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“1,200,000 low-grade spiritual stones.”

Just as the price stopped at 1,000,000 low-grade spiritual stones, a slightly cold voice finally sounded from the private room.

Hearing the sudden increase in the price of 200,000 low-grade spiritual stones, Wu Jin raised his head slightly, and his slightly surprised gaze stopped at the private room where the voice came from.

He muttered in his heart, “The first elder of the Duanmu clan is also interested in spirit ascension pills”

Wu Jin was able to recognize that this was the voice of the first elder of the Duanmu clan.

Naturally, many other factions were able to recognize it as well.

Therefore, the bid of the first elder of the Duanmu clan immediately caused the noisy auction house to become much quieter.

Some of the people who were planning to raise the price once again looked at each other before sitting down unwillingly, although they had some funds, they were undoubtedly overestimating themselves when compared to the Duanmu clan.

Since that was the case, they might as well give up.

“1,300,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

However, just as Wu Jin thought that the price would stop at 1,200,000 low-grade spiritual stones, a faint voice suddenly sounded out.

His gaze followed the voice and finally stopped at a private room.

Wu Jin raised his brows and muttered in his heart, “This is the Ye clan, one of the three great clans in Huaian City…”

Although the Duanmu clan was the largest family within the business groups, the Ye family was not weak either.

Although their influence was slightly inferior to the Duanmy clan, their accumulation over the years made the Ye clan not to be underestimated.

Hearing someone bidding, the eyes of the first elder of the Duanmu clan in the private room immediately turned cold.

He tilted his head and glanced in the direction of the private room where the Ye clan was.

He sneered and said, “1,400,000 low-grade spiritual stones.”

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“1,500,000 low-grade spiritual stones.”

In the Ye clans private room, the clan leader of the Ye clan called out unhurriedly.

The eyes of the entire crowd were focused on these two private rooms.

Some of the aristocratic families in the private room did not step in.

They only looked with interest at where the two of them could raise the price.

“First elder, 1,500,000 low-grade spiritual stones for a Spirit Ascension Pill is already the best.

If we add more, it would be a loss.

Moreover, we still have to leave some funds for the final competition.” It seemed that the first elder of the Duanmu clan still wants to raise the price, so the second elder of the Duanmu clan beside him hurriedly said in a low voice.

“1,600,000 low-grade spirit stones.”

The first elder of the Duanmu clan frowned slightly when he heard this.

He mused for a moment before announcing the final price.

He had already made up his mind that he would give up this bid if the other party continued to raise the price.

However, contrary to many peoples expectations, the Ye clans private room did not open its mouth again after the first elder of the Duanmu clan shouted out this price.

The Ye Clan Leaders action caused the first elder of the Duanmu clan to be startled.

Soon after, he seemed to have understood something.

The corner of his mouth curled into a dark and sinister smile as he softly said, “Very good.

If this experiment succeeds, I will definitely exterminate your Ye clan!”

“This mister has placed a bid of 1.6 million low-grade spiritual stones.

Is there anyone else who wishes to raise the price If there is no one else, this Spirit Ascension Pill will belong to him!”

At the auction stage, Wu Jin was quite satisfied with this price.

He immediately asked with a smile.

After seeing that he did not receive any reply, he finally knocked the auction hammer in his hand down.

As Wu Jin announced the final result, a system notification sounded in Lin Mos mind.

[ Tier 5 Spirit Ascension Pill successfully auctioned.


[ Congratulations, host, you have triggered 7,000 times the profit.



[ Tier 8 medicinal pill, Holy Spirit Pill obtained.


Hearing the system notification in his mind, information about the Holy Spirit Pill swiftly flashed in his mind, and a smile appeared on Lin Mos face.

This was good stuff!

A trace of surprise appeared in Lin Mos eyes.

It was obvious that the Holy Spirit Pill was of great value.

There was a 50% chance to allow one to raise a large amount of cultivation within a short period of time.

However, Lin Mo gave it some thought.

This Holy Spirit Pill was completely useless to the current him.

At the very least, he would have to wait until he fought with others in the future before this Holy Spirit Pill would come in handy.

Thinking up to this point, Lin Mo temporarily ignored the Holy Spirit Pill and continued to look at the auction.

At this moment, seeing that the auction had returned to silence, Wu Jin slowly walked onto the stage and said loudly, “Everyone, lets begin the auction for the sixth stage of this auction.”

As Wu Jins voice fell, he clapped his hands towards the back.

Instantly, four burly men carried a steel cage onto the stage slowly.

The cage was covered by a black cloth and the situation inside could not be seen clearly.

“What is this”

Looking at the scene on the auction stage, some people who did not receive the Lin familys secret notice immediately revealed curious expressions.

“It actually takes four people to lift it up.

It looks so heavy.”

“Could it be that there is a ferocious beast inside”

In the auction, many people looked at the cage on the auction stage and began to discuss it animatedly.

At this moment, the Duanmu clans first elder was in a private room.

First Elder Mo looked at the steel cage on the auction stage, and a cold smile appeared on his aged face.

“Second elder, you should have brought enough money this time, right I must get my hands on this cultivator!”

First Elder Mo looked at the second elder and said coldly.

The second elders expression changed slightly when he heard this, but he still revealed a confident smile and said, “First elder, dont worry.

This Dragon Transformation Realm expert is definitely ours.”

At this moment, on the auction stage, Wu Jin saw that everyones gazes were attracted.

He immediately revealed a smile and pointed at the steel cage at the side and said, “Everyone, the level of this auction is somewhat special!”

“This is because this auction item is an unregistered Dragon Transformation Realm cultivator…”

On the auction stage, Wu Jins tone carried a trace of mysteriousness as he said.

Subsequently, Wu Jin did not continue to be long-winded as he directly walked over.

With a pull, he directly lifted the black cloth that covered the steel cage.

As the black cloth was lifted, a human figure was revealed from the cage.

In the next moment, everyone was stunned as they looked toward the interior of the metal cage on the stage.

In the middle of the cage, there was actually an extremely hot figure of a woman!

Although the extremely alluring small waist was a little far away, one could feel the softness of that taut waist with a single glance.

Although such an expert was rarely willing to become someone elses retainer, there were still many methods to control a cultivator.

Most importantly, there was a process to ensurecompliance.

Qianqian attempted to assassinate Lin Mo.

She had a special identity and was definitely an existence that could not be seen in the light.

It was because of this that Lin Mo dared to come up with such a strange scheme.

He did not believe that Zi Yue would turn a blind eye when she saw her loyal subordinates being auctioned off.

If she was really such a person and did not have any dignity, then there was nothing to be afraid of.

“This is the auction item this time”

“Its actually a Dragon Transformation Realm expert!”

“Everyone, please place your bids!”

“210,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“220,000 low-grade spirit stones!”

“230,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“240,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

The moment Wu Jins voice fell, the men present instantly transformed into wolves and crazily increased the price!

In just a short moment, the price had already increased to 300,000 low-grade spiritual stones!

Then, the speed of the increase did not slow down at all, and it continued to increase crazily.

“310,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“320,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“500,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“600,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“700,000 low-grade spiritual stones!”

“1,000,000 from the Duanmu clan of Huaian City!”

At this moment, a cold and domineering voice sounded in the auction.


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