match for her as he had never come into contact with a woman before.

“Im happy to.

Why do you care”

“Im not meddling in other peoples business.

Heh heh, I was just saying.

Perhaps she has a motive for getting close to you.

Back at the hospital, I clearly hired a male nurse.

How did it become her halfway through The more I think about it, the more I feel that something is amiss…” Bai Lang was very sure that Gong Jue had been scammed.

“Let me see her.

Ill help you tear open her beauty skin! ”

No woman in this world was his match.


Just when Bai Lang thought that Gong Jue would definitely agree to let his good friend test Gu Qiqi…

Unexpectedly, Gong Jue raised his hand and smashed an entire kettle over.

“Shut up! You dont have to blindly interfere in my business!”

“Roar!” Bai Lang stomped his feet.

Outside the door, Gu Qiqi had just walked into the medical room.

Through the small window on the door, she saw Gong Jue lying on the hospital bed with a pale face and half-closed eyes.

Heart thumping like a deer, she blushed.

“Do you really want to… give him a tongue kiss treatment”


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