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“Director Lin, calm down.” Wang Tianlong was so scared that he almost wet his pants, “This is the famous Emperor of Zhong Hai, the second generation of Chinas top-tier rich.

Moreover, the Qin family in Zhong Hai has the ability to invoke the wind and summon the rain.

Theyre not somebody we can provoke.”

“Who cares about Zhong Hai Theyve gotten too comfortable.”

Tianlongs heart skipped a beat.

Boss Lin was so awesome that he even dared to scold Young Master Qin.

“Boss Lin, even though youre more generous than Young Master Qin, hes not someone you can mess with, and…”

“And what” Lin Yi asked.

“Young Master Qin brought a few girls with him last night.

Theyre staying in the presidential suite upstairs, and they also put it on his tab.”

Lin Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

This guy was sleeping on his own turf.

“Alright, Ill give him a call.”

Lin Yi took his phone and dialed Qin Hans number.

“Calling so early in the morning Are you trying to ruin my beauty sleep” Qin Han said in a daze.

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“Stop talking nonsense.

Dont you owe the Peninsula Hotel 118,000 dollars”

“Owe money” Qin Han thought for a moment.

“If I remember, I paid the bill a few times.”

“Then cut the crap and pay it all off when you have time.”

“Old Lin, thats not very nice of you.” Qin Han said.

“The Peninsula Hotel doesnt belong to you.

Why do you have to be so nosy”

“Who said the Peninsula Hotel doesnt belong to me” Lin Yi said.

“If it wasnt mine, why would I ask you for money If I didnt come over to check the accounts, I wouldnt know that you still owe me money.”

“F*ck! F*ck!”

“What did you say The Peninsula Hotel is yours!” Qin Han laughed.

“Why are you so f*cking manipulative When did this happen”

“It happened a long time ago,” Lin Yi said.

“Dont make a fuss.”

“Then things will be easier.

From now on, Ill book my rooms from you here.

I wont go to other hotels.”

“Dont change the topic.

Pay the money back first.”

“Youre even desperate for 180,000 Thats not good.”

“Lets not mix the two up.

The money must be paid back.

This is related to the hotels accounts.

After you pay it back, Ill let you stay for free in the future.”

“Thats what you said,” Qin Han said.

“Are you at the Peninsula Hotel Ill go down to look for you.”

“The managers office.”

“Sure, Ill come look for you after I shower.”

“Come then.”

After hanging up, Lin Yi continued looking at the account book.

The amount was not big, but it was filled with miscellaneous people.

Buzz Buzz Buzz…

At that moment, the walkie-talkie on Tianlong Wangs desk rang.

“Manager Wang, theres someone called Yao Donglai downstairs who wants to see you.”

“Yao Donglai” Tianlong Wang muttered.

He thought that it sounded familiar, but he could not remember who it was.

“Hes here for me.

Let him come up,” Lin Yi said lightly.

Tianlong nodded and said into the walkie-talkie,

“Director Lin is in my office.

Let him come up.”

Lin Yi replied and put the account book aside.

He had to deal with Yao Donglai first.

Within a few minutes, he heard footsteps coming from outside the corridor.

It seemed like there was quite a number of people.

Hearing the knock on the door, Wang Tianlong went to open it.

After opening the door, he found that there were more than 20 people standing outside the door.

Each of them had tattoos on their bodies.

They looked fierce and gave Wang Tianlong a fright.

“What are you!”

“Im Yao Donglai.

This is Brother Qiang, the boss of your area.

You should be familiar with him, right”

“Youre Liu Qiang”

“Yes, I am,” said Liu Qiang with his hands crossed.

Tianlong Wang got a bad feeling.

Why were all these hooligans here

“Let them in, theyre all here to see me.”

Tianlong Wang opened the door in fear and welcomed Yao Donglai and Liu Qiang in.

Tianlong Wang ordered the waiters at the door to gather the hotels security to protect Lin Yi at any moment.

“Hello, Mr.


Seeing Lin Yi, Yao Donglai politely extended his hand and handed a small box to Lin Yi.

“Its a small gift.

Please accept it, Mr.


“Youre too polite.

Youre making me feel embarrassed.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Were going to work together from now on.

Harmony makes money.” Yao Donglai said with a smile.

“Working together” Lin Yi said.

“Didnt your men tell you what I said I didnt say I wanted to work with you.”

Yao Donglais expression changed, and his voice deepened.

“Lin Yi, I, Yao Donglai, came here personally, and you wont even give me face Isnt that a bit too much” Yao Donglai crossed his legs and said calmly.

“I was the one who managed Moon Bay Beach before.

Now that youve bought the beach, Lets continue working together.

You can save time and effort, and you can get money just by sitting at home.

Isnt that a good thing Why not continue”

Lin Yi placed his feet on the table and looked at the two of them.

“Harmony is a good thing, but why should I work with you Cant I find someone else to manage it myself Why should I share my territory with you”

Lin Yis eyes were sharp as he sized up the two of them.

“Are you looking down on me, or are you thinking too highly of yourself”


Yao Donglai laughed coldly as his eyes narrowed with a hint of viciousness.

“Youre right, but what I want to tell you is that if we dont come to an agreement, you wont be able to continue your business!”


Yao Donglai casually lit a cigarette.

He spoke as he thought that he held the advantage in the negotiation.


Lin,think about it.

If I send people to visit from time to time, who would be willing to go to the beach to play In any case, I have a rotten life, so lets just slowly drag it out.”

“Are you threatening me”

Yao Donglai shrugged with an indifferent expression.

“Im not threatening you, Im just making things clear to you.

Although the conversation was unpleasant, no one would go against money.

Well split the business at Moon Bay 50-50.

I guarantee that your business will do well.

No one would dare go there…”


Lin Yi picked up the teacup on the table and threw it at Yao Donglai!

The teacup fell to the ground, and the tea splashed all over Yao Donglai and Liu Qiang.

Tianlongs heart skipped a beat.

These two idiots were really drunk.

With director Lins temper, how could he entertain their threats

“You f*cking dare to hit our boss!”

The yellow-haired guy was the first to rush up, and Lin Yi suddenly stood up and kicked him hard!

The latter was sent flying before crashing into the wall!

“Lin Yi, dont be so damn arrogant! Do you really think Im a nobody!” Yao Donglai scolded.

“I know you guys are good at playing dirty tricks, but let me tell you, not only do I own Moon Bay Beach and Wangjiang Pier, but the Peninsula Hotel is also mine.

I dont even need to look for extra people, as the security below can keep you here and try to impress me.

Do you really have the right to threaten me”

“W-what are you talking about The Peninsula Hotel is yours too”

“Thats right.”

Lin Yi nodded.

“Lets not talk about my other properties.

Just these three properties alone are worth over ten billion.

Guess how much money I have in my hands”

“You guys know better than me how the underworld works.

You guys know how much a life is worth,” Lin Yi said calmly.

“It doesnt have to be much.

If I just take out 10 million, all of you will be dragged to the crematorium tonight.

Do you believe me”



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