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Lin Yi took a taxi back to the hotel after leaving Shen Tianzhuos house.

He had just finished showering when Ji Qingyan and Guan Ya came back.

He was just in time.

“Lin Yi, Lin Yi, were done here.

We can go back now.” Ji Qingyan cupped Lin Yis face.

“Its been hard on you these days.

You must be moldy from staying in the hotel all day.”

“What else could I do I could only stay here.” Lin Yi sighed.

“A pure-minded person like me cant go to a bar.

I could only stay here and watch TV shows every day.

Oh right, Ive finished watchingTwo Worlds from the airport a few days ago.

Let me tell you…”

“No, no, no.”

Ji Qingyan covered Lin Yis mouth.

“Dont spoil it for me.

I want to watch it myself.”


After that, Ji Qingyan kissed Lin Yis face.

“This is your reward for being obedient.”

“Its not mango.

I have to leave behind a bad review.”

“Its good that youre getting anything at all, dont be so picky.”

She was still as arrogant as ever.

“Weve finished our business here, we can go back now.

Ill book the plane tickets later.”

“No need.

Ive already booked the plane tickets,” Lin Yi said.

“Just leave these trivial matters to me from now on.”


“Its just a few plane tickets.

Its not a big deal.”

Lin Yi looked at Ji Qingyan.

“Go change.

Ill take you out somewhere.”

“Where are we going” Ji Qingyan asked curiously, with a hint of anticipation in her heart.

“Dont ask, just change your clothes.” Lin Yi said.


Twenty minutes later, Ji Qingyan changed into a floral dress.

Her long hair fell freely down to her ankles, looking like a pitch-black galaxy.

“How is it Do you think I can wear this”

“No problem.”

Lin Yi said goodbye to Guan Ya before leaving the hotel with Ji Qingyan.

After they got out of the car, Ji Qingyan saw the biggest amusement park in Washington, Six Falgs, across the road.


It was already evening, but the screams from the amusement park did not stop.

As night fell, the amusement parks colorful lights all lit up, adding to the joyous atmosphere.

However, the most noticeable thing was the Ferris wheel in the center of the park.

“Lin Yi, you didnt forget, did you”

Riding the Ferris wheel was one of Ji Qingyans wishes.

When she left Orlando, Ji Qingyan thought that Lin Yi had forgotten about it.

After returning to Washington, he stayed in the hotel every day, but Ji Qingyan was too embarrassed to bring it up again.

Even she wanted to give up the idea of it.

It wasnt until Lin Yi brought her here before they left that she was reminded of it.

“How could I forget what you told me before”

“Hehe, youreso nice.

I dont even know how to compliment you anymore.”

“How about I chase Guan Ya away Can you show your sincerity through actions”

“Dream on.”

Ji Qingyans eyes were fixed on the slowly rotating ferris wheel as she said sweetly,

“Lin Yi, do you want me to hold your arm”


“No, you definitely want me to!”

“Huh Why would I want you to”

Ji Qingyans slender hand reached over to Lin Yis waist and pinched it.

“Are you sure you dont want me to”

“Uh… I want you to.”

“Okay, okay.

Since you want me to, Ill reluctantly hold it.”

As she spoke, Ji Qingyan held Lin Yis arm.

“Lets go, lets ride the Ferris wheel.”

The two bought tickets and went straight to the Ferris wheel.

“I looked it up just now.

The Ferris wheel is more than a hundred meters tall.

Are you sure itll be okay”

“Of course itll be okay.

Im very brave.

Im not scared at all.”

“I didnt ask if youre scared.

Why are you emphasizing it” Lin Yi smiled.

“And can you be gentler Youre almost scratchingthe flesh off my arm.”

Ji Qingyans face turned red.

“Its my first time sitting on it, so Im a little nervous.”

It was a lie to say that she was nervous, as she was very much afraid.

It did not look like much from the outside, but when she walked below it and looked up at the Ferris wheel that was more than 100 meters tall, Ji Qingyan felt like she was about to give up.

Although a Ferris wheel was very romantic, it looked really tall.

It was much taller than the headquarters of the Chaoyang Group.

“Since youre so brave, how about we go on a roller coaster and a haunted house after we ride the Ferris Wheel”

“Sure, sure…”

“Lets go.”

The two of them lined up and entered the small Ferris wheel car.

The Ferris wheel slowly rose, and gradually, it reached the point where it overlooked the entire city.

The streets were filled with colorful neon lights and heavy traffic.

The hustle and bustle of life once again swept through the city.

However, at this moment, their ears were silent.

It was as if they were the only ones left in this world.

“Lin Yi, do you want to take a photo with me”


Lin Yi was about to refuse when he remembered the scene at the door.

“Do I want to or not”

“Im asking you.

If you want to take a photo with me, Ill give you a chance.”

Lin Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

If she wanted to take a picture with him, she could have just said so.

Why was she always so arrogant

“Then Id like to.”

“Come over here, lets take a picture together.”

Lin Yi took out his phone and turned on the front-facing camera.

Ji Qingyans face leaned slightly into Lin Yis shoulder, the corners of her mouth curling up into a smile.

At this moment, she was the most beautiful scene in the world.

However, the moment he pressed the shutter, Lin Yi pinched Ji Qingyans face.

A beautiful duo photo turned into an ugly one.


“We cant keep that photo.

Delete it quickly.

Its too ugly.”

“We cant delete this photo.

Ill enjoy it when I get back.”

“Then lets take another one.

Youre not allowed to pinch my face this time.”

“No problem.”

In the same position as before, Ji Qingyan leaned against Lin Yi with a beautiful smile on her face.

She then took a picture that she was satisfied with.

Ji Qingyan had seen many couples who came to ride the Ferris wheel on the Internet before.

The girls would often kiss the boys face and take a picture with him.

However, this was too bold.

She was too embarrassed to say it out loud because she was afraid that Lin Yi would laugh at her.

This was good enough.

Shed be content to ride the Ferris wheel with him.

“Why are you sitting down Arent you going to take in the scenery outside”

Ji Qingyan shook her head nervously.

“Ill just sit and watch.”

“Youre not scared, are you”

“No, Im not.

Im the one who dragged you here to ride the Ferris wheel.

How could I be scared”

“Alright then.

Lets go on a roller coaster later.

I havent ridden one in years.”

Ji Qingyans body trembled.

The Ferris wheel was already her limit.

If she were to go on a roller coaster, she would get scared to death.

The Ferris wheel descended from the highest point and the two of them eventually stepped off.

Ji Qingyans heart was still unsatisfied because nothing that she expected had happened.

Im not going to kiss you, but you can kiss me on your own accord.

So stupid.

Not far from the Ferris wheel was the roller coaster.

Screams came one after another from the coaster.

Ji Qingyan was so scared that she couldnt even walk anymore.

Ji Qingyans steps were very small, and her heart was pounding.

She already regretted saying that she was brave in front of Lin Yi.

If she had known earlier, she wouldnt have flaunted her courage.

“Do… do we really have to ride it”

“Were already here, we have to go for a quick ride before going back.”


Just as they were about to enter, Ji Qingyan suddenly stopped.

Lin Yi turned around and saw that her face wasnt looking too good.

“Hey, why arent you moving Are you feeling unwell”

Ji Qingyan bit her lips and said pitifully,

“Im… Im a little scared.

Lets not ride the roller coaster.”


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