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If nothing went wrong, the final price of the defensive talisman would be raised to over three million.

“Miss, the prices of the two treasures are not equal.

Im afraid we wont be able to exchange them…”

Lin Mo shook his head.

The price of the defensive talisman had already been raised to 2.5 million.

Moreover, there were still more than ten people bidding.

It was only a matter of time before it exceeded three million.

“Manager Lin, do me a favor and let me meet the seller.

He will sell it to me.” The woman shook her head, still persistent.

However, the words she said made Lin Mo feel a little surprised.

How could she be so confident that she would be able to sell it after meeting him once

Lin Mo smiled and said, “I am the seller, but I dont want to sell it to you at the moment.”

The moment these words were said, the woman was also stunned.

She raised her head and looked at Lin Mo.

Finally, her gaze stopped at Lin Mos left shoulder and said, “So thats how it is.

This talisman was obtained after you killed the person who robbed and targeted you, right”

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This time, it was Lin Mos turn to be stunned.

He did not tell anyone that he had been attacked.

Those who were powerful were able to discover his injuries but to obtain the source of his treasure based on a single injury was a little ridiculous.

“May I ask who you are, Miss” Lin Mo cupped his fists and asked.

“Manager Lin, you can call me Bai Luo.”

She looked at Lin Mo with a smile in her eyes.

Lin Mo did not expect that the person in front of him was actually the owner of the talisman.

“Miss Bai Luo, how are you going to convince me” Lin Mo asked.

“This talisman came from the Secret Ghost Sect, and the Secret Ghost Sect doesnt sell talismans above tier 7 to the public.”

“I was also chased by the Secret Ghost Sect, so I had no choice but to hide in Ancient Flame City.”

Bai Luo told Lin Mo that the Secret Ghost Sect was paid to do things and specialized in assassination.

At the same time, if one of their own disciples was killed, the Secret Ghost Sect would launch a crazy revenge.

If one was killed, there would be more and stronger assassins appearing.

If this happened again and again, it might even lead to the appearance of a Nirvana Realm powerhouse, which was extremely powerful.

As time went on, many factions were afraid of offending the Secret Ghost Sect.

Even the imperial family of the Yanhuang Divine Empire was unwilling to offend them.

This also caused the Secret Ghost Sect to become increasingly powerful.


Hearing this, Lin Mo felt a little awkward.

At the same time, the doubts in his heart also increased.

“If the Secret Ghost Sect sends people to attack, what level of powerhouses will they send” Lin Mo asked.

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The people who ambushed him were one at tier 14 and tier 18 Dragon Transformation Realm.

“The first time, it would be two tiers higher than the opponent.

If they were killed, the next assassins strength would be two tiers higher,” Bai Luo said.

“According to Manager Lins strength, the one who ambushed you should be at tier 14.”

She saw Lin Mos strength and said this, but then she became a little anxious.

“Manager Lin, the price has already reached 3.2 million.

This little girl really doesnt have much money.

With this news and the Green Ganoderma Red Blood Pill, can we exchange it”

She was also being pursued, so she was very anxious about this talisman.

“Sure, Miss, feel free to bid.

Theres no need to pay the spiritual stones.

Ill accept this Green Ganoderma Red Blood Pill with a smile.” Lin Mo nodded.

After knowing the ins and outs, he was a little speechless.

Who knew that tier 18 Dragon Transformation Realm expect was actually chasing after Bai Luo.

Perhaps it was because the Tier 14 Dragon Transformation Realm expert felt that he could not take Lin Mo down, so maybe he asked his fellow teammates nearby to help.

However, it seemed that he had solved a problem for Bai Luo…

“Alright, congratulations to this lady for successfully bidding for a tier 7 defensive talisman at a price of 3.5 million.”

Duanmu Jias voice was heard as she announced that the defensive amulet had been auctioned off by Bai Luo.

[ Congratulations to the host for successfully bidding for a Tier 7 defensive talisman.


[ Triggered 6,000 times the auction return.


[ Obtained a tier 8 defensive talisman.



Lin Mo laughed out loud as his consciousness entered the system space to check on this defensive amulet.

He only saw a crimson-gold talisman quietly staying in the system space.

Lin Mo checked the information and nodded his head in satisfaction.

The defensive power of a tier 8 defensive talisman could at least block a tier 22 Dragon Transformation Realm experts attack.

“The next item up for auction is a tier 7 offensive talisman.

Its offensive power is comparable to the tier 18 Dragon Transformation Realm, but it can only launch one attack.”

“After one attack, this talisman will become useless.

However, a talisman that can unleash power beyond ones own strength is also a rare treasure.”

“The starting price is 800,000 low-grade spiritual stones.”

Another talisman, and it was an attack talisman.

This caused everyones breathing to quicken.

Only the people from the three great clans and the VIP rooms fell silent.

Their expressions were all different, and they had different thoughts in their hearts.

The talismans were of the Secret Ghost Sects defensive and attack talismans.

One talisman could be said to be a coincidence, but what about the two

Furthermore, they paid close attention to Lin Mos actions.

When he had just entered the city, he had been in an injured state.

With the addition of the two talismans, everything made sense.

“And the offensive talismans…”

Bai Luo had just sat down in her seat.

When she saw the items in Duanmu Jias hands, she was a little speechless.

After that, before the bidding sounds could be heard, Bai Luo stood up and walked backstage.

Everyone was speechless at this scene.

This lady had so many treasures on her, why did she not just auction them off

“Uh… Miss Bai Luo wants this attack talisman”

Lin Mo smiled, he was not surprised by this result.

“To tell you the truth, I want to set up a counter-attack.

This attack talisman is very useful to me.” Bai Luos face was slightly red.

However, this time, she did not have anything good on her.

“Manager Lin, I still have an incomplete body technique manual.

If you want to auction it, is it possible”

Bai Luo thought for a moment and finally said helplessly.

This body technique manual was something that she had only found after visiting many ruins.

Now, she could only sell it.

“Oh, what kind of body technique manual is it”

Lin Mo was shocked.

If it could surpass the Swimming Dragon Steps, then he naturally wouldnt reject it.

“Tier 9 top-grade body movement technique incomplete version, Traceless Wind.”

Bai Luo took out a light green scroll and said, “Although its an incomplete version, it doesnt lose out to a tier 8 martial skill.”

“Tier 9 top-grade”

Lin Mo was shocked.

He stretched out his hand to receive the scroll.

After spreading it open, numerous complicated imprints appeared before his eyes.

Among these incantations, Lin Mo sensed something strange.

It did not belong to a technique, but to a dao.

It was the same dao as Myriad Star Arrival.

This book contained the laws of the great dao within the traceless wind.

“It really is a top-tier tier 9 book…”

Lin Mo was overjoyed.

As long as he auctioned it off, he would be able to obtain a complete Traceless Wind.

“Miss Bai Luo, are you sure you want to auction this manual” Lin Mo asked again.

At the same time, he took out a scroll from his spatial ring and handed it over to Bai Luo.

“There were two assassins I met.

One was at tier 14 and the other was at tier 18 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.”

“After I killed the two of them, apart from the talisman, there was also this portrait.

It was Miss Bai herself.”

Seeing Bai Luo open the portrait, Lin Mo continued, “The assassin who was chasing after Miss Bai is already dead.

Im afraid its useless for you to buy this talisman…”


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