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Obviously, this dark type tier 5 demonic beasts inner core was the cheaper one!

Perhaps some would ask, “Whats the use of obtaining this dark type demonic beasts inner core”

Their imagination would be too lacking if they ask that!

“The dark type tier 5 demonic beasts inner core also had a wide range of uses.

For example, in certain medicinal pills, talismans, arrays, and certain special moments, not a single trace of light could appear.”

At that time, the power of darkness that could be controlled entered everyones sight!

At the same time, this type of demonic beasts inner core was also required by the dark side of every city!

It was also their most popular item.

When everyone went out, whether it was to hide themselves or to fight with their enemies, they would need this type of dark type product.

25,000 low-grade spiritual stones!

27,000 low-grade spiritual stones!

29,000 low-grade spiritual stones!

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The frequency of people bidding in the auction hall on the first floor was obviously much faster than before.

In fact, the people in the hall were so angry that their faces turned red and their ears turned red.

They wanted nothing more than to start a fight with each other.

Regardless of whether it was for proper or improper purposes, this kind of dark type demonic beasts inner core, which was cheap but had outstanding effects, was a rare treasure.

“Zhang Mazi! Dont be so shameless! I took a fancy to this thing first.

Im in a rush, but youre fighting for it with me today! When I go back, Ill expose all your trivial matters to your mother!”

“Zhang San! If you dare to do this, Ill find someone to chop off your leg in an alley!”

“Hmph, Zhang Mazi, Im certain that you dont have the guts! You dont have the strength either.

Ill bid for it today.

If you dare to compete with me, try It!”

“Hahaha! Dont judge me by how I was before! Who are you looking down on Just give it a try! If I dont beat you up today, I wont be called Zhang San!”

“Little Brother Lu! Quickly lend me 5,000 low-grade spiritual stones.

I owe you.

Ill return it to you later!”

“Honey, lets buy this thing off! Well definitely be able to use it when we go back to add the medicinal powder.

If the success rate increases a little, well be able to earn a lot more low-grade spiritual stones every month.

Its not bad to add a few pieces of clothes for the children during the new year!”

“Clan leader, were currently lacking such a dark type demon beasts inner core in the manor outside the city.

If we can buy it off, that forest will be able to produce twenty percent more fruits every year!”

In the end, this dark type tier 5 top-grade demonic beasts inner core was successfully auctioned off at the price of 35,000 low-grade spiritual stones.

[ Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully auctioning the tier 5 top-grade dark type demonic beasts inner core! ]

[ Congratulations to the host for obtaining 1,200 times the profit! ]

[ Congratulations to the host for obtaining a sixth-grade middle-grade dark type demonic beasts inner core! ]

“Alright, everyone, please take a break for now.

We will continue with the second half of the auction in half an hour!”

“I still hope that everyone knows that the second half of the auction is extremely precious.

Therefore, I would like to invite all of you who wish to purchase the demonic beasts inner core to quickly check if you have enough spiritual stones with you!”

After Miao Qing finished speaking on the stage, he went straight down the stage, leaving the audience to reflect.

“Fifth brother, what do you think this auctioneers meant”

“Big brother, he seemed to have said that those who want to purchase the demonic beasts inner cores should check if they have enough spiritual stones with them.

Does this mean that there are many demonic beasts inner cores in the second half of the auction”

“Fifth brother, I think what you said makes sense.

Quickly go back and ask the third brother to bring more spiritual stones over.

Weve been doing business recently, but were missing some demonic beasts inner cores!”

“Yes! Big brother, Ill go back now!”

Of course, there were more than one or two smart people.

In this auction, everyone quickly understood the meaning behind Miao Qings words.

Therefore, those who needed the demonic beasts inner cores all went home to get spiritual stones.

However, those who did not need them did not want to give up on the auction either.

Even if they knew that these things might not reach their hands in the end, it was still better than nothing at home, even if it was just an eye-opener.

Imagine, many years later, they could brag to their children and grandchildren!

“Your father was a participant in the tier 7 sword manual and the auction of top-grade demonic beasts inner cores, and he even competed with the big families in Lin City!”

“Just listen!”

These words would make ones back hard and ones self-confidence strong!

Of course, in the end, there were many reasons why the item could not be bought off.

Even if it was just a random item, it would be much better than not daring to appear after half the auction!

People with all sorts of thoughts gathered in the Lin auction house.

Although people kept leaving, more and more people came in.

Many years later, there was still a rumor circulating in Lin City that every time they held an auction at the Lin auction house, a seat in the auction hall would be worth at least a hundred low-grade spirit stones.

The legend was still going on!

Many people even became professional occupiers!

The officials of the royal family in Lin City even complained about this.

The regular auctions at the Lin auction house had solved the employment problem of many people in Lin City!

However, at that time, Lin Mo had already become a legend in the entire world.

He was already the kind of person that they could only look up to and worship!

At this moment, Bai Wuheng was in the VIP room.

As he grabbed the fruit plate on the table and chewed on the fruit carefully, he narrowed his eyes slightly and thought about his own matters in his heart.

Last night, Master Kun Cheng, the array master of his clan, told me that he had thoroughly researched and understood the Eight Directions Sealing Array.

He had also arranged all the materials needed to construct the array.

Next, if he wanted to completely upgrade the Bai clans residence, it would be another large amount of investment.

Originally, in Bai Wuhengs heart, this matter was extremely important.

However, ever since he obtained the top-grade tier 7 sword manual and gave it to the eighth prince, his attitude had changed completely.

Since the entire Bai clan was going to move to the imperial capital of the Yanhuang Divine Empire in the future to live, they were going to develop and expand there.

He also had the intention of clinging to the eighth prince.

Thus, spending a large number of spiritual stones on a residence in Lin City to invest in upgrading the defense seemed to be a dispensable matter.

After weighing the matter several times in his mind, he decided to take a look at the auction first.

Although he already knew the list of items to be auctioned, he could not be sure until he saw the real thing.

Whether these items had any effect on him or not depended on the attitude of the participants and the bidders.

As for Master Kun Chengs thoughts, how could he not understand


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