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Chapter 86: Tricked Bai Lang Again

Once they entered.

The manager bent over to welcome her.

“Young Lady Qiqi…”

“Have you imported the gelatin yet” Gu Qiqi cut to the chase.

The managers face immediately sank.

“No… No…”

Gu Qiqi frowned.

No goods

The little dirty turtle kept repeating in his mind, “Its okay, Master.

The other herbs are also available.

If you need to increase the age value, we can refine them…”

Gu Qiqi pursed her lips and asked in a low voice, “Wheres the Dendrobium”

“Its… Its out of stock…”


“No… no more…”

“Velvet deer”

“I cant get the goods in…”

The manager looked bitter.

He was also very helpless.

Second Young Master had nearly emptied the counter early in the morning, but he didnt say why.

It wasnt easy for him to find a big client, but he actually didnt have any medicine to sell.

Gu Qiqi swept her cold gaze across the room.

Indeed, the medicine cabinet was empty.

She snorted coldly in her heart.

“Bai Lang, are you trying to play this trick with me”

She raised her chin and a trace of a deep smile appeared on her lips.

“Tell your Second Young Master that being a coward isnt an ability.”

After speaking, she left with a smile on her face.

The manager didnt know what was going on and stupidly conveyed these words to Bai Lang.

Bai Lang was sitting with his legs crossed and watching the fun in the VIP room.

“Hahaha, Gu Qiqi, Gu Qiqi! You cant buy my medicine even if you have money, much less cheat me of my medicine!”

However, after hearing Gu Qiqis words…

His face turned green!

“Damn it! Shes calling me a tortoise! I, I… Ill make her unable to buy a single medicine in the entire city!”

Gu Qiqi stepped into the Chu clans pharmacy.

She initially thought that she would be able to find what she wanted here.

But she didnt expect that the Chu clans old store manager would say with an apologetic expression, “Young Lady Qiqi, Im really sorry.

A guest suddenly came just now and bought all the medicine that you wanted.

I cab help you transfer the goods from the Imperial Capital… but it will take some time…”

“Theres no need.” Gu Qiqi said lightly.

However, she was puzzled in her heart.

The Chu family and the Bai family were arch-enemies.

They couldnt possibly listen to Bai Lang.

Why was the Chu clans medicine sold out as well

Bai Lang wasnt childish enough to buy all the medicine in the city just to stop her, right

However, the truth was that she couldnt buy the ingredients she wanted even after visiting several small and inconspicuous pharmacies!

All of them had been bought clean beforehand.

Gu Qiqi stood on the streets.

She was so angry that she felt like laughing.

“Scumbag Bai, no wonder youre friends with this man with erectile dysfunction.

What an unreasonable pair of perverts!”

Since she didnt have the appropriate herbs, she purchased some orange peel to prepare the skin.

Although she didnt earn money from selling rubber, she still earned tens of thousands of dollars from working hard all afternoon.

Remembering that these tens of thousands of dollars could at least be used as tuition fees and to buy some new clothes for her brother, a gentle smile appeared on Gu Qiqis face.

Upon learning that Gu Qiqi was purchasing orange peel, Bai Lang was especially curious.

This little demon is so mysterious.

Is she colluding with some pharmaceutical factory

Back then, where did she get that 70-year-old gel from to sell

Could she be an undercover agent from the International Drug Trading Conglomerate

Before he could do so, a piece of news traveled over and nearly drove him to his grave.

“Second Young Master, someone reported that our pharmacy was operating under false pretenses and that there was no medicine on the counter.

They lied to the customers and deliberately disrupted the market order… Now, the staff has come to investigate…”

“Damn, you bunch of freeloaders.

Dont you know how to send them off with a red packet and some ginseng and red wine”

“Second Master, youve forgotten that the staff is from the Chu family.

We were just worrying about whether they could get hold of our weakness…”

“Damn it! Who reported it”


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