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“Dont look at me like that.

Im starving.

Get me some food.

I have basketball class in the afternoon.”

“Lin Bro, wait a minute.

Ill go get you some food now,” Song Jia said.

Lin Yi was depressed.

It was such a waste of a good class.

It was such a pity that he needed to teach another class to make up for it.

As Lin Yi was having lunch, Sugar received a call from Zhao Qi.

“Got it, Principal Zhao.

Ill make an announcement now.”

“Okay, okay, okay.

I understand.”

After finishing his business, Suger hung up the phone and looked at Lin Yi at the same time.

“Why are you looking at me like that This is an office and the walls arent soundproof.”

“What are you thinking about” Sugar spat.

“Principal Zhao called just now, saying that he wants to deal with those international students seriously, but he left the authority to do so to you.

He said that you can decide how to deal with them.”

“What else is there to say Just expel them.”


“Okay, Ill make an announcement now.”

Lin Yi was eating the noodles that Song Jia bought for him.

“There are other rules in the school that also apply specifically to international students, right”

“There are indeed quite a few.”

“Cancel all of them.

Whos nurturing their bad habits and making them act like young masters” Lin Yi asked.

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“Normal University isnt a good school, but they still have to have academic integrity.

Tell them to stay as long as they can abide by these rules, and leave if they cant.”

“Alright, Ill get someone to make an announcement now.

Well try to get this matter settled by tomorrow.”


In less than half an hour, Sugar, Song Jia, and the others had already made an announcement.

When the announcement was made, it caused a huge uproar in the school forum.

Countless students supported it, forming an unprecedented scene of unity.

Because this announcement was the first of its kind, the significance and impact was huge.

To Lin Yi, coming to work at the school was just a mission given by the system.

However, Lin Yi himself didnt know that an invisible move, like the butterfly effect, had a far-reaching impact on the entire education world.

In the afternoon, when Lin Yi went to basketball class, he was applauded by all the boys.

Although the welcoming ceremony was a little simple, it clearly expressed their respect.

“Stop with the platitudes, we still need to practice our basic training.” Lin Yi didnt buy it.

“Four sets, twenty each.

Lets start.”

“I shouldnt have clapped if I knew this would happen.”

“If you dont clap, youll run eight sets.”

Lin Yi didnt return to his office after the first class.

He went straight to the parking lot and prepared to go home.

“Teacher Lin.”

Lin Yi noticed that the person who spoke was Wang Ran.

Wang Ran was dressed simply.

Her blue jeans and black floral sleeves gave her a vibrant and beautiful aura.

“Does your hand still hurt”

Lin Yi was a little embarrassed because the band-aids and iodophor that she bought were useless to him.

“Uh, it doesnt hurt.” Lin Yi smiled.

“I put the band-aids and iodophor that you bought in my office.

Ill keep them for later.”

“Yeah, yeah, one will often get hurt in gym class.

You can keep it for later.”

Lin Yi nodded.

“Are you leaving”

“I, I have something to do at home.

I have to go home.”

“Perfect, Im off work too.

Ill take you home.”

“No, no, no, its okay.” Wang Ran declined immediately.

“Ill take the bus myself.

I wont trouble you anymore.”

“What trouble” Lin Yi said.

“Do you think my car is a jelopy”

“No, no, I didnt mean that.

Dont misunderstand, Teacher Lin.” Wang Ran explained.

“Then come on up.

I have nothing to do.”

“Then Ill have to trouble you, Teacher Lin.”

Lin Yi opened the door and the two of them got into the car together.

Wang Rans heart was pounding like a scared deers.

Teacher Lin had just arrived at school, so she should be the first girl to ride in his car, right

Thinking of this, Wang Rans face turned red.

If her roommates found out about this, they would be very envious.

“Where is your home”

“Shu Guang District on Anping Road.”

“I really dont know where this district is.

Please show me the way.”

“Yes, yes.

Thank you, Teacher Lin.” Wang Ran said.

The two of them chatted casually along the way.

Wang Ran sat in Lin Yis car with her legs crossed.

She didnt dare to move at all.

Lin Yi could understand this.

This was definitely the first time she had sat in someone elses car.

Ji Qingyan was like this back then.

She always had her legs crossed, but the first time she got in, she was wearing a dress.

Thus, her outfit was much more eye-catching than Wang Rans.

Even so, nowadays, it seemed impossible for her to sit with her legs together.

She had even begun to take off her shoes.

“Teacher Lin, my home is too far.

Why dont I get out now” Wang Ran said unkindly.


“Its fine.

I have nothing to do when I go back.

If I dont send you off, I have nothing to do.”

“Thank you, Teacher Lin…”

Ring, Ring, Ring.

Just as Wang Ran was speaking, the phone in her pocket rang.

However, Wang Ran did not pick up and hung up.

When she put the phone back in her pocket, the phone rang again.

Wang Ran hung up again this time.

Lin Yis sharp senses noticed that Wang Ran hesitated for a moment before hanging up.

Lin Yi saw that it was an unknown number on the phone, but he didnt know who it was.

Wang Ran opened WeChat and searched for a person.

She quickly replied with a few words before shutting the phone down.

After another twenty minutes, they arrived at Shu Guang District on Anping Road under Wang Rans guidance.

Shu Guang District was an old district that had been around for more than thirty years.

It was even older than the district that Lin Yi lived in before.

Since it was a residential building that used to support the factory workers families, the living environment and internal structure here couldnt be compared to the current district.

It took more than ten minutes to drive from the main entrance to the residential area.

This was fine for an experienced driver like Lin Yi, but normal people wouldnt be able to drive around here.

“Teacher Lin, this is it.

Thank you for bringing me back.”

“Youre welcome.

You even bought me a band-aid and iodophor.

Were even now.”

“This is what I should do.

Teacher Lin, dont be so polite.”

“Okay.” Lin Yi nodded.

“You go up first, Im going back too.”

“Okay, bye, Teacher Lin.”

After saying goodbye, Lin Yi took the lead and drove out.

It was hard to enter an old neighborhood like this, but it was even harder to get out.

By the time he drove the car out, he could already see the red clouds in the sky.

After opening the window, the wind blew as Lin Yi drove toward Jiuzhou Pavilion.

However, at that moment, Lin Yi was surprised to see Wang Ran rushing over from the bus stop across the road.

She got on the No.

89 bus that had just stopped at the platform.

“Arent you going home Why are you taking the bus”


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