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Chapter 643: Blood On Her Face!

Gong Sheng gave the order and his subordinate immediately informed the guards to take action.

However, when they arrived at the scene, they were stunned by what they saw!

How was this an assassination from a S Nation spy It was impossible.

That man only had brute force, but his skills were terrible.

He raised a dissection knife and stabbed it at a young girl who was filled with valiance.

However, she twisted his wrist in a very agile manner.

With a cracking sound, his wrist was fractured!

His pig-like scream was painful to hear!

How could she be a spy from S Nation He couldnt even beat a little girl with such weak skills, okay

But he was ordered to come and arrest him.

The guard-chief could only shout, “Stop! Put down the knife! Bring him back for interrogation!”

In the mens washroom, CEO Liu, who was about to collapse, supported himself against the door frame.

When he came out and saw this scene, he was so frightened that half of his pants fell off.

He stammered, “Brother… Brother-in-law”

Wasnt the person who held the knife his sister-in-laws husband, Chief Zhao from the original discipline office at the Empire Medical University

He heard that he had been expelled from school recently and had been rejected everywhere he was looking for a job.

He was very down and out.

Even his sister-in-law despised this Zhao person for not having money to take home and insisted on a divorce.

Why was this Zhao guy using a knife to attack a female student

That girl…

When CEO Liu saw Gu Qiqis profile, he was shocked!

Ordinary people might not be able to tell Gu Qiqis male and female clothing, including CEO Liu previously.

But he had just met Young Master Ye whom he had been thinking about a few minutes ago.

When he turned around and looked at Gu Qiqis female clothing, he was shocked!

It turned out that that Young Master Ye just now… was a woman

No, wait.

Was Young Master Ye cross-dressing as a male or female

CEO Liu was in a daze.

His heart beat faster and faster.

Be it male or female, this person was simply a seductive demon.

Even though he had vomited and was half-dead just now, when he looked at Gu Qiqis outstanding beauty at this moment, he couldnt help but have evil thoughts again.

This was a chance! A chance to perform and get the heart of a beauty!

Taking advantage of the chaos, he secretly moved behind Gu Qiqi and assumed a posture of a hero saving a beauty.

“Brother-in-law, quickly put down the knife and let go of this little beauty.

I know her.

Shes my—Ah!”

He had the heart to save a beauty, but the beauty was cold to him.

Gu Qiqis eyes were cold.

She turned around and kicked CEO Lius heart ruthlessly.

CEO Liu, who had already been emptied by alcohol and sex and had vomited and had diarrhea just now, was left with a weak shell.

Like a fat kite with a broken string, he was kicked to the ground and his head knocked against the marble floor.

He immediately fainted.

Everyone couldnt help but cover their noses and look at CEO Liu in disdain.

He really overestimated himself.

The beauty was skilled.

Why would she need a d*mned fatty like you to save her

Just as Gu Qiqi was about to deal with CEO Liu…

Director Zhao, who had his wrist twisted, suddenly moved.

His eyes were turbid and unfocused.

It was as if he had been hypnotized.

He kept mumbling, “Kill Gu Qiqi… Kill Gu Qiqi… Gu Qiqi ruined my life.

I want to kill Gu Qiqi…”

His wrist was already crippled and the knife in his hand was useless.

His head slammed into Gu Qiqi!

The little dirty turtle cried out in fear, “Master, be careful!”

Gu Qiqi dodged it quickly.

Director Zhao bumped into her shoulder and she narrowly avoided it.

She frowned.

The clothes on her arm had been cut open… There was actually a blade hidden in the hat on Director Zhaos head!

This was unexpected.

This was definitely not an attack that ordinary people could think of.

“Tell me, who let you come here!” Gu Qiqi said in a low voice.

However, Director Zhao couldnt speak anymore.

The sharp blade cut open Gu Qiqis arm.

Although it was a long and slender wound, blood vessels split open and a small amount of blood spurted out!

Blood spurted straight onto Director Zhaos face.


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