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“Since youve said so, Ill show you what I can do.”

“I havent decided on anything for todays lunch yet, so Ill eat here.”

Lin Yis confidence was entirely due to the Sages wisdom.

Although he was not as good as Michelins three-star chefs, he was still better than ordinary chefs.

It was not a problem for them to cook up a table full of delicious dishes.

“Sure, Ill give you my best wishes in advance.

Dont let your food spoil your stomach.

Would you like to use my bathroom later”

“Well see about that.”

Lin Yi did not waste any more words and went downstairs with his phone.

Since the things he wanted to buy were all meat and vegetables, Lin Yi went to the Carrefour supermarket near Chaoyang Group and bought everything in twenty minutes.

Steak, lobster, caviar, and a lot of fresh organic vegetables were all laid out on the table.

In total, it cost almost 10,000 dollars.

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“Im going to start cooking now.

You can go to the cafeteria since theres no food for you yet.”

“Im not going.” Ji Qingyan gloated.

“Are you trying to get rid of me because youre afraid of being embarrassed”

“Im afraid youll die of hunger.”

“Im not hungry.” Qingyan retorted.

“Ill just wait here and watch you make a fool of yourself so you wont try to brag in front of me.”

“Then let me talk with my skills.”

As he spoke, Lin Yi entered Qingyans kitchen and found that it was a whole different world inside.

There were all kinds of equipment there.

Seeing this, Lin Yi could not help but laugh.

She had prepared a whole kitchen setup for herself, yet claimed that she was not hungry.

Who was she kidding


After about twenty minutes, Lin Yi walked out of the kitchen with four dishes and a soup.

Lobster with garlic cheese, beef tenderloin with Hangzhou Pepper, scrambled eggs with persimmon, and seaweed egg drop soup.

Looking at the four simple and exquisite dishes, Ji Qingyans big, beautiful eyes twinkled, and the biscuit in her hand almost fell to the ground.

Taste aside, just the looks and color were really good.

Especially the lobster with cheese, which seemed to be very delicious.

“Lin Yi, you made so much delicious food.” Ji Qingyan put down the biscuit and said with a smile, her face pale.

“Is it too much I usually eat this much.”

“You eat all this yourself”

“Yeah, didnt you say you werent going to eat it I made enough for one person.” Lin Yi said.

“Actually, I really like biscuits, but the Doctor said that I have a bad stomach and cant eat too much of it.

Im really envious of you.

You can eat anything you want, but I cant.”


Ji Qingyan took a bite of the biscuit and started munching on it.

“Yeah, the biscuits are really delicious.

If you dont eat them, you might die from hunger.”

“Yes, yes, I am so jealous.

The dishes I make are neither good-looking nor delicious.

They are just like pig food.

I am so pitiful.”

As he spoke, Lin Yi took big mouthfuls of the food, filling his mouth with the fragrant oils.

The more Lin Yi ate, the more he wanted to cry because his food was so good.




Lin Yi was eating vigorously, but Ji Qingyan was eating even more vigorously!

She was not trying to fight for the mantou, she was trying to fight for her pride!

She could not lose.

However, as she ate, Ji Qingyan choked.

“Lin Yi, Im choking.”

“You should drink some water.”

“Water isnt good.”

“Then what do you want to Do Do you want me to send you to the hospital”

“No, just let me drink some of your soup.”


Lin Yis snot almost burst out due to his laughter.

“Didnt you say that my food was pig food And you said that a woman always keeps her word Can you really drink it”

“Dont be mad at me.” Ji Qingyan said as if she had been wronged.

“Dont eat it.

Theres not much left.

Save some for me.”

Ji Qingyan walked over in her high heels.

It was not the first time she had lost face in front of him anyway.

She did not want to miss the food this time.

“Its all my leftovers.

Dont eat it.”

“How dare you say that You ate it yourself and didnt save any for me.

I wont be with you anymore.” Ji Qingyan said angrily.

“I even left you some mango juice in the fridge.

How dare you treat me like this.”

Lin Yi chuckled.

“Im a little thirsty.

Go get the mango juice from the fridge.”

“I can help you get the juice, but lets make a deal.

You cant touch the food on the table.

Even if youre not full, you cant eat it.

The rest is mine.”


“Dont try to cheat me.

Ive memorized the shape of the food.

If you touch it, well break up.”

“Huh What position are we in to be breaking up”

“Were not in any position.

but Ill definitely not be with you.”

“Okay, okay, okay.

Youre dying of hunger, so just go get me the juice.”


Ji Qingyan went into the kitchen, but she screamed as soon as she went in.

“Ah! Lin Yi!”

“What are you yelling for”

“You actually saved me a portion.”

Lin Yi smiled.

“Hurry up and eat it, itll be cold soon.”

“Hehe, youre so nice.”

A few minutes later, the mango juice and other dishes were taken out.

“Why did you only eat half of the lobster and give me the other half”

“Youre tired from work.

Eat more, greedy cat.”

Ji Qingyans cheeks were flushed with happiness.

“Dont drink that mango juice either.”

“Then what should I drink”

“Just you wait.”

Ji Qingyan found her bag and used a makeup remover to wipe off the lipstick on her thin lips.

She put on a layer of mango-flavored lipstick and gently kissed Lin Yi on the cheek.

“Chef Lin, this is your reward.

Ill give you a five-star review later.”

“Not bad, not bad.

Your skills are much better now,” Lin Yi said.

“I think itll be better if you practice more in the future.”

“Hmph, youre so naughty.”

Ji Qingyan couldnt help but have a taste of Lin Yis Hangzhou Pepper beef tenderloin.

Although it was a little spicy, it was super delicious.

“Lin Yi, this is so delicious!” Ji Qingyan was dancing with excitement, “Ive never eaten such delicious food in a restaurant before.

Youre so busy every day.

When did you learn to cook Ive been practicing for a long time, but I still havent learned to cook like this.”

“If you say that, well have to start discussing talent.”

“Tsk, could you gloat any more”

Lin Yi smiled.

“Eat more if its good.”

“Yeah, yeah, but if you eat too much, you have to accompany me to lose weight.

By then, I wont be able to eat good food, but neither will you.”

“Fine, fine, fine.

Ill do whatever you say.”

Lin Yi was lost in thought as he looked at the cute way Ji Qingyan ate.

He asked,

“Oh right, did you call me this morning for something”

“Its not a big deal.” Ji Qingyan said.

“Youre Party A now, and Im Party Bs Party B.

I want to go to Wangjiang Dock this afternoon.

Do you want to come along If you have any other opinions, you can let me know.”

“I think you want to go to the scene, but you dont want to drive yourself.

You want me to be the driver.”


“Ill go with you this afternoon.

Then, I can also check the progress of the project.”


Ji Qingyan did not eat very quickly.

It took her half an hour to finish the meal.

After the meal, Ji Qingyan took the initiative to take away the leftovers.

“Why did you put it away” Lin Yi asked

“Theres so much left.

Itd be a waste to throw it away.

Theres a lunch box in the kitchen, so Ill bring it back tonight.

You dont have to take the peppers inside, but you have to keep the meat.”

“Youre right.”

Lin Yis face broke into a fatherly smile.

This little Missy was quite virtuous after all.


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