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Gu Qiqi was wearing a big mask.

She leaned against the bed and hugged the boy gently.

In her arms, the little boy could tilt his head to facilitate the flow of the medicine into his mouth.

Gu Qiqi held a small soft spoon and scooped a small mouthful of medicine before gently feeding it into the corner of the boys mouth.

Unfortunately, the boy had no intention of swallowing it.

The medicine spilled all over her.

She didnt find it dirty or give up.

Instead, she patiently scooped a small mouthful of medicine again.

Now that she had experience, the medicine used was even less than before.

As she pried open the boys lips, she coaxed him gently in his ear, “Little boy, be good…”

She wanted to sing a childrens song to the boy, but she suddenly realized that she had no experience in coaxing children.

Helpless, she could only signal to Gong Jue, “Hurry up! Sing a few lines for the boy to let him relax.

Perhaps he can cooperate with us to drink the medicine.”

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Gong Jues face stiffened.

The doctors and nurses around him rubbed their noses and couldnt help but laugh.

They had never seen the cold Chief sing a childrens song before!

Let alone singing a childrens song, they had never heard Master Jue sing a normal song before.

Master Jues cold and fierce aura seemed to be very disconnected from singing.

For a moment, everyone was curious about what Gong Jue would do.

Gong Jues Adams apple bobbed.

“Hes unconscious.

How can he hear the singing”

“Then, you dont understand.

He can hear you.

Otherwise, why do doctors always encourage family members to talk more to comatose people Alright, hurry up.” Gu Qiqi was slightly angry.

Everyone thought to themselves that Doctor Gu was dead meat for daring to argue with Master Jue like this!

However, in the very next second, everyones jaws dropped.

Gong Jue replied gloomily, “Okay.”

Then, he really opened his mouth and sang a childrens song.

“Sleep, sleep, my darling…”

His words were perfect as he sang the childrens song like a military song!

Gu Qiqis lips twitched.

“I didnt ask you to sing this kind of song.

Your rhythm is too standard.

Can you be more emotional and warm”

“Yes.” Gong Jue cleared his throat and changed to another song.

“Little darling, sleep quickly.

Ill be by your side in your dream.

Ill laugh with you and sleep with you.

You have me to lean on…”

Everyone couldnt hold back their laughter anymore.

Three black lines appeared on Gu Qiqis forehead.

“Gong Jue, were trying to wake the boy up, not coax him to sleep.

Can you stop singing songs to make people sleep”

Gong Jue was quite hurt.

He thought that he sang well.

Werent all childrens songs used to coax children to sleep

However, since his wife had spoken, he should change to another song!

What should he change it to

Gong Jue had an idea.

“Pull the carrot.

Pull the carrot.

Little girl, come quickly.

Come and help us pull the carrot…”

How was it This carrot pulling song was very rhythmic, emotional, and warm.

The main point was that it wouldnt make people sleep!

It satisfied the requirements, right

Gu Qiqi was completely speechless!

Alright, it turned out that the Chief wasnt good at coaxing children either!

Gong Jue pointed at the boys lips smugly.

“He drank it! Look, he drank it… Isnt my song very effective!”

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

Could you not be so childish as to seek praise, Chief

The boy felt as if he had fallen into a dark well.

He kept walking, but he couldnt get out.

He fumbled around and wanted to call for help, but he couldnt make a sound.

He tilted his head and listened.

Suddenly, he heard a commotion.

It seemed to be the voice of the vixen.

“Little boy, you can do it.

Persevere… Drink more…”

When he tried to hear it again, it was gone.

He tried his best to widen his eyes and consciously swallow his saliva.

Vixen, what did you make me drink


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