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Of course, Gu Xuexues heart ached for that jade.

Although that piece of egg-shaped jade was small, how many luxury clothes, shoes, and bags could she buy

It was taken away by Young Master Ye just like that.

The key was that Young Master Ye didnt take it seriously and didnt think much of it at all.

How aggrieving!

Gu Xuexue rolled her eyes and whispered into Gu Meifengs ear in a low voice, “Mommy, dont worry.

Ill definitely be able to snatch that jade back.

Whats the use of Bai Lang currying favor with Young Master Ye Young Master Ye is a man after all.

Could it be that Young Master Ye will take a fancy to this playboy Bai Lang Young Master Ye will definitely need a woman one day.

And this day can completely be predicted within our calculations…”

She had already kept a lot of sleeping drugs in her hands.

She would wait for the appropriate opportunity to feed Young Master Ye a little.

Would she still be afraid that Young Master Ye wouldnt fall for her

As long as she slept with a man, everything would be fine!

Let alone talk about cooperation, even if Young Master Ye slept with her one time and couldnt stop, perhaps he would marry her

When the time came, she could kick that useless man Mu Liuchuan away and fly away with Young Master Ye.

She would be able to hold her head high.

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Gu Meifeng listened to Gu Xuexues plan and it completely suited her intentions.

Only then did her expression improve a little.

“Yes, baby, what you said makes sense.

As the saying goes, one cant catch a wolf if one cant bear to part with a child.

Even if we dont give this jade to Young Master Ye, that d*mned old man of yours will still give it to that b*tch Gu Qiqi in the future.”

Gu Xuexue nodded fiercely.

“Thats right, thats right, Mommy.

Instead of letting that b*tch off lightly, why dont we do Young Master Ye a favor Furthermore, its not good for us to fall out with Young Master Ye now and get the jade back halfway.”

Gu Meifeng muttered to herself, “From the looks of it now, its good for Bai Lang to cooperate with Young Master Ye.

This way, Gu Qiqi wont have a chance of winning the competition! Well use Young Master Ye to suppress Gu Qiqi first and let her suffer a lot.

When shes done making a fool of herself in the World Medical Competition, you can take action to win over Young Master Ye and revive the Shen family so that your grandparents will look at Gu Qiqi in a different light!”

“Yes, Mommy.

Ill work hard!” Gu Xuexue puffed out her chest and her confidence recovered bit by bit.

As he spoke, Bai Lang had already extended an invitation to Young Master Ye again.

“Young Master Ye, accept the gift.

Lets set off for the welcome party now, okay”

Gu Qiqi muttered to herself silently.

Looking at that huge black jade basin, her emotions were also quite complicated.

That black jade basin looked big enough, but in fact, its texture wasnt as good as Grandpas family heirloom.

It could be said that Grandpas egg-shaped black jade could completely defeat this black jade basin in seconds.

However, the people present werent as professional as her in appraising jade stones.

It was just that the material looked similar on the surface.

Everyone thought that the big one was the good one.

That was why they were amazed by Bai Langs gift and disdained that small stone from the Gu family.

Gu Qiqi had the intention to take Gu Meifeng and her daughter down a notch and slap their swollen faces.

She deliberately didnt expose this layer of reasoning.

The problem now was how was she going to bring home such a big basin

Faced with Bai Langs eager gaze, she couldnt accept it or not accept it.

Manager Dige suggested enthusiastically, “Why dont we safeguard it for Young Master Ye”

Gu Qiqi muttered to herself for a while.

“Forget it.

Since Young Master Bai is so sincere, why dont you, Dige, help me to auction this black jade basin In the name of Young Master Bai and me, the proceeds will be donated to the poor children in the Empire who have difficulties in completing their studies.

It will help them complete their studies and fulfill their dream of studying.”


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