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Ji Qingyan paused for a moment before realizing that shed been tricked by Lin Yi again.

“Youre such a hooligan, I dont want to kiss you.”

Lin Yi smiled as he looked at Ji Qingyans cute face.

He found it interesting as well.

“Youve been working overtime both at home and at work lately.

What project are you so busy with”

“Its the plot of land I told you about.

In three days, the public tender will be held,” Ji Qingyan said.

“There are still some procedures and equipment parameters that havent been settled, so we have to hurry up.”

“These things shouldnt be too big of a problem.

The bidding documents for the construction industry are almost as thick as the Xinhua dictionary.

No one can do it perfectly.

There are bound to be mistakes.

It wont be a problem even if we have to make some corrections in the early stage.”

“It used to be okay, but not anymore.” Ji Qingyan ran her fingers through her hair.

“Theres a new mayor in town, and shes the one whos in charge of this project, so we have to be more serious, or well be eliminated.”

Lin Yi nodded noncommittally.

He understood the logic of a new official coming into power.

Ji Qingyans seriousness was not without reason.

“Do you know who the competitors are”

Ji Qingyan shrugged and sighed.

“I only know a few small companies that arent as big as Chaoyang Group.

Im confident that I can compete with them, but this project is very big.

Not only will companies from Zhonghai participate, even companies from other provinces are interested in this project, so I have to be as perfect as possible.

Otherwise, any small flaw could turn into a fatal mistake.”

“Do you need me to call He Yuanyuan over”

“No, no, no.

Dont be like that.

This is my companys business, so I dont need your help.

I still have a computer available.

If you have nothing to do, you can entertain yourself.

Dont worry about me.”

“Then I wont bother with you.”


That night, Ji Qingyan was busy until 10 oclock before the two of them drove home.

The next morning, he drove her to work as usual.

However, they didnt drive a sports car, but a Rolls-Royce Phantom.

The sports car only had two seats, so it wasnt convenient to fetch people around.

As for why Lin Yi didnt drive a sports car, Ji Qingyan didnt ask.

There were so many cars, so it was only right that he gave them all a chance.

He couldnt be too biased.

After sending Ji Qingyan to the company, Lin Yi got back into the Rolls-Royce and continued to drive for Didi.

Although he was less than 200 kilometers away from completing the mission, he had a lot of things to do today, so it was unlikely that he would be able to finish the last 200 kilometers.

Sure enough, every ultimate mission would have a small twist at the end.

It wasnt a big problem at all.

At most, his mission would be delayed by a few days.

After a few random trips, Lin Yi drove to the Zhonghai International Racetrack.

He heard the roar of the sports car as soon as he entered the gate.

It was very lively.

He looked around the circuit and found Qin Han and the others there.

The supercar club they talked about before was quite something.

“Whats going on Isnt the circuit reserved Why are there outsiders coming in”

In the stands, a woman with a seductive figure whilst dressed in cool clothes said.

“Could it be a streamer who snuck in Is he here to secretly take photos of Young Master Qin practicing driving” A woman wearing suspenders said.

“Its possible.

The current Internet celebrity streamers dont have any morals.

They are capable of doing anything.”

“Brother, how did you get in” In the stands, a man with dyed yellow hair said.

“I walked in.”

“You think I dont know you walked in”

The yellow-haired man was a little unhappy after being mocked by Lin Yi.

“This isnt a place where you can freely enter.

Were practicing our driving in the SR Club.

Outsiders arent allowed to visit.”

“Im not really visiting, I was just casually passing by.” Lin Yi smiled.

“Besides, this is my territory.

Calling me an outsider is a bit too much.”

“What did you say This is your territory”

The yellow-haired man smiled.

“Dont tease me, okay This show-off has no skill at all.”

“Old Lin!”

As the two were talking, they suddenly heard Qin Hans voice.

Even Liang Jinming and Gao Zongyuan saw Lin Yi.

“Brother Lin.”

Seeing Qin Han and the other two walk away, the other members of the club put down what they were doing and looked towards the entrance of the car park.

They were extremely curious about the tall man.

Someone who could make Young Master Qin take the initiative to greet him must have a high status.

“Brother Qin, whos this”

The yellow-haired man asked in a low voice.

“Hes the Lin Yi I told you about.

Hes my good friend, and the racetrack belongs to him.”


The yellow-haired man and the other two women were so shocked that they couldnt close their mouths.

What the f*ck!

This is really your territory!

You came here so low-key, and we couldnt tell at all that you were on the same level as Young Master Qin!

“Old Lin, why are you here Are your hands itchy” Qin Han asked.

“I came to handle something.

I saw you guys playing here, so I came to check things out.”

“You have so many important things to do every day.

Come and race a few laps.” Qin Han pointed at the group of people behind him and said.

“These people brag about their skills every day.

Come and teach them a lesson.”

“Ill do it when I have time.” Lin Yi waved his car keys.

“I came out with the Phantom today.

Im going to pick someone up later, so I cant dilly-dally.”

“What the f*ck Whos so arrogant that you have to personally welcome them”

“A super awesome person.

The two of us are trash in front of him.”

“What” Qin Han asked suspiciously.

“I saw a Maybach and a few S-classes parked in the garage when I got here.

You didnt buy them to pick them up, did you”

The people who werent familiar with Lin Yi were all speechless.

He bought so many good cars just to pick them up

They werent expensive cars, but there were a lot of them.

The total would be close to 20 million yuan.

This was way too decadent.

“Smart.” Lin Yi smiled.

“Alright, you guys stay here and play.

If you need anything, you can just tell Zhou Haitao.

Ill come over to race with you guys one day.”

“Theres something else I really need to tell you.” Qin Han said.

“In a few days, the people from the CCS Supercar Club from Yanjing are coming over.

Im not sure if we can beat them.

If youre free, come over and support us.”

“You just started your club and youre already fighting with others”

“What do you mean fighting Those people are too pretentious.

Theyre always yelling at me.

How can I let them get away with it”

“Have you set a date yet” Lin Yi asked.

“Not yet, but the initial date were thinking of is for next month.

You have to come by then.”

“Youve already said it, so I have to come.”

“Then its a done deal.”

After chatting with Qin Han for a bit, Lin Yi went to look for Zhou Haitao.

In the office, Zhou Haitao stood up to welcome Lin Yi.

“President Lin, youre here.”

Lin Yi nodded.

“The drivers have been prepared, right”

“Everythings been arranged.

We can leave at any time, and theyve even driven for bureau leaders before, so their skills shouldnt be a problem.”

“Alright, well set off now.”

Under Lin Yis arrangements, the Rolls-Royce took the lead and sped all the way to the Zhonghai Hongqiao Airport.

Just as he entered the terminal, Lin Yi saw a familiar figure.

The woman standing in front was wearing a black cropped shoulder sleeve, dark green slacks, and a Swarovski puzzle bracelet on her wrist.

In the sprawling terminal building, she clearly stood out like a shining ray of light.

Although he could only see her back, Lin Yi was sure that the woman standing in front was the owner of the Audi A6 that day!

“Pretty Girl, are you also here to pick someone up”


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