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It was as if he was still lacking something and yet to comprehend anything.

The feeling of being indistinct caused Lin Mo to feel increasingly anxious and uneasy.

However, at this moment, on the surface of Lin Mos body in the training room, the scene of the changing of spring and autumn suddenly became tainted with a tinge of black.

Furthermore, as Lin Mo continued to comprehend the flaws of the changing of spring and autumn moves, the black became bigger and bigger, eventually enveloping Lin Mo within!


Lin Mo abruptly stopped his training and spat out a mouthful of tainted blood onto the ground.

“Why Why cant I solve the last problem Where exactly is the one thing that I lack I feel like Im only one step away from it!”

Lin Mo was shocked when he saw the strange black color on his hands.

He suddenly realized something.

His obsession was too strong.

It was a mental demon!

Just as he was about to calm down and not think about the problems with the cultivation techniques to recover himself, the qi in his body had already dispersed in all directions.

The violent cultivation techniques were constantly attacking his meridians.

They seemed to be executing Lin Mos will, constantly deducing the flaws of the spring and autumn changes.

At this moment, even if Lin Mo wanted to stop this process, it would be extremely difficult.

He might not even be able to control himself.

Seeing that the situation was about to worsen and that he was in danger of exploding, Lin Mo suddenly thought of a treasure!

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That was the sixth-level Heart Cleansing Herb that he had just obtained.

This divine item was said to be able to help people expel their inner demons and restore peace!

The emerald heart cleansing herb emitted a faint green glow.

The moment it appeared in the cultivation room, Lin Mo felt as if the qi in his body was being restrained.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lin Mo hurriedly focused his mind and stopped his unnecessary thoughts.

First, he gathered all the qi in his body to calm the raging cultivation technique in his body.

Gradually, the qi in Lin Mos body returned to his dantian.

All of his internal injuries had also recovered.

The cultivation technique had stopped circulating and calmed down.

It was only at this moment that the layer of black inner demons on the surface of Lin Mos body was expelled!

The luster of the changing spring and autumn had also returned to its perfect state.

A strange sound rang out.

When Lin Mo heard this strange sound, he suddenly realized that the last flaw that he had painstakingly deduced previously had disappeared!

That shattering sound came from the final transformation of the Four Seasons Sword Technique.

It turned out that the flaw that he had always felt before was because the inner demons had already invaded!

The final flaw of the spring and autumn replacement was just as simple as stopping the deduction.

That was because the perfect spring and autumn replacement had been completely deduced by him.

The Four Seasons Sword Technique was currently at the low ninth-level.

Its circulation had already reached a flawless level.

Not bad! This was the first cultivation technique that he had managed to advance from his own research!

The ninth-level was already a domain that contained a trace of the power of laws, and all ninth-level items also carried a trace of the aura of nature!

After finishing his cultivation, Lin Mo first took out the eighth-level cultivation formation that had been returned by the system – the Ten Directions Forbidden Array.

It was also a wooden disc, but the one in his hand was blood red.

The one that had been auctioned off earlier had the appearance of a yellow pear tree.

Looking at the Ten Directions Forbidden Array in his hand, Lin Mo injected his qi into it.

On the formation disc, numerous patterns began to shine with resplendent light.

After sensing it for a while, Lin Mo discovered that the Ten Directions Forbidden Array had three very important functions.

The first was to prohibit flying.

After the formation disk was set up, flying was prohibited within the range of the formation.

Regardless of whether it was birds, beasts, or martial skills, they were unable to leave the ground.

The second function was a two-way defense.

Not only it prevented outsiders from entering, but it also prevented the people inside from leaving.

The third was to forcefully control and sense everything within the range of the formation.

All people or items within the range of the formation would be sensed by the owner of the formation and could be controlled to a certain extent.

As for the degree of control, it all depended on how much qi was provided.

As for the other miscellaneous functions, there were actually more than ten of them.

However, they were not too important, so Lin Mo automatically ignored them.

Following that, the surging qi was like a river converging into the sea, surging into the formation disk!

The Ten Directions Forbidden Array, which was being attacked by a huge amount of qi, immediately bloomed with a sun-like dazzling light in the cultivation room.

Lin Mo sensed that the disc in his hand had completely disappeared.

Outside the auction house, there was a thin film.

This thin film only existed for an instant before it merged with the breeze and disappeared.

In Lin Mos heart, as the controller of the Ten Directions Forbidden Array, he could sense the existence of the thin film at all times.

With just a thought, he could perform all the functions of the array!

After feeling the strength of the Ten Directions Forbidden Array, Lin Mo gradually had a rough idea of how powerful it was.

If he were to divide each level of a cultivator into more detailed levels…

Other than the basic, intermediate, and advanced levels, there should also be a minimum level that could just break through to the next level.

This level was known as the normal level.

Beyond this level, one could enter the next level at any time.

This was the normal level, three times the strength of a normal level cultivator.

Above this, there were cultivators who focused on their limits.

They could reach the perfect level.

Usually, the cultivators at this level were very experienced and stayed at this level for a long time and had six times the strength of ordinary cultivators.

However, above the complete level was the perfect level.

This level was usually one in a hundred million, and very few people could reach it.

However, their strength was also ten times that of ordinary cultivators!

Above this, there was the legendary red gold level! It was said that the cultivators at this level truly reached the perfect level.

No one knew the specific strength, but only a few people in history knew of its existence.

As for the Ten Directions Forbidden Array, it allowed one to control a perfect level cultivator!

After controlling the Ten Directions Forbidden Array to fully spread out, Lin Mo turned his gaze toward the Crystal Blood Mother Mosquito.

The Crystal Blood Mother Mosquito, which had been obtained through the system, was completely blood-red in color.

It was the same as the Ten Directions Forbidden Array, only with a few streaks of deep black.

The Crystal Blood Mother Mosquito was the size of a wine cup.

Through the translucent material, one could see a blurry shadow in the center, like a specimen trapped in amber.

After pouring a large amount of qi into it, the shadow inside gradually became clearer.

The layer of amber-like material on the outer shell became smaller and thinner.

Finally, the amber in his hand disappeared.

What was left in his palm was a gray mosquito with black and white intersecting spots on its body.



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