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“Clan Leader Su is the highest bidder now, 26 million low-grade spiritual stones.

Has Clan Leader Mu given up”

“This is the Nine-colored Longevity Grass, a once-in-a-hundred-years opportunity.

If you miss it, you might not be able to find it in your lifetime.”

Lin Mo advised, asking Clan Leader Mu to increase the price.

“Im sorry, this price is a little high.

I dont want to follow it.” Mu Ming laughed lightly.

After thinking that he had seen through Lin Mo and Su Nanshans schemes, he was extremely pleased.

“Alright, then I announce that this Nine-colored Longevity Grass will belong to the Su clan.” Lin Mo dropped the auction hammer.

Looking at the regretful faces of the crowd below, Lin Mo took out a pale yellow scroll.

He raised the scroll and said, “Tier 8 Great Luo Spear Technique.”

“Theres a cultivation technique attached to it, and it was a set.

Everyone must not miss it.”

“The starting price is 12 million.”

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Lin Mo introduced this Great Luo Spear Technique, and the atmosphere in the room became strange.

Some people looked toward the Mu clans VIP Room.

Mu Feng had been extremely heroic just now, spending 12 million to buy a low-grade tier 8 spear art.

However, an even stronger spear technique book had appeared.

Everyones gaze was as if they were looking at a fool.

Inside, Mu Feng was also in a bad mood.

His face was filled with anger.

“B*stard, this Lin Mo must have done it on purpose.” He smashed his fist onto the table, feeling rather depressed.

Now, no matter what others said, he believed that Lin Mo had tricked him.

“12.5 million.”

Mu Ming thought for a moment before slowly calling out the bid, and he only increased it by 500,000.

“Haha, isnt your Mu clan very strong Wheres the momentum from the previous fight with me Why did you only increase it by 500,000 Thats too little.”

Hearing Mu Mings bid, Bai Luo could not sit still and immediately started to mock him loudly.


Waves of laughter came from the surroundings, causing Mu Mings expression to become even uglier.

Only then did he remember that they had come here to see Lin Mo make a fool of himself.

Why had they become a joke instead

Furthermore, it was clearly an auction organized by their competitors, yet he was so eager to bid for it.

This was truly…

“15 million, Ill take this Great Luo Spear Technique.

Your Mu clan can move aside.” Seeing that Mu Ming did not respond to her ridicule, Bai Luo felt a little bored and started to bid.

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“16 million.” Mu Mings cold voice sounded.

“18 million.” Bai Luo raised another two million and spoke out in disdain of the Mu clan.

The increase was too little.

“20 million.” Mu Ming followed closely, but everyone could already hear his anger from his gritted teeth.

It was very obvious that the Mu clan one of the three great clans of Ancient Flame City, was already overflowing with anger.

If he did not care about his image and did not want to be called a bully, he would have acted long ago.

“22 million.”

“23 million.”

The Great Luo Spear Technique, which had originally moved many people, was suddenly pushed to a height that no one could reach.

At the same time, people were also very curious about the background of this lady.

One had to know that she had offended the Mu clan, one of the three great clans of Ancient Flame City.

It was not just the Mu clan.

Behind the Mu clan stood a colossus like the fourth prince.

Even if this young lady really took down the Great Luo Spear Technique, could she really take it away

When the price of the Great Luo Spear Technique was raised to 26 million, Mu Ming finally stopped raising the price and gave up.

Seeing that Mu Ming had given up, Lin Mo did not hesitate.

After dropping the hammer three times, he auctioned off this Great Luo Spear Technique to Bai Luo.

“The Great Luo Spear Technique isnt weak either.

Its worthy of this book, right”

After the auction ended, Lin Mo let out a faint laugh.

Although he had gained a huge advantage, Bai Luo had also profited.

“The next item up for auction is a mid-grade tier 8 spirit pill, the Dragon Transformation Bone Shaping Pill.”

“This Dragon Transformation Bone Shaping Pill isnt an ordinary spirit pill.

It has a miraculous effect on experts below tier 9 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.”

“Especially for those with high talent, the effect is even better.”

“The starting price is 5million.”

Lin Mo called out the starting price, and everyone rubbed their palms together, thinking highly of this Dragon Transformation Bone Shaping Pill.

However, the most excited ones were Su Yuelong, Sima Xun, and Mu Feng.

The three of them were all at tier 9 of the Dragon Transformation Bone Shaping Pill.

If they consumed it, they would definitely reach tier 10 of the Dragon Transformation Bone Shaping Pill within a short period of time.

Seeing this, Lin Mo also nodded.

This spirit pill was obtained by Duanmu Jia when she auctioned the tier 7 spirit pill.

He originally planned to give it to Yan Rong.

After all, Yan Rong was at tier 9 Dragon Transformation Realm.

However, Yan Rong said that his strength had reached the tier 10 Dragon Transformation Realm three days ago, so he did not need the Dragon Transformation Bone Shaping Pill.

As for Lin Die, her talent was very high.

At the very least, she did not need the help of the spirit pill during the early stages of her cultivation…

“10 million.”

The auction began.

Someone directly called out the price and directly increased the bid by five million, causing Mu Feng, who was just about to make a move, to choke.

Numerous gazes turned towards the VIP seats of the Su family.

The person who had just called out the price was the young master of the Su family, Su Yuelong.

On the stage, Lin Mo was also shocked by Su Yuelongs move.

After being stunned for a moment, he could only helplessly say, “Is there anyone else who wants to bid”

Mu Feng sat slumped on the chair.

In his heart, he had already cursed all eighteen generations of Su Yuelongs ancestors.

“B*stard, how can this Su Yuelong bid like this”

As his gaze flickered, Mu Feng gritted his teeth and turned around to look at his father.

Mu Mings expression was ice-cold as he ignored him.

Clearly, he was still holding a grudge against Bai Luo, who had always provoked him.

As his eyes flickered, Mu Feng gritted his teeth and shouted coldly, “15 million.

Dont think that youre the only one who will raise the bid by 5 million.”

His attitude scared everyone silly.

This was truly the foolish son of a landlord.

People were foolish and had a lot of money.

Mu Feng would follow no matter how much one bid.

Mu Ming reacted from the side and wanted to stop him, but it was already too late.

On the other side, Su Yuelong originally wanted to bid but was stopped by Su Nanshan.

Although this Dragon Transformation Bone Shaping Pills effect was good, it was at most worth 10 million.

“Alright, if you bid again, hell give up.

This loss-making business, let them have it,” Su Nanshan said.

Su Yuelong heard this and nodded his head in agreement.

He originally wanted to bid a high price, scare everyone, and accept this spirit pill.

However, it seemed like there was no need for that now.

Some people were stupid and had a lot of money, and they liked to be fools.

Lin Mo was stunned again on the stage.

Was this Mu Feng provoked Why was he blindly bidding as well

“Cough cough, Young Master Mu Feng has offered 15 million.

Is there anyone else who wants to bid” Lin Mo coughed and said.

However, the people present were not fools.

Whoever wanted to do this kind of money-losing business could do it.

In the private room, Mu Feng was already dumbfounded.

He had bid 15 million.

The corners of his eyes twitched violently.

He was stunned for a long while before he roared angrily, “B*stard, Su Yuelong, you actually dared to set me up.”

“Sigh, dont slander me.

I really want it, but I only bid 10 million,” Su Yuelong said with a faint smile.

“But if you dont want this Dragon Transformation Bone Shaping Pill, I can buy it for 10 million after you buy it.”


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