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“Shes her, and youre you.

Whats the point of keeping things so separate” Lin Yi asked,

“That wont do.

Women are very jealous,” Wang Ying said.

“Youd better take down a woman as perfect as President Ji.

If you miss the chance, you wont be able to find someone as good as her in the future.”

“Alright, Ill hold on tight,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Thats right.” Wang Ying held her chin with one hand and looked at Lin Yi with a smile.

“You have to straighten up the red flag at home, or else it wont be able to fly.”

“Sister Ying, thats a great metaphor.”

“Thats why you have to listen to me and take down the president as soon as possible.

Thats the real priority.”

“No problem.”

After dinner, Wang Ying cleaned up the table and drove off.

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After leaving the house, Lin Yi opened the system page.

He only needed five stars to complete his mission.

“You have a new order, please check it.”

As Lin Yi was strolling on the street, an order popped up on his phone.

The contents of the order was very interesting.

He was asked to buy a high-quality replica Patek Philippe Watch, and the price was between 500 and 1000.

There was also a small note below.

If he couldnt buy a Patek Philippe Watch, other high-quality watches were also acceptable.

However, the price was too broad, so Lin Yi called back to avoid a dispute.

He wanted to confirm the details with the buyer.

Even so, when the call was connected, something even more interesting happened.

What appeared on the phone screen wasnt a phone number, but Song Jias name.

Lin Yi was stunned.

Wasnt this too much of a coincidence

The person who placed the order for him was Song Jia

The call was picked up quickly.

“Director Lin, this is the first time youve called me after so lng,” Song Jia said with a smile.

“Were you looking for Sister Su, but couldnt find her, and thats why you called me”

Lin Yi smiled when he heard Song Jias voice.

“I dont want to look for that menopausal tigress.

Didnt you place an order online for a Patek Philippe Watch Im calling to confirm it.”


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Song Jia was obviously stunned.

“I did place an order, but how did you know”

“Because Im the errand boy.

I received your order.”

“No way! What a coincidence!” Song Jia said in surprise.

Sugar knew about Lin Yis job, but she kept her mouth shut and didnt tell anyone else.

Thus, Song Jia didnt know that Lin Yi was an errand boy.

She didnt know that Lin Yi was a rich second generation either.

“What a coincidence.”

“Wait, Director Lin, why are you running errands You cant do this kind of work.” Song Jia said.

“Arent you on good terms with Qin Han Cant you just ask him to give you a job You cant just run errands.”

Lin Yis relationship with Qin Han had been revealed earlier when Sun Xiaoyu tried to jump off a building.

Song Jia couldnt understand why Lin Yi was doing this kind of work.

“Its a very independent job, and it earns a lot of money.

I think its pretty good.” Lin Yi said.

“The salary of the school committee is indeed a bit low, but its still acceptable.

Its such a pity for you to have such a job.

Its not decent at all.”

“Theres nothing to be sorry about.

I think its pretty good.”Lin Yi said with a smile, then changed the topic,

“Are you sure you want a high-quality replica Patek Philippe If theres no objection, Ill buy it.” Lin Yi said with a smile

“Thats all, Director Lin.

Wait, Ill cancel this deal.

Im really embarrassed to ask you to run errands for me.” Song Jia said

“No, no, no.

I appreciate your kindness, but this is what I do.

If you ask someone else to take this deal, the money will go to an outsider.”

Lin Yi wouldnt ask Song Jia to cancel this deal no matter what.

With the relationship between the two of them, there was no way he would not get a five-star review.

The mission would be completed as well.

If he let someone else take the job, who knew how much time he would have to waste to complete the task.

“Are you sure its okay How could I, Song Jia, do that”

“Whats the big deal If youre sure you want to buy a watch, Ill go right now.”

“Alright then, Ill have to trouble you with that, Director Lin.” Song Jia said.

“You have to help me pick out a watch.

The more authentic the better.

It doesnt matter if its slightly over budget.

You cant let anyone else see it though.” Song Jia said.

“Leave it to me.”

Lin Yi hung up the phone and started thinking about where to buy a watch.

However, no matter how much he thought about it, he couldnt think of a suitable location.

With Lin Yis wealth, he had already said goodbye to the world of fake watches.

“Miss Songs personality isnt bad.

Shes much better than that tigress.

Why dont I give her a real one Its not that expensive anyway.”

Lin Yi made up his mind and drove to Times Square.

He soon arrived at the Patek Philippes shop with ease.

Lin Yi didnt know much about watches, so he could only look at the appearance of the watch.

Then, he saw a platinum version of a female watch with diamonds on the dial.

The design was pretty good, and it matched Song Jias petite figure.

“Can you show me this watch”

The female Patek Philippe employee walked over.

“Sir, the price is 1.72 million.

Are you sure you want to see it”

“Huh Why not Are you afraid that I cant afford it”

“What are you talking about!”

Before the female employee could say anything, he heard someone shouting.

Lin Yi looked to the side and recognized the person.

It seemed to be the store manager of Patek Philippe.

She was the person who had given him the 175th-anniversary gift.

“Xia Sis, I didnt say anything.

I just told him the price,” the salesgirl said innocently.

“Youre still trying to argue!”The store manager scolded,

“Wait for me in the storeroom.

Ill deal with you later!”

The female employee felt wronged after being scolded for no reason, but she could only obediently return to the storeroom at the back and wait for the manager to come over and grill her about the situation.


Lin, Im really sorry.

Shes new to our store and doesnt know the rules.

Please dont lower yourself to her level,” the female manager apologized.

“Im not a petty person, but its best for you to improve your employee training.”

“Yes, yes, yes.


Lin is right.

Well pay attention to this.” The female manager looked at Lin Yi.


Lin, do you like this watch Ill show it to you.”

“You dont have to show me.

Just pack it up.”

The female manager was overjoyed and sighed.

He was indeed a rich man!

A watch worth 1.72 million was probably equivalent to 172 in his eyes.


Lin, since youre a platinum member of Times Square, you can enjoy a 30% discount.

Ill round it down for you as well.

You just have to pay 1,200,000 dollars.”


“Alright, pack it for me please.”

The transaction process was over quickly.

After swiping the card, Lin Yi took the watch and left.

At the same time, the female store manager rushed back to the storeroom, ready to deal with what had just happened.

“Xia Sis, I didnt do anything wrong just now.

I can tell from his looks that he didnt have the purchasing power, and it was a waste of time.

Whats the point of serving him”

“You say he doesnt have the purchasing power”

The female store manager took out Lin Yis order.

“He bought that 1.72 million dollar watch in less than three minutes.

Do you still think he doesnt have the purchasing power”

The female employee was dumbfounded.

“He bought the 1.72 million dollar watch in less than three minutes”

“Thats nothing.

When he bought the 175th-anniversary edition Patek, he didnt even bat an eyelid.”


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