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Chapter 870 Let Chu Junmos Shop Close Down!

What was more ruthless was that before Gong Jue hung up Chu Junmos call, he had to say coldly to the receiver,

“Young Master Chu, please pay attention to your personal health.

Its immoral to disturb other peoples serious business at night.”

After speaking, he cut off the call without the slightest hesitation!

He didnt care how Chu Junmo would understand these words!

Gu Qiqi was about to go crazy.

“Gong Jue! Whos engaging with you about serious business! Can you speak more elegantly”

The man brushed his long and slender fingers across her red cherry lips meaningfully.

“How is this serious matter not elegant The person who isnt elegant is clearly a brat with the surname Chu.

Its not a good thing to call a woman in the middle of the night.

Im just teaching him how to be a person! Besides, didnt I do something serious with you just now Have you forgotten I dont mind reminiscing with you…”

After speaking, before Gu Qiqi could react, his well-defined and handsome face bent down



Gu Qiqi was speechless.

D*mn it.

Couldnt this man be gentler

However, following Gong Jues actions, Gu Qiqi couldnt help but gradually tighten her grip on his shirt.

Feeling the little womans arm stiffen… Gong Jues vanity was unprecedentedly satisfied.

Hmph! This stupid woman still didnt admit that his skills were good!

Gong Jue couldnt help but laugh wickedly.

Gu Qiqi shivered and thought of something.

Hey, hey, hey.

This is a public place, not your house.

Gong Jue, youre too bold!

Her small hand tried to push him away, but how could a mans large figure be so easily moved

Even though she had activated her martial strength, she still felt as if her small hand was hitting an iron wall.

Instead, it was hurting her own fists.

Damn it!

Then, he turned cold!

D*mn it.

Gong Jue actually pulled on her small pants.

She didnt want to cooperate with him.

Amidst her hurried and panicked breathing, the piercing ringtone saved her once more.


Gong Jue was in a good mood.

After being disrupted like this, his entire face darkened and the veins on his forehead faintly surfaced.

“Damn it! Is that Chu guy tired of living! Ill get his pharmacy to close down and send him to Africa to dig for herbs!”

Go to Africa to dig for herbs… Gong Jue, youre really awesome!

Gu Qiqi facepalmed speechlessly.

She agilely grabbed her phone and avoided Gong Jues urge to smash it into pieces.

She waved the phone screen in front of him.

“Hey, look carefully, okay What Brother Chu Its clearly Director Fengs call!” Gong Jue frowned tightly.

“Youre not allowed to answer that old mans call either! Why arent you resting at home in the middle of the night at such an old age Why are you making random calls Do you think that youve lived for too long! Youre not allowed to answer!”

How hateful.

All of them always called and harassed them at the critical moment.

All of them should go to Africa to receive an education!

Gu Qiqi took a deep breath.

“Who was the one who said that he wanted to educate Chu Junmo on his personal upbringing when he picked up the call just now Now, you dont even let me answer the call of an elder.

Is this called being cultured”

Gong Jue was speechless.

Damn it! I finally understand what it means to shoot myself in the foot!

Gu Qiqi secretly smiled after succeeding and hurriedly took the opportunity to answer the call.

“Director Feng, are you looking for me” Fengyang Chu snorted and reprimanded her.

“Why did you take so long to answer the call Are you so arrogant after getting first place You dont even take an elders call seriously”


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