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Tian Yan was stunned.

She felt like her brain was lacking oxygen.

Only a few of the companys executives knew about the acquisition of the shares, and they did not have the time to explain it to the public.

Unless something unexpected happened, it was impossible for outsiders to know about it.

Moreover, he had just said that she had called him.

If that was the case, the person sitting in front of him was most likely the new shareholder of the company!

“Youre Mr.

Lin Yi!”

“Thats right, its me.”

Tian Yans chest heaved up and down.

She had never thought that such a coincidence would happen to her!

“Director Lin, Im really sorry for the offense earlier.

I hope you wont take it to heart.”

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“Its alright, just give me a five-star review later.”

“Of course, of course.” Tian Yan said respectfully.

“But I still want to ask, are you serious about driving for Didi”

“Of course Im serious.”

“But youre already so rich, how can you still…”

“Experience life.

I was still working as a salesman in a real estate company before.”

Tian Yan took a deep breath.

It seemed that the world of the rich was really not something a commoner like her could understand.


Lin, after taking this job, can you give me a chance to sit down and have a chat”

“Well see.

Im a little busy today.”

“Sure, we can chat after youre done.”


Lin Yi drove to the entrance of Jericho Company.

“Here we are.”

“Thank you for driving me here, Director Lin.” Tian Yan was a little nervous.

It was amazing that she took the second largest shareholders car for a business trip.

“Whats going on Cant you pay”

“I dont think so,” Tian Yan said suspiciously.

If she couldnt pay, the order wouldnt be completed, and it would not be counted toward the systems mission.

Buzz Buzz Buzz…

At that moment, a push message came from the phone.

“Greetings, Didi Driver.

Due to your violation of the rules of the platform, weve decided to suspend your service.”

“Huh Suspend your service”

Lin Yi and Tian Yan were confused when they saw the notification on their phones.

Why did they suspend their service

Lin Yi looked down and realized that it wasnt Didi Company that had announced it to him.

It was a company called Jericho.

Lin Yi looked up and realized that the company in front of him was Jericho!

What a coincidence.

“Whats the relationship between this Jericho Company and Didi” Lin Yi asked.

“This company is our operator in the coastal area.

All activities here are managed by this company.”

Tian Yan felt like she was about to die from anger.

What the hell was Jericho doing!

They were ruining everything at this critical moment!

Lin Yi rubbed his chin as he seemed to understand what was going on.

Yesterday in the car, I scolded a woman called Xu Yang, and then she complained to the platform.

That is when I got a call warning me.

However, the other party was also stunned.

It is probably because of this that he had been suspended today.

“Director Lin, dont worry, Ill take care of it.”

This Jericho really did not want to do business anymore.

They even dared to block Director Lins car.

He was really out of his mind!

“Calm down first, Im the victim here.

Look at how angry you are.” Lin Yi said

“Its mainly because these people are too lawless.

Theres no order at all!” Tian Yan said.

“Ill get the company to check the phone number of their person-in-charge right now.

Theyll be disqualified as agents as soon as possible!” Tian Yan continued.

“Its better to convince people with logic,” Lin Yi said.

“I have phone records here.

give them a call first and see whats going on.”

“Then Ill have to trouble you, Director Lin.”

Lin Yi took his phone and found the phone records from yesterday.

“Im Lin Yi.

Youre the one who banned my operating status, right”

The other party was obviously stunned for a moment, but they soon realized who Lin Yi was.

“Thats right, it was me.

Arent you awesome Not only did you scold the passenger, you even dared to scold me.

Im going to ban you today.

Lets see what youll do after that!”

“That passenger scolded me first, alright”

“Whats wrong with scolding you” The guy asked in response.

“Dont you know your own status The customer is God.

You have to suffer even if he scolds you.

Do you think youre a big shot Get the f*ck out of here.

Dont use Didi in the future.”


“Youd better watch what you say.

The Vice President of Didi is by my side.”

“Stop bragging, okay Who Do you think you are How can you bring our vice president out there”

“Im Tian Yan.

Im downstairs at the Jericho Company.

You have three seconds to come down.

Otherwise, dont blame me for being rude!”

“Tian Yan”

The other party paused for a moment and then burst into laughter.

“Awesome, you actually dared to find someone to pretend to be Boss Tian.

Im f*cking impressed.”

Lin Yi hung up the phone speechlessly after this.

“How does Didi choose your agents Did you guys look for a bunch of retards”

“Director Lin, calm down.

Ill go deal with this right now.”

“Lets go.

If the two of us dont go up, we probably wont be able to solve this problem.”

“Dont worry, Director Lin.

Ill definitely give you a perfect answer.”

With that, the two of them got out of the car together and walked into the Jericho Company.

In the conference room, a few executives of Jericho Company were busy having a meeting.

“Whats going on Why are they quarreling”

The person who spoke was a middle-aged man named Lu Wenda, the general manager of the Jericho Company.

He was slightly chubby and sat in the main seat of the meeting room with his eyes closed.

“Yesterday, a Didi driver scolded a passenger, and the other party called the head office to complain.

Today, I banned that kids operating license.”

The person who spoke was Luo Yuanfa, the director of the Jericho Operations Department.

Other than those two, the other executives of the company were also here.

“Did the other party make a phone call to try to reason with you”

“Yes.” Luo Yuanfa smiled and said, “And that kid also said that he found Didis vice president and thought that he could bluff me.

After being scolded by me, he hung up the phone on his own accord.”

“Alright, its just a little punk.

Dont bother with him,” Lu Wenda said.

“As long as this incident doesnt repeat itself, theres no need to discuss this nonsense.

Just seal it off directly.

Its not worth wasting time on them.”

“Got it, Chief Lu.”

Lu Wenda straightened his expression and said.

“Lets continue the meeting.

I just heard some news.

An unknown rich man has bought 21% of Didis shares.

As the saying goes, a new official is always in the limelight.

The platform is likely to make relevant changes.

Everyone, be prepared.”

“Got it, Chief Lu.”

“Little Luo, this is especially true for your operations department.

You have to keep your spirits up.

We are Didis biggest operator along the coastal region.

We cant make any mistakes during this period.”

“Dont worry, Chief Lu.

Ill definitely take care of the drivers below us.” Luo Yuan said with a smile.

Just then, the door to the meeting room was pushed open and Lin Yi and Tian Yan walked in.

“Who are you How dare you barge into our conference room!”

Lin Yi smiled.

“Didnt you ban my license Let me talk to you.”


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