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In the beginning, it was only the elders who felt the same way that paid attention to Gu Qiqis surgery.

In any case, they were already getting on in their years and couldnt be bothered to care about beauty.

They werent interested in the ghost doctor.

Instead, they were very interested in cancer, which was a high-risk disease.

If this healing technique could be promoted, wouldnt their health be better in their later years

In the end, as they watched, the elders couldnt help but marvel at Gu Qiqis dazzling and smooth technique.

Even if they couldnt understand it, they felt that the process was astonishingly beautiful.

She simply treated surgery as an art form.

Their exclamation attracted more attention.

Finally, some professional medical staff began to pay attention to Young Master Yes surgery.

The professional judgment was different.

With one look, almost everyone was addicted!

“Oh my god, Young Master Ye is truly a demon.

This is the real ghost doctor, alright I didnt even see how he removed that piece of cancerous tissue just now, but he actually cut it off!”

“He can even clean up after himself.

Im convinced.”

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“Hes indeed handsome and skilled.


With the praises of the professionals and the elders, Gu Qiqis seemingly ordinary surgery suddenly attracted more and more spectators.

When Gu Qiqi finally cleaned up the old womans illness and sutured her lungs beautifully, everyone was already on the verge of immersing themselves in the scene.

“Will it succeed or not”

“Will there be any complications during the surgery”

“Shes in her seventies.

She could have died after some anesthesia!”

“Cancer cant be cured in a day.

How can we judge the results on the spot”

“I also have a relative in my family who has this cancer.

If Young Master Yes surgery is successful and can be promoted, that would be great! I will definitely be the first to support Young Master Yes technology and medicine when they are commercialized!”

Amidst the anticipation of more and more people, Gu Qiqi ended the surgery and pushed the patient into the observation room.

Once the anesthesia wore off, the surgery could be investigated!

On the big screen, teams displayed their medical skills one after another.

However, in the end, only the ghost doctor invited by the Shen family and Young Master Ye invited by the Bai family were the most outstanding.

If one were to ask who was more stunning between the two, and who could win the group championship… The judging panel was clearly divided into two factions.

In the VIP room.

Special Assistant Lu was reporting to Gong Jue.

“Master Jue, theres a panel of judges who believe that Young Master Yes surgery is perfect and flawless.

They cant find any flaws in his surgery.

He should be first.”

Gong Jue looked happy.

His lips curved up as he said, “Very good.

Remember the names of these judges.

If the Yi Corporation has any big contracts to work with, prioritize giving the benefits to these people.”

Special Assistant Lu was speechless.

Master Jue, your doting on Young Master Ye is too obvious!

Young Lady Qiqi would be jealous!

Why did he think about snitching to the First Madam

Special Assistant Lu suppressed the urge to ridicule him and continued his report.

“Master Jue, there are still some judges who insist that Young Master Yes surgery will definitely be ineffective.

Cancer is incurable, and surgery will completely damage ones vitality, causing one to die even faster.

On the contrary, the ghost doctors plastic surgery is simply amazing.

Theyre looking forward to the miracle of that ugly woman becoming a fairy!”

Gong Jues face was immediately covered in a layer of frost.

His lips curved up coldly.

“Miracle my ass! If youre ugly, youll live an ugly life.

Dont overestimate yourself and try to show off.

Hmph, ugly people often cause trouble.

In the end, theyll only be uglier!”


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