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Chapter 830 Let Her Make A Fool of Herself!


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Gu Qigqis eyes shone brightly and a faint mist surfaced in her eyes.

How was Old Master doting on her He was simply showering her with love!

“Grandpa, thank you!”

“Silly child, whats there to thank me for! Come, this was your favorite snack when you were young.

I specially got Jun Mo to find a chef to make it for you.

Hurry up and try

it! Also, this tea was also brought back by Jun Mo when he went abroad… Come, Jun Mo, sit here…”

The old master was very happy.

Gu Qiqi opened the slightly heavy gift box that she had brought over.

“What is this” The old master raised his eyebrows.

“Grandpa, this is your birthday gift.” In order to prevent it from breaking, Gu Qiqi wrapped it in an especially sturdy and thick box this time.

Thus, the small inkstone

became a big gift box.

“Youve given something to me, girl!”

“Its different.

Im compensating you on behalf of Big Brother Chu.

The inkstone that Big Brother Chu gave you back then was broken.

Although I didnt hit it, it was also

because Gu Yuanyuan and the rest wanted to frame me that the kind intentions Big Brother Chu gave you were destroyed.

I felt very bad about it, so I searched for many

auction houses before I found this jade inkstone of the same quality.

Grandpa, do you like it”

“Silly child! Grandpa likes it! This way, Grandpa can put one piece each in his study room and bedroom!” Old Master Gu sighed and accepted this birthday gift very happily.

But he couldnt help but complain.

Did she spend a lot of money Did she have enough pocket money

Gu Qigqi blinked and secretly showed him the numbers on one of her banknotes.

Old Master Gu couldnt help but give her a thumbs-up.

This granddaughter really surprised him everywhere!

Chu Junmos gaze stopped on that jade inkstone and he felt a little emotional.

He remembered the inkstone that Gu Qiqi had once compensated him.

Originally, she could accompany him in the study room during the day and in the bedroom at night…

Such a good gift had been ruined by Gong Jue!

Why was it that the more he wanted to grab hold of everything related to her, the more it would shatter on the ground like a bolt of lightning

Atrace of sadness flashed past.

Chu Junmo looked at Gu Qiqi with rapt attention.

Fortunately, she was so close to him at this moment.

Gu Qigqi ate the exquisite and delicious snacks and tea that he had prepared while chatting with her grandfather and the rest about the school tournament that she had

recently participated in.

The three of them laughed happily from time to time.

Hearing this, Gu Meifeng and her daughters eyes were about to explode from jealousy!

“Mommy, did you hear that Grandpa really wants to introduce that little bitch Gu Qiqi publicly!”

“Stay calm! Weve already made the arrangements.

So what if he introduces her Itll just make her look even uglier!”

After all, Gu Meifeng was still more experienced.

Although she was jealous, she was completely confident in her own arrangements!

Old Master Gu still didnt know about that matter.

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She would expose that matter today.

Seeing that Old Master Gu was still embarrassed, she would thicken her skin and introduce his bitch granddaughter to everyone!

Everyone at the banquet looked at the girl beside Old Master Gu curiously.

They could not wait for Old Master Gu to introduce her.

That girl was really devastatingly beautiful with every frown and smile.

He clearly felt that she was beautiful and charming, but from a different angle, she looked handsome.

She was really a rare beauty.

Whose daughter was she!

After satiating everyones appetite, Old Master Gu stood up from his seat with Gu Qiqis help and slowly walked to the middle of the banquet hall the moment the banquet

officially started.

He announced confidently—.


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