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After Miao Qing left, Lin Mo started to cultivate the Four Seasons Sword Style.

According to the manual, it was best to cultivate the four parts from the beginning to the end in chronological order.

The first thing Lin Mo comprehended was the Spring Thunder Sword Technique.

Within this cultivation technique, there was an endless amount of lightning and destructive aura.

However, under every wild and destructive aura, there were traces of a life force that could revive everything.

The Summer Sea Sword Technique was like an ocean of life force.

it looked incomparably majestic.

However, in this endless ocean, Lin Mon could feel a trace of suffocating heaviness that could kill all lives!

When cultivating the Autumn Frost Sword Technique, on the surface, it was full of life force.

It was an endless scene of fertility.

The crops seemed to be filled with abundance.

However, in the end, with a twist of the blade, all the life force was shattered and the fertility was also turned into desolation.

The Winter Fur Sword Technique was similar to the Spring Thunder Sword Technique.

On the surface, it appeared to be a cold that could destroy everything.

The world was completely covered in white snow and was frozen.

Despite the coldness, it contained a sliver of hope of opening up a brand new world!

Therefore, the power of life and death seemed to be circulating within each other.

The four scenes of dark blue lightning, dark blue ocean, golden fruits, and pure white snow continued to revolve around Lin Mo, circulating within each other.

At this moment, Lin Mos body was also filled with an endless amount of vitality stones that Miao Qing had gathered around him.

Endless vitality was absorbed into his body while he was cultivating.

This was the Divine Devouring Body.

It was able to devour all living things in the world.

At the same time, it could increase the innate talent and comprehension ability of those who possessed a divine body.

This was an eighth-level Four Seasons Sword Technique.

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Not long after, as the four energies and scenes continued to grow, Lin Mos aura trembled and he opened his eyes.

In that instant, in Lin Mos eyes, it was as if there was a scene of endless vicissitudes.

“Im still a little short!” Lin Mo muttered to himself.

“This sword manual states that at the end of the Four Seasons Sword Technique, there will be a spring and autumn substitution consummate skill.

But why dont I have it”

This was because Lin Mo had an instinctive premonition that he was unable to comprehend the spring and autumn substitution technique.

It was not because his comprehension was lacking or his talent was not good enough.

Instead, it was purely because he lacked some sort of foundation!

What was it that he lacked Lin Mo pondered silently.

The speed of his thoughts far exceeded the speed of lightning.

Lin Mo suddenly thought of something!

Today, during the auction, he had obtained a top ninth-level treasure – the Holy Dao Seeking Stone.

It was said that the patterns on the stone which seemed like symbols contained a mysterious meaning!

It was more like the sun, moon, heaven, earth, mountains, and rivers had all condensed into a small miniature, imprinted onto an ordinary stone.

This kind of naturally formed treasure seemed to contain endless principles and laws.

It was said that it could help its owner comprehend some brand new laws that were most suitable for him!

Lin Mo took out the Holy Dao Seeking Stone from his backpack.

It was different from the stone that was originally auctioned off.

The stone in his hand was entirely golden in color.

Its outer appearance was extremely flat, and it was about the size of a fist.

There were various shapes and sizes on the stone, and it was meandering in the air.

Furthermore, it looked extremely mysterious.

It was as if there was a mysterious holy chant in the air, and someone was praising everything ancient.

At this moment, even just looking at the Holy Dao Seeking Stone, Lin Mo felt as if he could see everything in the world!

Furthermore, he was not simply seeing it.

What was displayed in front of him was more like the basic laws that formed everything.

The faint understanding that came to his mind caused Lin Mo to undergo a huge change! His Four Seasons Sword Technique seemed to be on the verge of breaking through!

Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Lin Mo placed the Holy Dao Seeking Stone in front of him and hurriedly closed his eyes, circulating the Four Seasons Sword Technique once again.

The four concepts of life appeared around Lin Mo.

At this moment, the Four Seasons Sword Technique, which was clearly unobstructed before, was circulating next to the Holy Dao Seeking Stone.

However, it suddenly felt as if it had come to a standstill!

The sharp contrast allowed Lin Mo to quickly sense the difference between them.

It turned out that the most powerful strike of the Four Seasons Sword Technique, the change of spring and autumn, did not require Spring Thunder Sword Technique, Summer Sea Sword Technique, Autumn Frost Sword Technique, and Winter Fur Sword Technique to fuse.

Instead, it required the fusion of these four concepts into one!

The final image that was formed was the change of spring and autumn, containing the laws of the flow of time.

After realizing this, with the help of the Divine Devouring Body and the Holy Dao Seeking Stone, Lin Mo continuously charged toward the areas where he had previously felt the Four Seasons Sword Technique was obscure.

A loud bang rang out from within Lin Mos body, causing waves of echoes in the training room.

He had already successfully broken through the strongest level of the Four Seasons Sword Technique, and the change of spring and autumn had been successfully cultivated! The four cultivation techniques had also completely fused into one!

It was also at this moment that Lin Mo finally understood why the Four Seasons Sword Technique was considered an eighth-level cultivation technique, while the Autumn Frost Sword Technique could only be considered a sixth-level cultivation technique.

This was because the Four Seasons Sword Technique, which had fused the strengths and weaknesses of the four sword styles, had already undergone an earth-shattering qualitative change from its original foundation.

However, Lin Mo did not open his eyes at this moment.

He was continuing to comprehend it because he could still sense a hint of obscurity in this change of spring and autumn!

That hint of obscurity was familiar and eye-catching, just like a blob of dirt on a piece of white paper.

Hence, with the help of the Holy Dao Seeking Stone, Lin Mo planned to continue perfecting this change of spring and autumn!

He could sense that if this last bit of stain was resolved, then the Four Seasons Sword Technique would not be at the eighth-level.

It might even be able to break through to the ninth-level! That was the highest level of all living things in the world!

No, there was an error in this direction.

He needed to change his train of thought…He kept feeling that there was a slight flaw…

The blob of dirt in front of Lin Mo continued to decrease in size.

If the blob in the beginning was the size of an adults palm, then the current blob was only the size of a pinky fingernail.

Lin Mo, who was constantly striving for perfection, planned to continue to overcome this final flaw!


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