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Liang Ruoxus expression turned cold when she felt someone tap her on the shoulder.

She turned around and found out that the person who patted her on the shoulder was the owner of the Lykan car that day.

“What are you doing here”

Liang Ruoxu took off his sunglasses and mask as a show of courtesy.

“Im here to pick someone up.”

“Pick someone up” Liang Ruoxu looked at Lin Yi.

“Are you picking up your girlfriend What kind of woman is worth you coming all the way here to pick up”

“Cant I be picking up a man” Lin Yi asked.

“Thats possible, but I have a feeling that its more likely to be a woman.”

“Are you the same, picking up your old lover”

“I dont think any normal words can come from your mouth,” Liang Ruoxu said.

“Im here to pick up my friends since they are coming back from abroad.”

“Thats good.

Lets wait together, so I dont get bored.” Lin Yi said.

Liang Ruoxu smiled and didnt say anything.

She put on his mask and sunglasses again, making her look like an assassin.

Lin Yi rubbed his chin.

This woman was cold and aloof, even turning a blind eye to his good looks.

Could she be a cross-dressing boss However, from the looks of it, she seemed to be a real woman.

Liang Ruoxu furrowed her brows when she felt Lin Yis slightly invasive gaze.

Her face was cold.

“Dont keep looking around, it wont be good for you.”


Lin Yi smiled awkwardly.

“Sorry, occupational disease, occupational disease.”

Liang Ruoxu took a step to the side and moved a meter away from Lin Yi.

Although her face was hidden by the mask and sunglasses, there was an indifferent coldness in her eyes.

It made the distance of a meter seem like a hundred meters.

If one didnt know, one wouldnt be able to tell that the two knew each other.

At that moment, the airports broadcast rang.

“Ding Dong…”

“Flight CU2344 from Washington to Huaxias Zhonghai has landed.

Please prepare to receive the crew.”

Lin Yi took a deep breath when he heard the voice on the broadcast.

Director Shen finally came back after waiting for so long.

About twenty minutes later, Lin Yi saw Shen Tianzhuo walking out with twenty people.

The place was filled with people of all races, but most of them were Chinese.

Maybe it was because of the long journey, but there was a hint of exhaustion on Shen Tianzhuos face.

At the same time, it was filled with the joy of returning home.

The mood was just as round as in his hometown, and the air was still as sweet as in his hometown.

Lin Yi was just about to step forward when he noticed that Liang Ruoxu was walking towards the VIP entrance as well.

This seemed to be quite a coincidence.

“Why are you following me”

Liang Ruoxu stopped after taking a few steps and turned around to ask.

“Im going to pick someone up too,” Lin Yi said.

“If you dont believe me, Ill walk ahead and you can follow me.”

Liang Ruoxu didnt say anything else.

She felt that she was getting a little sensitive, so she continued walking toward the VIP entrance.

At the same time, she was thinking,Do I look like someone that easy to date

Lin Yi stood outside the gate after he walked toward the VIP entrance, waiting for Shen Tianzhuo and the others to come out.

To his surprise, Liang Ruoxu took out a red ID card from her bag and waved it in front of the security staff.

The latters expression tensed up as she opened the gate and welcomed her in.

Lin Yi, “”

Who was this girl

Was she so capable

At that moment, Liang Ruoxu turned back to look at Lin Yi with a smug smile.

Lin Yi didnt take the provocative smile to heart.

After all, picking up SHen Tianzhuo was a serious matter.

However, at that moment, Lin Yi was surprised to find that Shen Tianzhuo was walking toward Liang Ruoxu with a suitcase in his hand!

What the hell was going on

Was the person she was supposed to pick up also Shen Tianzhuo

“Mayor Liang, its an honor for you to come to the airport to welcome me despite your busy schedule.” Shen Tianzhuo said politely as he stretched out his hand.

Lin Yi, who was standing outside the gate, was at a loss.

This woman was the mayor!

Youre f*cking kidding me!

Lin Yi thought about it.

She didnt think that he was flirting with her, did he

He wasnt going to be charged with anything, was he

This was so f*cking scary!

“Youre too kind, Professor Shen.

Your return will have a far-reaching impact on the high-tech industry in Huaxia.

Its only right that I come to pick you up,” Liang Ruoxu said very politely.

“Im not that special.

As long as theres something I can do for my country, my return wont have been meaningless.”

There was a hint of mist in Shen Tianzhuos eyes.

For wanderers, home always held the most special place in the depths of their hearts.

“Professor Shen, youre too modest.” Liang Ruoxu smiled.

“Ive already prepared a banquet for you and your team.

There are too many people here, and its not a good place to talk.”

“Im afraid I cant make it today.

Ive already made an appointment with someone.

I might not be able to go to your banquet,” SHen Tianzhuo said apologetically.

“Someones coming to pick you up”

Shen Tianzhuo pointed at Lin Yi outside the gate.

“We already made an appointment.

Hes coming to pick me up.”

“Its him!”

Liang Ruoxu widened his beautiful eyes, disbelief written all over her pretty face.

Never in her wildest dreams would she have thought that the cheeky man would have come to pick up Shen Tianzhuo.

Was there some kind of relationship between them


“Im really sorry, Director Shen has to come with me today.”

An awkward expression appeared on Liang Ruoxus face.

‘He is trying to piss me off, isnt he

“Mayor Liang, this isnt the place to talk.

Lets head off first.”


The group arrived at the underground parking lot after exiting the gate.

Two brand new Toyota Coasters were parked there.

“Professor Shen, get in the car first, Ill send you to your destination.”

“Beauty, Ive already prepared a car, its parked not far away.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

Liang Ruoxu looked up and saw six Mercedes-Benz and even a Rolls-Royce Phantom parked dozens of meters away.

These cars added up to more than 20 million yuan.

The rich second generation of a rich family really knew how to put on a show.

Liang Ruoxu combed his hair and smiled self-deprecatingly.

“Looks like I didnt need to do this.”

“Do you want to come Shall we have a meal together” Lin Yi invited her.

“Then Ill do as you say.”

Liang Ruoxu accepted Lin Yis invitation because of Shen Tianzhuo.

Shen Tianzhuo was very important to the development of science and technology in Huaxia.

With his current status, she had to treat him well and show him proper sincerity and a welcoming attitude.

Such was societys respect for a scientist.

After deciding on the next step of the plan, Lin Yi welcomed Shen Tianzhuo, Liang Ruoxu, and his team into the car.

Naturally, Lin Yi was the driver.

“Why do I feel like you two know each other before” Shen Tianzhuo said with a smile after getting into the car.

“We did meet once,” Liang Ruoxu said with a smile.

“I just didnt think that Mr.

Lin and you would have such a strong relationship.”

Shen Tianzhuo looked at Lin Yi.

“Didnt you introduce yourself to her”


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