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Looking at the thin and weak appearance of the Crystal Blood Mother Mosquito, Lin Mo took out a piece of fresh meat from his backpack.

He placed the Crystal Blood Mother Mosquito on top of it.

The mosquitos needle-like mouthpart pierced into the piece of meat.

Unexpectedly, the Crystal Blood Mother Mosquito did not seem to feed on blood but it seemed to extract the essence of the meat.

When the Crystal Blood Mother Mosquito finished eating, the piece of fresh meat that was covered in blood had already become wrinkled.

It was like a piece of cured meat that had been dried for many years, and it was devoid of nutrients.

Noticing that the Crystal Blood Mother Mosquito was still not full, Lin Mo took out a few more mutated beast carcasses.

The Crystal Blood Mother Mosquito did not hold back and rushed forward to absorb them.

In just half a minute, the entire room was filled with dried meat.

Only at this moment did the crystal blood mother mosquito feel somewhat satisfied.

“Good baby, come, quickly produce some crystal blood mosquitoes.

Right now, I need to know more information about the big clans in Lin City.”

This Crystal Blood Mother Mosquito was still tiny in Lin Mos palm, but it seemed to understand what Lin Mo was saying.

The wings on its back flapped gently, and a strange aura appeared.

Immediately after, over a hundred buzzing mosquitoes appeared out of thin air in the training room.

All of them were the size of ordinary mosquitoes.

When they gathered, one could feel the aura of the same origin as the Crystal Blood Mother Mosquito.

At the same time, over a hundred views appeared in Lin Mos mind.

They were all looking at him from different directions.

The mental energy in his mind was rapidly depleting, causing Lin Mo to feel a wave of dizziness.

Hence, he hurriedly instructed the mother mosquito, “Tell them to stop transmitting the images!”

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It was as if Lin Mos heart was connected to the heart of the mother mosquito.

Just as this thought appeared in his mind, the images that were being transmitted by the over a hundred mosquitoes came to an abrupt stop.

“Are you able to sense my thoughts” Lin Mo looked at the crystal blood mosquitoes in his palm and asked.

“Yes, Master!” A thin and weak voice rang out, and Lin Mo immediately realized that this was the Crystal Blood Mother Mosquito was talking to him!

“Hahaha, this is really great.

Quickly get the Crystal Blood Mosquitoes to hide in the various large clans in Lin City.

Their main mission is to eavesdrop on the clans conversation.”

Following this order, a large group of buzzing Crystal Blood Mosquitoes flew out of the room.

The appearance of hundreds of ordinary mosquitoes was ordinary in this huge city.

However, from this moment on, Lin Mo had hundreds of pairs of eyes monitoring the various large clans.

Moreover, these mosquitos were very common and would not be noticed by anyone.

Looking at the listless Crystal Blood Mother Mosquito, Lin Mo understood that what it needed was the spiritual energy of flesh and blood.

After ending his cultivation, he walked out of the cultivation room.

Not long after, Miao Qing ran over in a panic while holding onto a ledger.

“Master, Master! There have been too many changes in the city these few days.

Hurry up and take a look!”

“Whats wrong Dont be in such a hurry and speak slowly! Answer my question first.

Since the day I went into seclusion, how much time has passed How much time is left until the next auction”

“Master, its already been five days.

Theres only one day left until the next auction!”

Miao Qing looked at the calm Lin Mo and felt a sense of certainty in his heart.

His master would definitely have a countermeasure for all the changes in the outside world.

“Oh, theres only one day left.

Then how many auction items have you collected in these past few days Let me see!” Lin Mo asked casually.

Who would have thought that Miao Qing would suddenly have a bitter expression upon hearing that

“Master, this is the bad news I was talking about! Its already been five days since the last auction, but we havent received a single fifth-level and above auction item!”

“What Not a single one How could this be”

Hearing such a reply, Lin Mo was extremely shocked.

According to his estimations, Lin City was far from being without a single fifth-level auction item.

“Master! Recently, someone has been secretly competing with our auction house.

Furthermore, for some unknown reason, the other party seems to be able to find the owner of the item they wish to auction before us and purchase it at a high price.

The entire Lin City seems to be left with only low-level auction items!”

“What did the other auction houses say Have they encountered such a situation”

“Master, all the auction houses are the same.

They didnt acquire any high-level auction items.”

“How could this happen Tell me, did anything strange happen in Lin City recently”

“This…” At this point, Miao Qing suddenly hesitated.

“Whats wrong If theres anything, tell me and Ill settle it,” Lin Mo said decisively.

He had already realized that something was wrong.

Someone was probably setting this up on purpose!

“Master, theres been a discussion in Lin City recently, and its mainly aimed at Master…”

“What did they say”

“Yeah, they said that Master doesnt have much ability and you got a hold of those treasures outside by sheer luck.

They also said that youre arrogant after you return to Lin City!

“And the reason you called for the auction was all because of the treasures you possess.

If you were to compete with the others, you probably wouldnt even last one round,” Miao Qings voice became softer and softer as he spoke.

In the end, it was almost negligible.


Lin Mo sneered.

It must have been spread by the second elder and the others.

These words were just short of stating clearly that he was selling those treasures at a low price, disrupting the auction of the Lin clan auction house and dragging the second elder down from his position as the clan head.

“Whats the reaction from the clan leaders side” Lin Mo turned around and asked.

The rumors outside would definitely be crushed if the auction continued.

The main reason was that nothing could go wrong with the clan leaders side.

“I heard that these rumors were spread from the clan leaders side,” Miao Qing replied angrily.

“Spread from the clan leaders side” Lin Mo was very puzzled.

“Lets go.

Well go back to the Lin clan to take a look!” After saying that, Lin Mo turned around and left.

The Lin clan was well-deserved in Lin City.

Even in the northern part of the eastern continent, other than the imperial family, they were also known as the number one clan.

Hence, the residence of the Lin family was built in an extremely luxurious style and occupied a large area.

In recent years, if not for the old clan leader stopping them, the members of the Lin clan might have even wanted to use pure gold to cast on the door.

Fortunately, with the old leaders guidance, the Lin clan could still do charity by supporting poor families.

So, the many buildings of the clan looked simple and unadorned.


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