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“150,000 spiritual stones!”

This was the voice from the royal auction house.

Miao Qing instantly found the owner of this voice.

It was from the room in the royal auction house that Lin Mo had asked him to pay attention to earlier.

“Oh, I didnt expect those people to make a move!”

Bai Wuheng had the geographical advantage in the VIP room.

Naturally, he immediately found the person who made the bid.

“According to the Eighth Prince, the person behind the royal auction house is the person who manages the national treasury and the tax collection of the entire dynasty.

Its said that this person doesnt seem to be on good terms with the Eighth Prince!”

After muttering a few words, Bai Wuheng directly made his bid.

“180,000 spiritual stones!”

“190,000 spiritual stones!”

In the VIP room of the royal auction house, someone participating in the auction raised the price without any hesitation!

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“200,000 spiritual stones!”

Bai Wuheng, who seemed to genuinely want to do something for the Eighth Prince, raised the price without any hesitation.

After a moment of hesitation, the royal auction house made another bid.

“250,000 spiritual stones!”

As if estimating that this price had already exceeded the price of the Golden-spot Saber-toothed Tiger, Bai Wuheng was afraid that if he raised his bid again, the people from the royal auction house would deliberately not bid again.

After exchanging glances, the Golden-spot Saber-toothed Tiger would undoubtedly fall into his hands, so he decided not to make another bid.

In the end, this sixth-level exotic beast was bought by someone in the royal auction houses VIP room for 250,000 spiritual stones.

“Congratulations! Elder, youve finally found a suitable subdued beast!”

“Looks like this trip to the auction wasnt in vain! Ive traveled the continent for half my life, but Ive never met a suitable tiger-type subdued beast.

I didnt expect to meet one at the end of my tenure in Lin City.”

“Looks like the heavens have opened their eyes! Well be returning to the Imperial City in a few days.

After we ask that person to bestow us with medicinal pills, our strength will experience a great increase!”

Although the elders tone was light, who did not understand what he said

To beastmasters, their strength came mostly from their subdued beasts.

As for their own level, it was not that important!

As for the old man, his own strength was already unfathomable to begin with.

Now, with the addition of the Golden-spot Saber-toothed Tiger, it was like adding wings to a tiger!

It turned out that the person who brought the tiger was the old man himself.

At this moment, he was smiling so much that he could not even see his eyes!

[ Ding! Congratulations to host for successfully auctioning off a sixth-level Golden-spot Saber-toothed Tiger! ]

[ Congratulations to host for obtaining a thousand times the profit! ]

[ Congratulations to host for obtaining a sixth-level Golden-spot Saber-toothed Tiger! ]


Miao Qing brought a handmaiden holding a tray to the center of the auction stage and said, “Next up for the second half of the auction is the third treasure, a top sixth-level weapon – Joan of Arc Secret Room!”


“The starting price is 50,000 spiritual stones, and each bid must not be less than 10,000 spiritual stones!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Miao Qing turned around and showed everyone the weapon.

It was a plain white longsword that was more than three feet long.

As if to prove that the weapon was a sixth-level sword, another guard from the auction house took out an iron plate.

This iron plate was about three feet thick and half a meter in diameter.

It was covered in black spots.

After the guard placed it on the ground, Miao Qing took a few steps forward with the sword in his hand.

“As everyone knows, the iron plate in front of me is the strongest black spot iron plate.

Please take a good look.

Ill use the sword to hack it.”

As he spoke, Miao Qing raised his hand and was about to hack forward.

“No, this is a top sixth-level sword.

If this fails, wont the sword be destroyed”

“Dont do it! This is such a pity! Who would measure the quality of a sword by hacking the black-spotted iron plate”

“Hurry up.

I was just about to see what kind of power this legendary top sixth-level sword qi has”

“Auctioneer! Hack down ruthlessly.

Let us witness it and broaden our horizons!”

Among the crowd below the stage, there were some who advised Miao Qing not to act rashly, while there were also some who did not mind the commotion and urged Miao Qing to make a move.

However, Lin Mo had told Miao Qing about all the procedures in the auction hall in advance.

It was also due to his trust in Lin Mo that Miao Qing would make such a move.

Otherwise, he would not have the guts to do so!




A crisp sound rang out!

Following that, a cold silvery-white half-moon-shaped ray of light streaked across the iron plate in front of them.

The half-meter diameter, three-foot-thick, black-spotted iron plate that had been erected in front of everyones eyes earlier had broken into two!

The iron plate that had been chopped off fell onto the auction stage, giving off a dull thud.

This time, whether it was those who had shouted at Miao Qing to speed up his movements or those who had tried to dissuade him from being impulsive, they were all stunned by the scene before their eyes!

“What! A top sixth-level sword has such power”

“Why do I feel that this seems to be a legendary sword”

“I dont believe it! A sixth-level sword has such powerful power”

“And the auction house dared to use an iron plate as a test object, and they succeeded Even if this thing is used to make some third-level weapons, it can still be considered a luxury to be broken into two!”


Even though Miao Qing was also shocked by the scene in front of him, he originally thought that it would be good enough if he could cut out a few cracks for everyone to see.

However, he did not expect it to be so clean and neat.

It was indeed a shocking ending!

Suppressing the shock in his heart, Miao Qing showed the body of the longsword in his right hand to everyone, then put it back into its scabbard.

Then, he placed the longsword back on the tray in the hands of the handmaiden beside him as he looked at everyone once again.

“Sixth-level sword! Joan of Arc Secret Room! The starting price is 50,000 spiritual stones! Each bid must not be less than 10,000 spiritual stones! Now, the auction begins!”

Powerful weapons had always been the most direct goal of all cultivators.

Therefore, when Miao Qing said these words, the scene instantly turned into a frenzy.

70,000 spiritual stones!

90,000 spiritual stones!

130,000 spiritual stones!

170,000 spiritual stones!

The auction price skyrocketed.

At this time, even in the auction room on the second floor, none of the clans wanted to give up.

They were still waiting for the crowd below the stage to bid to reach a peak value.

Seeing the opportunity, Qi Yuexeng directly opened his mouth.

“250,000 spiritual stones!”

“300,000 spiritual stones!”

Following closely behind the bid was the Bai clan leader, Bai Wuheng, who had long prepared himself.


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