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Lin Mo felt a little helpless after receiving so much news all of a sudden.

This piece of news was too important.

If he could auction off a spirit-grade treasure, he would be able to obtain an even higher quality one, right

If he was a little luckier, with a 10,000-fold rebate, a spirit-level would directly become an earth-level…


“Big brother… What are you laughing at”

Just as Lin Mo was looking forward to it, a tender voice sounded, bringing Lin Mo back to reality.

“Miss, why are you here Has your training ended” Yan Rong quickly walked over and carefully sized up Lin Die.

“Mmhm, the mission that Big Brother Yan Rong gave to Lil Die has been completed.” Lin Die said with a smile.

“Eh, a Colorful Fire Demon.

This is a rare beast that was raised by nature.

It even transformed.


Bai Luos eyes lit up, and she quickly ran over.

Bai Luo stretched out her hand, and under Lin Dies unwilling expression, she kept patting her meridians, squeezing them from time to time.

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“Sister, youre hurting me…”

Bai Luo scrutinized it carefully.

In the end, Lin Die looked at Bai Luo with tears in her eyes.

Seeing that she was indifferent, Lin Die turned around and asked Lin Mo for help.

“Alright, you can just look at her, but what are you touching her for”

Lin Mo walked up and pulled Bai Luo to the side.

He rubbed Lin Dies pink face and smiled, “Dont be afraid, Lil Die.

This sister doesnt have any ill intentions.”

He carried Lin Die and felt extremely violent energy in her body.

This energy made Lin Mo feel apprehensive and he could not help but look at Yan Rong.

“Master, dont worry.

The growth of the Colorful Fire Demon is like this.

It devours a large amount of spiritual Qi and continuously breaks through the shackles.

This is their innate ability, breaking through the cocoon and becoming a butterfly,” Yan Rong replied.

“Breaking through the shackles, growing in adversity.

Breaking through the cocoon, and becoming a butterfly.

It seems that your future path is not easy,” Lin Mo nodded and said.

There were very few records of the Colorful Fire Demon in ancient books.

All he needed was only a little.

He simply did not know how to raise it.

Even Yan Rong did not know much.

He could only figure out the difficulties that LilDie would face in the future from his own understanding.

“You guys cant do this.”

At this moment, Bai Luo came forward again.

Lil Die immediately hugged Lin Mo tightly in fear.

This timid look made everyones heart soften.

“Little sister, dont be afraid.

Big sister is a good person… hehe…”

Bai Luo laughed mischievously, wanting to carry Lin Die away from Lin Mos embrace.

However, Lin Die was like an octopus, tightly hugging Lin Mo, unwilling to let go no matter what.

“Oh well… Originally, I wanted to teach you a cultivation method, so that you can become stronger and protect Lin Mo in the future.

Since you dont appreciate my kindness, then forget it.” Bai Luo did not touch Lin Die, and could only pretend to be regretful.

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As expected, after hearing these words, Lin Dies struggle weakened.

She raised her head to look at Lin Mo before slowly releasing her hand.

After releasing her hand, Bai Luo very easily carried Lin Die away.

She ruthlessly rubbed Lin Dies tender little face before releasing her hand in satisfaction.

“So cute.

What a pity.

Why did you follow such a Master”

Bai Luo said with a regretful expression, causing Lin Mos face to darken.

If not for the fact that Bai Luo wanted to give Lin Die the Colorful Fire Demons cultivation method, Lin Mo would have chased her away with a dark expression.

“Yes, big sister will keep her promise.

In the future, the spiritual Qi that you cultivate will revolve according to this technique for a whole day.”

Bai Luo took out an ancient scroll and unfolded it.

Immediately, a weak spiritual energy fluctuation spread out.

The scroll was carved with the shape of a human.

However, the meridians inside were quite complicated and did not seem like human meridians.

“The Colorful Fire Demon is a rare beast raised by nature.

When it grows up, its combat power is extraordinary.”

“But it is because of this that the cultivation of the Colorful Fire Demon has so many difficulties.”

Bai Luo said.

The Colorful Fire Demon needed to break out of its cocoon and become a butterfly nine times in total.

Every time it made a breakthrough, it would obtain great power.

After nine times, it would break out of its beast form and become a real human.

At that time, her cultivation talent would increase exponentially, and her comprehension of the dao arts would also be a notch higher.

“Breaking out of its cocoon to become a butterfly nine times What does that have to do with this cultivation method of yours” Lin Mo asked.

Bai Luo giggled and said, “Its very simple.

Each time it breakthrough, it will be a life and death ordeal.”

“At that time, the spiritual Qi in her body will lose its spirituality, and she will lose control and bite back at her master.”

“During the cultivation of this scroll, a trace of spiritual Qi will be left behind.”

“At that time, when the spiritual Qi that has lost control passes through these meridians, the spirituality will recover a little bit.”

After Bai Luos explanation, everyone finally understood why the cultivation of the Colorful Fire Demon was so dangerous.

Yan Rong also had a face full of self-blame and was extremely vexed.

The cultivation that he arranged for Lin Die was to temper her body with spiritual Qi to withstand the danger of breaking through.

Now, it seemed that he had underestimated the price of being born and raised.

“Oh right, where did you get the Colorful Fire Demon Youre so lucky…” Bai Luo asked curiously.

She told Lin Mo that in the entire continent, there were no more than a handful of demonic beasts that met the criteria of being born and raised.

Therefore, it would be best if Lin Mo could find a treasure that could conceal his aura.

Otherwise, if an expert who knew the value of the treasure discovered Lin Die, he would probably directly snatch it away.

“Lil Die belongs to big brother.

No one can snatch me away.” Lin Die said unhappily, waving her small fists in protest.

“Thats hard to say.

There are too many ways to control a person.

Contracts, blood oaths, and so on…” Bai Luo shook his head.

These methods were much stronger than coercion and enticement.

Moreover, if Lin Dies strength was not enough, she would not be able to resist.

“Lil Die will become stronger and become the strongest.

protect big brother,” Lin Die said firmly.

However, her firm expression did not last for a second before it was broken by Bai Luo.

“Too cute.

I really want to kidnap you.”

Bai Luo rubbed Lin Dies pink little face again before reluctantly letting her go.

The moment she broke free, Lin Die flew out.

This new sister was too scary.

She did not want to fall into her hands.

Bai Luo wanted more.

She wanted to chase after Yan Rong, who was teaching Lin Die cultivation and ravage this little girl.

However, when she saw Lin Mos unfriendly gaze, she did not act rashly.

“Hey, I didnt think that I would be able to see the rare beasts of Heaven and earth.

Since thats the case, Ill give you a gift.”

Seeing Lin Mos unfriendly gaze, Bai Luo immediately took out a treasure from her ring.

It was a piece of jade with some complicated runes carved on it.

It was extremely mysterious.

“This is a breathing technique, a tier 7 top-grade martial art.

It can perfectly conceal ones aura.

Of course, it cant hide from a Nirvana Realm powerhouse.”

Bai Luo explained that she had extracted this from the familys secret technique.

She had only taken a few runes and modified them before finally creating the aura concealment technique.

“I didnt expect you to be so powerful, to be able to create a level 7 top-grade martial art.”

Lin Mo was a little surprised.

He had originally thought that he had overestimated Bai Luo, but in the end, he had actually underestimated her.

“Theres no choice.

This young lady is gifted and intelligent.

This is talent, and you wont be able to learn it.” Bai Luo raised her head and smiled confidently.


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