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Chapter 93: Who Was The Scumbag Who Slept with You That Night (5)

Yao Dazhuang.

He was burly and had a fat face.

He was obviously much more mature and social than the other male students.

He didnt know how many social engagements he had attended with his rich father on a daily basis.

The alcohol that was piled up like a mountain at home couldnt even fill a single room that was used as a storage room.

It could be said that he was an old hand at drinking at a young age.

He appeared to have a drinking competition with Gu Qiqi.

Who would lose

Who would win

It was obvious.

Gu Xuexue relaxed and the corners of her lips curved up smugly.

The “low-grade” cold beer was taken away.

Yao Dazhuang shouted for the waiter.

“Bring me the Flying Maotai!”


The students praised him.

“In society, my Brother Yao is ruthless and brave in drinking alcohol!”

But Gu Qiqi waved her hand indifferently.


“Why Gu Qiqi, you have a big appetite.

Could it be that you still want to drink a bottle of 1982 Lafite” The female students mocked.

“You only know about Lafite Heh, Im sorry, but thats just ordinary grape wine.

Its not fun to drink it together.

As for baijiu—the strong distilled spirit unavoidable at Chinese social functions—like Maotai… It doesnt taste good.”

Gu Qiqi said plainly.

Then, she casually added,

“After all, not everyone can accept having a smelly mouth like you all.”


Xiao Ning laughed out loud like the others.

Those female classmates who were supporting Gu Xuexue looked embarrassed.

“Tch, you speak as if you know alcohol very well…”

Gu Qiqi replied casually, “I only know a little bit more than you guys.”

The female students were shocked.

D*mn it.

When did that useless bookworm Gu Qiqis mouth become so vicious

Yao Dazhuangs suggestion was rejected.

He couldnt help but sneer as he looked at Gu Qiqi.

“Then, what do you think we should drink Brother Yao can afford it!”

“Hennessy.” Gu Qiqi said lightly.

“Its a ten-year-old edition.”

The female students looked at each other, not understanding the difference between this Hennessy and Rafi.

Honestly speaking, they had only read about 1982 Lafite in novels.

Yao Dazhuangs eyes lit up.


This girl wasnt simple.


Top-notch brandy.

It was better than that sissy grape wine Lafite by a hundred ranks.

As for the 10th edition…

Yao Dazhuangs face lit up with excitement.

“Waiter, serve me two bottles of Hennessy!”

Until two bottles of Hennessy were put on the table.

Only then was everyone able to admire the true appearance of this wine.

What the!

How classy!

The entire body of the crystal bottle was transparent.

The cap of the bottle cut out a dazzling cut like a diamond.

It was elegant and domineering.

The golden liquid was like nectar.

It was even more eye-catching than the crystals on the bottles or the diamonds on the lids.

It was the epitome of high society.

Even without drinking it, just a look at it was intoxicating!

For some reason, Gu Xuexues heart started beating like a drum.

She didnt even know about this expensive wine.

How did that bookworm know about it

As far as she knew, bookworms had extremely weak constitutions.

There was a family banquet where she had drunk only a small mouthful of red wine.

Her face was flushed red and she had rashes on her body.

In the end, she fainted for the entire afternoon.

In other words, Gu Qiqi couldnt handle the alcohol at all.

This was also the reason why she dared to pull Gu Qiqi along to a drinking competition.

Once Gu Qiqi started drinking, she would definitely reveal her ugliness and get drunk on the spot.



Remembering Gu Qiqis embarrassing alcohol tolerance, Gu Xuexue became confident again.

That bookworm must be pretending at this moment!

It was commonly known as—acting cool!

When they started gambling later, she would definitely reveal her true form.

Thus, Gu Xuexue endured everything and stared at Gu Qiqi and Yao Dazhuang as they competed in alcohol.

She anticipated the exciting scene where Yao Dazhuang would help her slap her face.


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