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Shao Jie was a little surprised.

She didnt think that Lin Yi would know about the person she was meeting today.

“Their representative is indeed called Zhao Zhengyang.

Is there anything you need from me on this matter”

Lin Yi smiled.

“Its not a big deal.

Tell your secretary to tell them that Ill personally meet him later.”

“Boss Lin, its just a small matter.

I dont need to trouble you,” Shao Jie said.

“Its fine.

Its my first day on the job, so I need something to do.”

Shao Jie nodded.

“Jessica, go tell Hannah that Director Lin will be there in a bit.”


After Jessica left, Lin Yi looked at Shen Tianzhuo.

“Ill come back to discuss the project later.

Ill go meet my old friend over there first.”

“Looks like you guys have a good relationship.” Shen Tianzhuo smiled.

“Do you need to give him some special treatment”

“No, no.” Lin Yi smiled.

“Ill go take care of him myself.”

“Alright, this is your responsibility.

I wont worry about it anymore.

Come back after youre done.

Well continue our research then.”


After saying goodbye, Lin Yi, Shang Wenzhong, and Shao Jie walked out of Shen Tianzhuos office and headed towards the conference room.

At the same time, Zhao Zhengyang and Qu Nan were sitting in the conference room, waiting for the director of Microsofts marketing department to come over and sign the contract.


At this time, the white female secretary, Hannah, walked over.

“Please wait a moment, our newly-appointed vice president will come over to sign the contract with you shortly.”

“What did you say The newly appointed vice president will come over to sign the contract”

Zhao Zhengyang was very surprised.

He felt that he had misheard.

Although he cared about this project very much, in the eyes of Microsoft, this project was not big at all.

A senior executive like the director of the marketing department was completely capable of signing the contract.

However, he did not expect that their newly appointed vice president would actually end up personally coming!

It seemed that this project was very important to the other party.

“Yes, our vice president will be coming.” The female secretary looked at him with a smile and said, “And he personally instructed me to inform you of this matter.”

“But this project shouldnt be considered big for Microsoft, right Why would it alarm a person at the vice president level” Zhao Zhengyang asked.

“Im not sure about that, but I heard that the newly appointed vice president is also Huaxian, and you guys are also from Huaxia.

This should be the reason why he is personally coming.”

“President Zhao, it looks like the Zhao familys international influence is increasing day by day,” Qu Nan said in a low voice.

“I think so too.

Their vice president is from Huaxia, so he must have heard of the Zhao familys name.

Do you think there might be some kind of friendly gesture”

“That might be it,” Qu Nan said.

“Even if hes in a high position, theres still a big gap between him and the huge Zhao family.

Just like you said, its very likely to be a friendly gesture, but lets be more proactive and not leave a bad impression on them.”

“You dont have to say that,” Zhao Zhengyang said with a smile.

“That idiot Lin Yi was still flaunting his interpersonal relationships in front of us.

Look at him now.”

Qu Nan smiled.

“I think we can make use of this relationship.”


“When their vice president comes over, we can have a good chat with him.

With the Zhao familys reputation in Zhonghai, we should be able to get closer to him.

When that happens, itll be easy for us to sabotage Ji Qingyans project.”

Zhao Zhengyang remembered that Lin Yi and Ji Qingyan must have come here to talk about a partnership.

If he was the first to get closer to the vice president of Microsoft, Ji Qingyans project would come to an abrupt end.

“Youre right.

This is a good idea,” Zhao Zhengyang said with a smile.

“Ill do as you say.”

Zhao Zhengyang rested his hands behind his head and leaned back in his chair.

His project had already entered the final stages.

It was a foregone conclusion.

Surprisingly, their vice president had come personally.

It seemed that he would be able to toy with Lin Yi and Ji Qingyan to death without even returning to the country.

“Miss Hannah, I want to ask you about your new vice president.

Does he have any hobbies I want to know more about him.”

“I dont know much about the new vice president, but he is a very powerful person,” Hannah said.

“I can tell you a little secret.

The new vice president is only temporarily staying in the marketing department.

In the near future, he will be promoted to become the executive vice president of the company, so his position is very high.”


Hearing this news, Zhao Zhengyang and Qu Nan were shocked.

They understood what Hannah meant.

Anyone who could reserve the position of vice president was a big shot anywhere in the world.

Even his father would have to be polite when meeting such a person!

They didnt expect this kind of figure to come and personally sign the contract!

Wasnt this giving them too much face!

“President Zhao, this matter is definitely settled.

If there are no other intentions, I dont believe that he would come personally,” Qu Nan said.

“Of course!”

Zhao Zhengyang couldnt sit still anymore.

It was obvious that he was here to form ties with the Zhao family.

If that was the case, it would be easier to negotiate.

Asking the other party for a small favor in ruining Lin Yi and Ji Qingyans project was a simple matter.

It wasnt difficult at all!

Just thinking about it made him excited!


The door to the meeting room opened and Zhao Zhengyang stood up excitedly.

The person whod reserved the vice-president position in advance was here!

“Lin Yi, its you!”

Zhao Zhengyang turned around and saw that it was Lin Yi whod entered.

He swallowed the words in his stomach and asked in disbelief.

“Whats wrong Are you surprised to see me here”

“Im a little surprised, but it doesnt matter,” Zhao Zhengyang said with a smile.

“I have something to tell you.

Our contract is about to be signed, and the person who is signing the contract with us is the new vice president of Microsoft.”

“You might not know how powerful this person is, but Im not afraid to tell you that he has already reserved the position of vice president within Microsoft.

Do you know what it means for such a person to sign the contract with us”

Lin Yi shrugged.

“I dont know what it means, but dont you want to know why Im here”


Zhao Zhengyang and Qu Nan were stunned.

They had been so excited that they had indeed overlooked this matter.

It was also a little strange that the director of Microsoft, Shao Jie, was still standing behind him.

“Director Shao, they dont know who I am.

Please introduce me.”

Shao Jie took a step forward and introduced,


Zhao, the person standing in front of you is Director Lin Yi Lin, the new vice president of our marketing department.

The person who you just said had reserved the position of vice president is none other than Director Lin.”


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