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That iron railing was the one that Gong Jue had jumped over just now.

It was also the iron railing that the criminal who escaped previously had jumped over.

The gap in the railing was wide.

An adult couldnt crawl through it and could only climb over it from above.

However, it was just enough to squeeze a child.

That sinister and withered hand covered the little boys mouth!

The other hand stretched out to his waist at lightning speed and pulled!

The boy was immediately pulled through the railing.

In the very next second, that man grabbed the boy and jumped down!

Gu Qiqi dragged her sprained ankle and was running rapidly when she suddenly heard a familiar voice behind her.

It seemed to have floated over from the sky but disappeared in an instant.

She stopped in her tracks sensitively.

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It seemed like the boy was calling her

But when she stopped and looked back, the boy was nowhere to be seen.

Gu Qiqi wanted to continue running towards the east.

However, for some reason, a soft voice seemed to be calling out to her from the western railing!

Instinctively, she looked towards the western railing and stared again.

This glance made her shiver!

Under the setting sun, there was a shiny toy by the railing that shone brightly.

It was faintly blue and round.

Her heart skipped a beat!

Then, she ran back the way she came!

Breathing heavily, she finally ran to the railing in the west and squatted down to pick up that little thing.

It was a blue ball!

There were also a few familiar words carved on it: Best Parents of the Kindergarten!

It was the reward that their family of three had won.

It was something that the little boy had been holding in his hands all this while!

Gu Qiqis heart beat rapidly!

The boy was actually in the east!

He liked this ball very much and had been clenching it tightly in his palm.

If he walked away alone to play, he definitely wouldnt leave it behind.

He also wouldnt go to the bare iron railing in the east.

What was fun there Nothing!


Unless someone forcefully took him away.

And he was using this method to show her the place where he disappeared!

Gu Qiqis nose stung and her eyes turned red.

Whoever dared to snatch her boy, she would not let them see the sun tomorrow!

A trace of ruthlessness was seen from Gu Qiqis seemingly delicate eyes!

In the very next second, she supported herself with one hand against the railing and jumped over it!

Everyone exclaimed behind her.

They were surprised and puzzled.

“Children are just playful.

He went to play some games, right Do you have to make such a fuss Its not like he can go missing! This mother is too nervous!”

“Didnt the old doctor say just now that this girl was just in university How can she be a mother”

“So shes a sister”

“Thats not right.

That kindergarten was choosing some Best Parents Award just now.

She seemed to have won an award!”

“Oh my god! Is she a mother or an older sister! His familys relationship is so messy!”

Everyone immediately imagined a scene of Daddy and Sister fooling around! They were really good at acting.

Gu Qiqi jumped down from the railing and landed on the ground.

Her injured ankle hurt.

She took a deep breath and slashed with the scalpel.

She tore open her jacket forcefully, tore out a piece of cloth, and tied it tightly around her ankles.

This way, although the pain doubled, it no longer affected her jumping and running.

Gritting her teeth, she ran towards the only path!

Behind the railing, the road that led to the top of the park was a roller coaster ride.

They could fly down the mountain quickly on a roller coaster as well.

This was probably the route that the criminals took.

Gu Qiqi was about to reach the ticket office of the roller coaster.

Suddenly, a roller coaster roared past her!

Through the glass window of the roller coaster, Gu Qiqi could clearly see that the boys mouth was covered by a man dressed in black.

He was pressing down on the glass window and his face was nearly distorted from the pressure!

She was going up and the other was going down.

When the two of them exchanged glances, the boys big black grape-like eyes immediately lit up.


Gu Qiqis heart skipped a beat.

Little boy!

Large teardrops went down their faces at the same time!


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