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Chapter 859 Stupid Woman, Im Back

Of course, it was the second method!

Wouldnt it be satisfying to let Gu Qiushan carry an ostomy pouch around every day from now on He would stink like the sky and be hated by everyone in jail!

On what basis should he be treated well

Was he worthy!

Everyone looked at each other.

Without a word, they quickly connected the artificial intestines…

The judges couldnt help but give pointers again.

This was especially so for Shen Ping from the clinical medicine school.

He deliberately made things difficult for them.

“What are your intentions in making the patient wear an ostomy pouch How is he going to live normally like this”

Gu Qiqi and the rest retorted calmly, “The patient is a felon with a life imprisonment sentence to begin with.

He can only wait for death in jail in this lifetime.

How can he have a normal life Theres no one in jail to wait on his wounds to heal 24 hours a day.

An ostomy pouch is convenient for him to take care of himself.

Theres no other choice at all!”

Shen Ping was at a loss for words.



However, in the seat beside him, Feng Yangchu still stroked his beard and stepped on him even more.

“Hmph, some so-called senior tutors are really high and mighty all the time.

They dont know the hardships of the world at all.

Its also been a few hundred years since they personally operated on patients, right They only know how to follow the textbooks and announce the results according to the script.

They dont even know how to be flexible and adaptable in actual operations.

How sad!”

Shen Ping was so angry that his face flushed red!

Originally, they had tried to question Gu Qiqi and the rests operating methods, but they could only leave it unsettled.

28 minutes after the competition started, Gu Qiqis team completed this complicated and difficult bowel cancer resection.

Gu Qiushan had an ostomy pouch hanging from his body and he had already fainted from his own stench.

He was carried out of the operating room and sent back to the police car.

His end was to stay in jail for the rest of his life with an ostomy pouch and enjoy the strong stench every second.

After the evaluation by the judges, Gu Qiqis teams operation was successful! Perfect!

There was no mistake at all throughout the process! At the same time.

Twenty-eight minutes later, Liu Guanghuis team completed the routine cesarean section under Bai Moris lead.

Although Bai Moris actions were agile, Liu Guanghui and the rest were too slow.

During this period, Liu Guanghui nearly made a mistake while suturing.

If Bai Mori hadnt saved him quickly, he would have been eliminated!

Both operations were completed in 28 minutes!

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Shen Ping immediately took the lead to announce, “In second place…”

Before any name was announced, the red light in the operating theater of Liu Guanghuis team lit up!

“The pregnant woman suddenly bled heavily!”

“The pregnant woman is starting to twitch!” “Lung failure!”

“Maternal respiratory distress… cardiac arrest!”

The change happened in a flash!

Alarm bells rang in everyones hearts.

What was going on

Bai Mori was the closest to the pregnant woman.

Her face was pale and her voice was slightly frightened.

She even forgot that she had turned on a mini microphone.

“This is amniotic fluid embolism… It suddenly happened.

This is hopeless…”

Amniotic fluid embolism could cause death in a few seconds!

The words “hopeless” came from the loudspeaker.

Everyone in the auditorium was stunned.

Of course, the medical students knew that this was the midwifes killer!


Wait a minute!

Didnt Gu Qiqi perform amniotic fluid embolism once in the preliminary round


Before everyones expectant gazes could land on the operating theater next door…

A cold and agile white figure had already flashed into the operating room of Liu Guanghuis team.

“Get her on the inhaler immediately! Remove the stitches! Transparent drip! Why are you standing there in a daze Hand me the scalpel!” Gu Qiqi roared sternly.

The fierce aura shocked everyone in Liu Guanghuis team.

He started working uncontrollably according to her instructions!

At this moment, the sound of an aircraft rotor could be heard on the roof of the auditorium.

After a while, a mans steady and powerful sounds of military boots traveled down the stairs and entered the auditorium door.

The evening sun shone brightly behind the man.

The mans domineering gaze landed on Gu Qiqi.

His thin lips parted slightly.

“Stupid woman, Im back!”


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