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Chapter 874 A Special Date

“I dont know what dream you had.

I came to wake you up, but you actually flailed around.

Your legs are too long, right You even hooked onto the coffee table and broke the crystal…”

Gu Qiqi spoke in detail.

Her exquisite and fair face was so gentle and beautiful.

Gong Jues Adams apple tightened.

Yes, it was just a dream.

He scooped the little woman into his arms.

“Youre never allowed to leave me!”

After speaking, a lingering kiss suddenly pressed down!

However, the very next second, Xiaobeis footsteps sounded.

“Sister, Brother-in-law, Ive prepared breakfast for you!”

Gong Jue stood up abruptly and felt that his desire was about to be shattered.

Only heaven knew that having a brother-in-law who was too good at housework might not be a happy thing!

After breakfast,

Gu Qiqi went to school for the appointment.

Gong Jue was thinking about how to arrange their date when Gu Qiqi returned in the afternoon, when a call from the Gong familys old residence came.

“Little brat, you didnt even return home once! You only know how to fool around outside all day long! Have you gone crazy from lust after having a demoness You actually gave your mothers famous painting to the little demon as a betrothal gift.

Who agreed to this Do you know that the demoness cheated on you outside and…” Gong Qings angry roar traveled from the receiver.

Gong Jue stretched out his long and slender arm and withdrew the phone half a meter away.

After waiting for more than ten seconds and guessing that Gong Qing was done cursing, he replied lazily, “The person who dares to make me a cuckold hasnt been born yet! Tell me the truth.

Dont talk nonsense.”

Gong Qing choked.

He scolded this arrogant brat ten thousand times in his heart.

“Hurry up and come home!” He could only get to the point.

“Im busy! Im not free!” Gong Jue was also concise.


Gong Qing was speechless.

For the first time, he deeply felt that Gong Jue was definitely not his biological son.

When he had the time to award the little demoness, he didnt even have the time to go home to see him.

Left with no choice, he could only reveal the reason for his visit.

“Do you think that I want to see you Hmph! Your son has a gathering in the kindergarten and he wants his parents to attend.

He clearly forbade his grandparents from coming! Otherwise, I cant be bothered to call you, you brat!”

The little sons kindergarten gathering

Gong Jue raised his eyebrows.

“Didnt he stop attending kindergarten long ago”

Gong Qings roar traveled over the phone.

“Little brat, are you concerned about your son He dropped out of school halfway through and said that kindergarten is too childish.

But the problem is that all the students have been promoted to middle school.

Hes the only one at home whos still idle and is still in kindergarten.

This isnt very healthy to begin with! Now, the teacher called and said that the middle school class is holding a full gathering.

Its rare for him to have a chance to come into contact with children his age.

As a father, shouldnt you quickly bring him along Do you want your son to leave society”

Gong Qing told him fiercely.

Gong Jue frowned.

The little son was different from other children.

Perhaps because he was a test tube baby, they had carefully selected the best eggs and combined them with Gong Jues sperm.

He had been excessively smart since he was young.

At the same time, it was indeed difficult for him to communicate with his peers.

It wasnt a problem to let him bring the boy out.

The problem now was why was Gong Qing so proactive in persuading him to go out

According to Gong Qings character, he was the type to dote on his grandson.

He never felt that the little boy was different from others.

There was nothing unhealthy about him.

Back when the little son withdrew from school, Gong Qing was more supportive than anyone else.

What did he say Thats right.

His grandson was a genius.

A genius couldnt be associated with fools.

But now, he was here to scold Gong Jue for delaying his sons contact with ordinary idiots For him to leave this stupid society

Dont joke around!

Why did he keep feeling that this was Gong Qings scheme

Could it be that he was using some so-called gathering to make him go on a blind date


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