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Chapter 85: The More Haters, The Merrier

Gong Jue regarded Gu Qiqis angry look as an angry kitten.

Although his body was itchy from her actions, he couldnt help but want to smile.

He wanted to see her so angry that she would do something unimaginable again.

Would she pounce on him and scratch him

At this moment, Gu Qiqis small hand was pressing against the hem of her school uniform.

A thin surgical blade had long been sewn there.

What would happen if she took advantage of the man with erectile dysfunction and stabbed him twice

She silently calculated the level of their strength in her heart.

Gu Qiqi lowered her hand in frustration.

Sadly, the answer was that even if Gong Jue was injured and allergic, as long as he didnt faint, he could still subdue her easily!

This mans physical strength was too abnormal!

Furthermore, she was a martial arts noob!

All of a sudden, she really wanted to quickly activate the little turtles martial arts skills.

But to open it quickly, she had to… kiss this man with erectile dysfunction several times.

Damn it.

This shameless question came back again.

Gu Qiqi clenched her fists tightly and waved them in the air.

Biting her lips, she turned around without a word and headed upstairs!

“D*mn it! Stupid woman!”

Gong Jue drew a cold breath.

On the other hand, the wild kitty managed to control herself from scratching him.

But before she left, she gave him a handful of itching powder!

In the middle of the night.

Bai Lang was called back overnight to apply medicine for Gong Jue.

Looking at Gong Jues swollen arm, neck, and even the side of his face, Bai Lang couldnt figure it out no matter how hard he thought.

“You touched a woman again You even kissed her Tsk, your luck with women seems to be flourishing lately, my dear…”

Gong Jue glared angrily.

“Get lost!”

Gu Qiqi was already prepared for Gong Jue to come and settle the score with her.

But she didnt expect that she would not see him for the next two days.

Some time ago, an honest man who mistook her for “Little Sister-in-law”—Wang Daxiong—had secretly gossiped with her.

He said that Gong Jue flew over to see “Little Palm” at the last minute and that “Little Palm” had fallen out with him at home…

Gu Qiqi couldnt help but criticize him in her heart.

He was a man with erectile dysfunction, but he pretended to be cold and noble all day long.

Why was he pretending to be an old virgin

Even your subordinate knows that you have a mistress!

As she thought about this, she touched her lips indignantly.

That night had been too intense.

Her lips had swelled up terribly.

The red luster seemed to have been applied with rouge.

For some reason, it revealed a natural charm.

She didnt recover well even after resting for two days.

She had suffered a great loss after being bitten once.

But the dirty little turtle was very excited.

“Master Silver, its not a loss, not a loss at all! Thats 10,000 color points! In total, we have 20,000 color points now! Another 80,000 will activate our new skills to act tough! Ahem, no, we can just be violent to oppress scumbags!”


Gu Qiqi raised her brows.

Did she not study well in math

She managed to sell the medicine for 5,000 dollars, but she received 10,000 dollars after being bitten by the man with erectile dysfunction .

Together… 20,000

“Master Silver, Baobao doesnt know either.

Anyway, for the past two days, our popularity has been steadily climbing.

Perhaps, someone is secretly admiring and doting on you intensely”


Gu Qiqi mocked.

There was probably no adoration or love, but there were definitely many people who hated her to the core.

Very well.

Very good.

The more people hated her, the more powerful she would become!

“Lets go out.”

“Master Silver, where are you going”

“To earn money.”

“Yay! Master Silver, lets cheat Little Lang, all right”


Gu Qiqi was about to leave the house when Wang Daxiong consulted Special Assistant Lu and followed her from afar.

She walked all the way to the Bai familys Medical Hall.


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