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Chapter 630: A Mans First Love Couldnt Be Touched!

Gritting his teeth, Gong Jue made a call and immediately called over the surveillance analysis expert.

“Ill accompany you here to investigate.

Once it has been analysed, go to sleep!”


This time, the boy agreed readily.

Gong Jue even suspected that he had fallen into the pit that he had dug.

The boy had always been calmer than his peers.

Thus, this abnormal behavior of him going on a hunger strike and not sleeping could be a ploy to trick him into helping him check the CCTV cameras, right

If that was the case, then this little brat was too scheming!

Gong Jue looked suspiciously at Baby Gong, who had already stood up and acted as if nothing had happened.

The more he thought about it, the darker his face became.

No, how could he let this little brat lead him by the nose

He had to pave the way for his ultimate motive for coming to the Gong Residence today.

Gong Jue cleared his throat and said seriously, “Since you only want to find your older sister, do you have any objections to my marriage”

“Did I say that I have no objections” The boy asked leisurely.

Gong Jue exploded.

“You said it yourself just now that you dont have the time to care about my feelings!”

“Thats right.

I didnt have the time to care about it just now.

But now that I have the time, Ive thought about it carefully.

I dont really agree with you getting married.” The boy said calmly and put on an experienced look.

How was this his son Damn it! This was more like his father!

Gong Jue resisted the urge to beat this brat up.

He gnashed his teeth and asked, “Why dont you agree!”

“I dont want a stepmother.” The boy said dejectedly.

Gong Jues anger was extinguished a little.

He couldnt bear to see him like this and tried to persuade him.

“She will be my wife first.

If youre willing, she will be your mother.

If youre unwilling, you can treat her as my wife and give her enough respect.

I wont force you to call her Mom.

I just want you to accept her as a member of our family.”

The boy still shook his head.

“Dont lie to me.

Thats the same.”

Gong Jues lips twitched.

“Dont conclude so early.

You havent seen her yet.

When you see her, perhaps you wont say that.

Shes a doctor too.

Perhaps youll think that shes better than your older sister…”

The boys tone suddenly turned cold and stern, “Impossible! My big sister is the only best woman in this world! Dont make a random comparison with your woman, okay!”

Gong Jue facepalmed.

He really couldnt touch a mans first love.

He would be triggered easily.

This conversation couldnt continue!

Their conversation had been ruined by that brat.

Gong Jue was at his wits end as he looked at the angry boy.

He took a deep breath.

“Dont be stubborn.

Lets talk about it like men.”

The boy stared at him with his big black grape-like eyes.

“What is a conversation between men”

Gong Jue glared back.

“If we find the big sister that you mentioned later and I dont like that big sister at first glance, will you still want to meet her”

The boy replied without hesitation, “Of course.”

“Why You dont care about my opinion”

“Why should I care about your opinion about the big sister that I like” The boy retorted.

Gong Jue was silent.

The boy fell silent as well.

After a while, Gong Jues thin lips parted coldly and he spread out his hands.

“So, do you understand now”

The boy bit his lips and nodded solemnly.

He liked his older sister and didnt care about his fathers opinion.

By the same logic, if her father liked women outside, he didnt have to seek his approval.

It turned out that this was how men looked at problems.

He understood.

Although he still felt a little uncomfortable…

Did Papa really find a stepmother for him

Dad had a stepmother for him, but he hadnt found his sister yet.



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