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“L-Lin Yi”

The three women almost cried out in shock when they saw Lin Yi in the car.

What-what was going on Did he not drive a Shari Why was he driving a supercar now

Could he have borrowed Qin Hans car

“Brother-in-law, you came at the right time.

We were just leaving after dinner.”

Song Jias reactions was quick.

Calling him brother-in-law established the relationship between Lin Yi and Sugar.

“This… this person is really Sugars boyfriend”

Sugar was stunned.

It was not because Lin Yi was driving a sports car.

It was because he was willing to stand up and help her at this time.

“Is that hard to believe” Song Jia said proudly, her heart bursting with joy.

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It did not matter whose car it was, but Lin Yi came at just the right time.

She really wanted to give him a little bonus.

“Sister Su, brother-in-law is here to pick you up.

You guys go ahead.

Ill take a taxi with Sister Shi.”

Song Jia pushed Sugar into the car.

Lin Yi did not think too much about it and left with Sugar in the passenger seat.

“Thank you.”

Sugars face was stern.

It was not because of Lin Yi, but because even her ancestors were still angry.

“Its nothing,” Lin Yi said casually.

“Wheres your house Ill take you home.”

“Im not going home,” Sugar said.

“Go to the bar.

Just pick a place.”


Lin Yi did not think too much about it.

He turned on the GPS and took Sugar to a nearby bar .

The noisy space in the bar gave Sugar a chance to vent.

She drank bottle after bottle until she was completely drunk before leaving the bar.

Lin Yi did not know where Suger lived, so he brought her to the Peninsula Hotel.

“Boss, its only been a few days, and youve already succeeded”

Tianlong smiled when he saw Lin Yi helping Sugar, who was completely drunk.

“What are you talking about Get her a room and find a few attendants to change her clothes,” Lin Yi scolded.

“Shes so heavy, Im exhausted.”

“Okay, okay, okay, Ill make the arrangements right away.”

Soon, Tianlong called a few attendants to send Sugar to her room.

After this, Lin Yi finally caught his breath.

After packing up, Lin Yi was too lazy to drive back.

He got a room and stayed in a hotel.

Lin Yi did not know about Sugers situation, but he could not calm down for a long time.

It was twenty minutes to midnight, and the new week was about to begin.

Lin Yi looked at the time on his phone, his eyes wide open.

The systems notification rang clearly after midnight.

[New job activation (Yes/No)]

[Experience job: Errand Boy.]

[Job completion: 0%.]

[Host, please receive a professional gift pack, 10 million dollars!]

[Limited edition Tamburini T12 motorcycle!]

[Master level motorcycle driving skills!]

“Errand boy”

Errand boy was a very new occupation, a spawn of the highly developed internet industry.

Users could place orders online and ask the errand boy to help them complete some simple delivery tasks.

For example, buying medicine at night, or picking up and delivering emergency documents from the same city.

Lin Yi had seen it before in the hospital when an errand boy helped his employer get the test results.

In short, as long as the money was in place, anything could be done, proving the limitless possibilities of the internet once again.

This profession was pretty good, at the very least, it was much freer than being a teacher in school.

“Unlock the new job!” Lin Yi said in his heart.

[Old job closed (70% completion) , new job opened.]

[Host, please receive the opening gift pack.]


[10 million dollars have been transferred into the hosts account!]

[Limited edition T12 motorcycle is parked in the hotel parking lot.

The car keys are in the Shun Feng Express Delivery package at the door.]

[Master level motorcycle driving skill injection complete.]

Just like the first reward in the form of the Zonda, the motorcycle was in the parking lot, and the car keys were in the file bag.

Lin Yi opened the room door without thinking, and saw the Shun Feng file bag laying quietly on the floor.

He took back the express delivery and took out the car keys inside, quickly seeing that they were quite exquisite.

At the same time, he received a text message from the bank on his phone.

Lin Yi was too lazy to look at it, instead simply assuming that it was the 10 million dollars.

He got the car keys, but the Tamburini T12 got Lin Yi interested.

He opened Baidu and checked.

He would not know if he did not check.

He was shocked.

The Tamburini T12 was the last work of the famous Italian designer, Massimo Tamburini.

Because the body of the car was black, it was given the nickname of the Dark Elf!

The price was also extremely expensive!

It was sold for 6.5 million dollars in China!

Although there was a huge amount of tax that increased the price, the original price was already sky-high for a motorcycle.

Looking at the exaggerated appearance of the motorcycle and the cool design, Lin Yi sighed again.

The system was too generous.

It gave him such an expensive motorcycle to run errands.

The system was awesome!

Now that the novice gift bag had been distributed, the third class had already opened.

However, there was still one problem, which Lin Yi now had to deal with.

He estimated that this errand boy job would be the same as the previous two classes.

The previous missions would not be very difficult, but the final mission would definitely be difficult and it would take some time to complete.

Therefore, when this job reached its end, he should delay the unlocking of the new job and focus on completing the three final missions.

It would not be good to drag it out for too long.

After making up his mind, Lin Yi was not sleepy at all.

Since the motorcycle was already in his hands, he should go check out the reward first.

Thinking of this, Lin Yi put on his clothes again, took the car keys, and walked toward the hotel parking lot.

Seeing the T12 that was worth 6.5 million, Lin Yi was a little excited.

Although he had never driven a motorcycle before, the system rewarded him with master-level motorcycle driving skill, so it was not a problem for him to drive such a small thing.

Apart from the motorcycle, Lin Yi noticed that there was a box next to the car.

He opened it and found that it was a custom T12 helmet.

Lin Yi checked again and found that the helmet now no longer in production and had become a collectors toy.

If it was sold, it would be worth at least 500,000 dollars!

Putting on the helmet, Lin Yi inserted the key, turned the accelerator, and the bike roared.

Lin Yi realized that although it was not as valuable as a supercar, the sound it made was extremely pleasing to the ears, stimulating every mans adrenaline.

There was no one around at night, so Lin Yi rode the T12 for more than half an hour on the elevated road in the outer ring of Zhon Hai.

It was only then that he understood why a motorcycle was still popular despite the existence sports cars.

The feeling of racing against the wind was not something a supercar could compare to.

After experiencing the T12s speed, Lin Yi went back to the hotel to wash up and rest.

Because he slept too late, he did not wake up until nine in the morning the next day.

He was woken up by Sugars phone call.

“Were you the one who sent me back to the hotel yesterday”

“Who else could it be”

“You… Where did you stay”

“Next door to you.”

“Oh, I got it.”

Sugar hung up the phone, and a knock was heard at Lin Yis door not long after.

The door was opened, and Sugar was standing in front of it, fully dressed.

“Thank you, Lin Yi.”

“Didnt you say thank you last night” Lin Yi yawned.

“Wait for me, Ill go wash up.”

Ten minutes later, Lin Yi finished washing up and the two of them left together.

“Where are you going”

Lin Yi asked when he saw Sugar walking towards the bar counter.

“To pay up,” Suger said matter-of-factly.

“This hotel is mine, why should I pay for it”


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