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Shirley and Schleya rushed towards the northwestern part of the island, the only quadrant that they hadn\'t occupied yet.

Forests, valleys, and mountains disappeared from their view as they arrived at another estate crawling with mansions.

They quickly arrived at the main mansion but were stunned as they saw a figure before the magnificent entrance, their motion of flight coming to a stop.

They slowly descended, their eyes reflecting the silhouette of a white-robed curvaceous woman who was returning the gaze back with a smile behind her icy-blue veil.

Sect Master Bing Luli…

Shirley voiced out with a bit of disbelief before she heaved a sigh of relief, shaking her head, I didn\'t think it was the Mystic Ice Sect\'s Sect Master who would become my neighbor.

Of course, you wouldn\'t.

How can an old lady like me compare with the likes of you young people Besides, I\'m not a Sect Master anymore, so don\'t call me that.

It\'s embarrassing...

Bing Luli shook her head as she made a wry expression.

The other two noticed the immortal aura surging out from her body, causing them to be astonished as well as shocked since she stood before them as a bonafide true disciple, wearing the three-colored cloud emblem.

After coming to know that it was Bing Luli, the seventh neighbor on this island, Shirley really did heave a sigh of relief from the bottom of her heart.

After all, if it were someone else, then it would be near impossible to evict them.

How can a beautiful ice fairy like you be old You\'re too humble, but I take it that Myria concocted the pill for you

That\'s right.

Master- she gifted me the pill and allowed me to create a Heaven Immortal Vessel.

To that, I\'m indeed grateful as I\'m undeserving.

I can only follow her like I owe my life to her.

Otherwise, even this old face would be embarrassed.

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Bing Luli spoke wholeheartedly before she giggled, her bosoms bouncing along with her trembling body.

She seemed to have lost her refined persona, seemingly acting youthful and pleasant.

Nonetheless, she definitely didn\'t seem like an ice cultivator anymore, causing them to blink.

However, they felt that it was as expected of Myria.

She was so fast that she probably earned fifty thousand contribution points within a day and managed to concoct a Heaven Immortal Vessel Pill for one of her followers.

But considering Myria\'s ranking was around seven hundred, Shirley imagined that she had probably gained more contribution points.

You\'re not old, Sect Ma- I mean, senior sister. Shirley grinned lightly, Did you take part in the promotion battle after I left the Proving Grounds

Shirley asked to which Bing Luli nodded, Indeed.

After you left, many true disciples stayed.

Fortunately, I was able to successfully challenge one at the bottom of the rankings and win.

Haha~ Congratulations. Shirley wished Bing Luli, but the latter\'s expression didn\'t seem good.

I also inadvertently managed to garner some news as none of them noticed me, and it is a bad one.

Shirley\'s eyes instantly narrowed in all seriousness, What is it

Bing Luli thought for a moment before she answered.

This is something I heard from the people following Egon Zenflame, so there\'s not much credibility to it, but… apparently, he is planning to kidnap you if you refuse to cooperate.

They talked about the timing when you would leave for a mission alone like you had come out now or something like that while walking past many disciples...

… Shirley couldn\'t help but blink, That sloppy… But I guess it is possible...

Bing Luli narrowed her eyes in response.

You don\'t seem worried.

They have an alliance behind them, from what I learned on the ground, and some of them may perhaps even be prepared to desert the Aurora Cloud Gate.

Deserters were extremely rare in my Mystic Ice Sect, but it does happen, especially when they\'re already set on a goal when they came to the sect at the very beginning.

If their intent is to kidnap you, then nothing can stop them.

As fellow disciples, I advise you not to treat this matter lightly.

Bing Luli warned, but Shirley shook her head.

Thank you for your concern, senior sister.

However, I really do look down on those miscreants.

Haha~ I do too.

If I were them, I really wouldn\'t want to offend you nor the young man behind you.

Shirley and Bing Luli laughed together.

Even if they had lesser cultivation bases, they weren\'t some folks who could be messed with easily, especially the ones who led them here to this place.

To them, both Davis and Myria were extraordinary, and they also felt like neither of them could find a match here.

If the two of them worked together, there was a feeling of invincibility that raised their morale and confidence to undefeatable levels.

At this moment, the Reaper Soul Legion that had spread throughout the island in patrol also came but seeing that it was Sect Master Bing Luli, they merely cupped their hands in respect and left to do their job.

Alright, this leaves only one spot to be taken.

You gave me a heart attack this time, but my heart might explode next time.

It seems like I can\'t delay obtaining the last spot anymore.

Shirley clenched her teeth, wondering what she should do.

Davis\'s instruction was to use Nadia to obtain a residence on this island, but that was only after Eldia came out of her seclusion so that they could take the true disciple badges and retreat back to their residence to ensure no trouble appeared on their island as they could seal it.

She did confirm no nuisance appeared while traversing and hid her return with Nadia\'s concealment, but that couldn\'t be the case every time.

She couldn\'t be sure that no danger would appear since people seemed to be plotting against her, not to mention the more she moved to and fro, the quicker they would discover them in this vast space.

But now, since Bing Luli had taken the seventh spot, she felt that there was no need to remain to wait for Eldia, lest the last and eighth spot is taken, causing their plans to seal the island to come to a standstill.

Nadia, you-

Just as Shirley opened her mouth, Bing Luli interrupted.

Oh, if it\'s the last spot, I think Myria has already made a move.

She is probably there in the Proving Grounds with Mu Bing right about now.

Shirley\'s rosy lips parted.

\'Don\'t tell me Myria managed to concoct more than one Heaven Immortal Vessel Pill…\'

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