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Lin Mo walked over.

This time, only Zi Yue came.

The two of them found a courtyard and sat opposite each other in the pavilion.

“Miss Zi Yue, can you tell me your real name” Lin Mo took out the wine pot and poured a cup for Zi Yue.

She took the wine cup with her jade-like hand.

The aroma of the wine permeated the air.

Zi Yue smiled as she drank it in one gulp.

“Im Jiang Xiyue.”

She said and told Lin Mo her name.

Her eyes were fixed on Lin Mo.

She did not care much about how he addressed her.

Besides, if Lin Mo wanted to know, he could ask someone to find out.

The eighth princes name was not a secret.

“Xiyue… What a good name.”

Lin Mo sighed in admiration.

He raised the wine glass and drank it in one gulp.

He could not help but exclaim in admiration as he looked at Jiang Xiyues mesmerizing beauty.

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It was a beautiful night to drink wine with a beauty under the moon.

If word of this got out, it would be a beautiful story.

Unfortunately, the other party was a princess.

If word got out, he would not be able to live for long…

“Miss Jiang Xiyue, why are you looking for me at this time” Lin Mo asked with a smile.

He had just helped her earn more than 100 million low-grade spiritual stones today, and he had even given her a tier 8 weapon.

This was quite a big favor.

At the same time, what made Lin Mo feel helpless was that many princes of the Yanhuang Divine Empire already thought that they were under Jiang Xiyues command.

This made him feel very helpless.

He had originally wanted to fight for his own freedom.

In the end, he still stood on the same boat as Jiang Xiyue.

Now that the news had spread, the arrangements of the second prince and the fourth prince for Lin City would probably change.

It was just that he did not know what method they would use.

“You and I can also be considered to forget our past grudges with a smile.

Do friends need a reason to drink together”

Jiang Xiyue covered her mouth and smiled.

She reached out to take the wine flask and filled Lin Mos glass.

“In addition, my first confrontation with the second prince was a complete victory.

I naturally have to find someone to share such a wonderful thing with.”

After saying that, Jiang Xiyue poured herself another glass and downed it in one gulp.

After drinking two glasses of wine, Jiang Xiyues face showed a trace of redness.

Under the moonlight, she looked particularly attractive.

“Its my honor to be treated as your friend.” Lin Mo smiled and enjoyed the beautiful scenery under the moon.

“What are your plans next” Jiang Xiyue asked.

Lin Mo had basically emptied out the value of Lin City.

He would not be able to create much value in a short period of time.

The spies had sent news that Zhao Gongming of the Zhao clan had received a letter during the banquet.

He immediately began to reorganize the family.

“Judging from Zhao Gongmings actions, hes planning to leave Lin City and develop in another city,” Jiang Xiyue said.

The second princes first confrontation with her had been a great defeat because of Lin Mo.

After the fourth prince received the news, he wisely chose to retreat.

The Zhao clan, which he had painstakingly built up, could not be suppressed by the soaring Lin family.

However, now that Lin Mo was overseeing Lin City, even if they were unwilling, they could only temporarily avoid the edge.

“Your strength is still a bit lacking.

I suggest that you shut yourself off from the guests and restrain your edge.

When the Jingdous Dao Conference starts, youll amaze everyone.”

Jiang Xiyue said and told Lin Mo about her plans.

She stole the second princes limelight and had already attracted the emperors attention.

He had never thought that the eighth princess, who had always been weak, would be able to defeat the second prince in a small confrontation.

The emperor had finally paid attention to her, so she naturally could not let go of this opportunity.

She planned to return to the Imperial City to further develop herself.

If she was lucky, she might be able to obtain the emperors tier 9 treasure from last time.

“How about it Help me.

Although Im weak, I might not lose.”

“When I become the empress, Ill make a minister, and youll have a high position.”

It started again.

Lin Mo was helpless.

They had only just won the first round, and Jiang Xiyue already wanted to become the empress…

Moreover, the one they won was only the second prince.

There was still an even more powerful crown prince who had yet to make a move…

Jiang Xiyues return to the Imperial City this time was likely to be a disaster.

Although the emperor would not let Jiang Xiyue die, with a pack of wolves surrounding her, Jiang Xiyue was probably not a match for him…

“Since you know to let me protect myself, why do you still put yourself in danger” Lin Mo asked curiously.

The emperor would indeed reward her after she had just made a name for herself.

However, even the crown prince would not dare to say that he would be able to stand firm while standing at the center of the storm…

“You have cultivated the Four Seasons Sword Technique and have comprehended the highest level of profundity, the Spring and Autumn Exchange.

Youve learned the power of a top-grade tier 8 sword technique, havent you” Jiang Xiyue said.

She had witnessed the power of a top-grade tier 8 sword technique.

If Lin Mo could block Cao Zhens attack, he would probably be able to kill Cao Zhen without using a puppet.

This was only a top-grade tier 8 sword technique.

What if it was a tier 9 sword technique

“I can go to Jing City and ask father for a tier 9 sword manual.

Ill give it to you…”

Jiang Xiyue moved closer to Lin Mo and said this with her red lips.

“What are the conditions” Lin Mo asked indifferently.

A tier 9 sword manual was such a huge temptation.

It was a pity that he, who had the system, would not take the bait…

Other people would treat a tier 9 treasure preciously and would do anything to get it.

Even if they were living under someone elses roof, being able to learn from a tier 9 sword manual was not impossible.

Unfortunately, Lin Mo had quite a number of tier 9 treasures on him…

He had three tier 9 sword manuals.

Low-grade tier 9 Four Seasons Sword Technique.

Top-grade tier 9 Cloud Breaking Sword Manual.

Top-grade tier 9 Ten Thousand Stars Arrival.

He did not even have time to learn these things.

Quality was more important than quantity.

He still understood this principle.

As for weapons, he left behind a low-grade tier 9 longsword,Plain White Snow.

These were all things he had left behind for himself.

Any one of them could cause a stir in the Yanhuang Divine Empire.

“Help me, and you can get everything, even… Me…”

Jiang Xiyue moved closer to Lin Mo, her red lips whispering in his ear.

She was in the royal family, and she had lived among the consorts ever since she was young.

In order to fight for favor, her mother fought fiercely with her former sisters.

She hated this.

However, she had no choice but to take this path in the end.

As a princess, she could not escape the struggle for power.

It was not as if there had never been an empress in the Yanhuang Divine Empire.

Therefore, after she displayed her talent in cultivation, she was given the title ofPrince.

This also caused her to become a thorn in the eyes of her royal brothers.

Everyone wanted to get rid of her.

In order to survive, she did everything she could to win over the hearts of the people and nurture her subordinates.

She climbed up step by step and finally had her current achievements…

“This is a big gamble…” Lin Mo smiled bitterly.

At some point in time, Jiang Xiyue had already leaned on his body and hugged his arm.

The temperature of her body continuously fluctuated Lin Mos rationality.

“Are you afraid”

Jiang Xiyue said softly.

At the same time, she seemed to have thought of something.

A hint of disappointment appeared on her face as she said softly, “Am I really that despicable…”

The smile on her face disappeared.

As the night wind blew past, Jiang Xiyues purple clothes fluttered with the wind, as if she was going to ride the wind with her.

“Ive only just made a name for myself, and youre already admired by tens of thousands of people.

I dont dare to drag you down,” Lin Mo said incoherently.

Jiang Xiyues eyes were filled with stars.

She smiled faintly and said, “Liar.”


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