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Chapter 70: Little Fairy Has More Cruel Means!

Zhu Fen forcefully dragged Gu Xuexue away.

Zhu Fen was really afraid that if this continued, Gu Xuexue would end up worse off.

Gu Qiqis methods were too vicious and formidable.

She clearly had such an expensive card in her hand.

Why didnt she use it all at once initially to suppress Xue Xue

Why did she have to do this step by step She had to play with Xue Xue until she lost all her face and then crush her with a single kick

How terrifying! How terrifying!

In a VIP room not far away.

Separated by the glass, Bai Lang was overwhelmed by emotions.

He was so close to applauding Gu Qiqi!

This method was awesome!

Damn, thats not right… Whats there to feel good about

Bai Lang curled his lips at his subordinate.

“See I knew it! This kind of wicked and evil seductress will definitely splurge without end after taking a mans card! 2.5 million! Did you record all of this Im going to show the videotape to Little Jue.

Tsk, tsk.

This trip wasnt in vain today.

Not only did I catch a demon and peel off the skin of a beauty, but I also earned several million dollars in revenue for nothing.


Before he could finish laughing, he suddenly stopped and lost his voice!

He looked at Gu Qiqis back profile in disbelief.

His legs became unsteady and he nearly fell off the sofa.

D*mn it! That little demon had refreshed his understanding once again!

After Zhu Fen and Gu Xuexue left, Gu Qiqi slowly sorted out the 6 pounds of gelatin that weighed 5,000 dollars per catty.

Then, she placed the kilogram of gelatin that she had bought for 2.5 million dollars back on the counter.

“Im sorry, but please return the goods.”

“Refu… refund” The manager was also dumbfounded.

Sneaking a glance at the VIP room, Bai Langs expression was as black as the bottom of a pan.

The manager hurriedly shook his head.

“Im sorry, Young Lady Qiqi.

When the medicinal ingredients are out, they wont be refunded or exchanged…”

“I havent gone out yet.” Gu Qiqi gave him an excuse that he couldnt refuse at all.

“Also, theres something wrong with the quality of this set of herbs.”

“That cant be, right” The manager scratched his head.

Gu Qiqi spread open a small piece of gelatin.

“The preservation method you guys used during these five years wasnt right.

Look at this piece.

The color is too heavy and it has become brittle.

Also, there is already a trace of fungus on the side.

This means that it has been infected with mold and cant be used in medicine anymore.

Its value is zero.”

The manager broke out in cold sweat.

Gu Qiqi was right!

He really couldnt refute that!

Logically speaking, he should return the goods.

However, Bai Lang was glaring daggers at him through the glass wall of the VIP room.

He was threatening him… He wasnt going to back down even if he died!

“Young Lady Qiqi, why dont I help you change to another piece…”

“Youve already sold all the gelatin in your shop.

What can you use to exchange for it”

The manager wanted to cry but had no tears.”

Gu Qiqi smiled and said, “Theres no need to waste time.

Its fine if you dont want to take a step back.

If I go to the Consumer Association to complain, according to Article 55 of the Consumer Protection Act, inferior products should be compensated triple the amount.”

Triple the compensation

That was 7.5 million dollars!

The manager broke out in cold sweat.

However, Gu Qiqis smile slowly disappeared.

“Im sorry, I forgot.

You should be sentenced according to Article 140 of the Criminal Law Act, because theres a problem with the medicine that has a sales volume of more than 200,000 dollars.

In addition to compensating, you have to go to jail for more than 15 years…”

Oh my!

Go… to jail

The manager nearly pissed his pants.

He couldnt take it anymore.

No matter how threatening Bai Langs eyes became, he remained unmoved.

Second Young Master didnt know how formidable this lady was.

If he listened to Second Young Master, it would implicate the pharmacy in a lawsuit and he would skin him alive!

Remembering the cold and sinister look on the eldest young masters face, and then looking at Gu Qiqings cold and collected face, he promised.

“Retreat, retreat, retreat immediately!”


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