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Every time there was a shortage of goods in the auction house, Lin Mo would be able to easily solve it.

He was like a treasure bag, able to find countless treasures.

While everyone was curious, they could not help but ask questions.

Right now, Lin Mo was about to start the auction again, and it was at a time when countless people were planning to head over to the ancient ruin.

Healing-type pills and herbs were in urgent need.

At this moment, a maid walked over, bowed respectfully, and said, “Owner, someone from the Su clan has come to visit and is waiting in the living room.”

Hearing this, Duanmu Jia hurriedly said, “Owner, the Su clan has come a few times these few days.”

She wanted to know the eighth princes attitude toward the Su clans surrender.

However, Lin Mo had been in closed-door cultivation, so they could only leave.


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It was Lin Mos turn to be troubled.

He really did not know Jiang Xiyues attitude toward the Su clan.

After all, he had never told anyone about this matter.

However, Jiang Xiyue had some spies.

Perhaps Luo Haoyu had also told them about the situation in Ancient Flame City.

Thinking of this, Lin Mo shook his head and said, “Lets go.

Lets go to the Su clan first.”

In the guest hall, there were only two people from the Su family who came this time, Su Yuelong and Su Hanhai.

Moreover, Su Hanhais body emitted an extremely powerful aura.

He was no longer as pale as before.

From the looks of it, the Nine-Colored Longevity Grass should have been completely refined by him.

“Haha, Little Friend Lin Mo, this old man has been waiting for you for a long time.” Su Hanhai laughed loudly.

Lin Mo looked at the recovered Su Hanhai and had some thoughts in his heart.

This was an expert who was at the tier 31 Dragon Transformation Realm.

Moreover, he had the qualifications to break through to the Nirvana Realm.

Although the Ancient Flame Ruin was very attractive, due to its sudden appearance, there were not many people who could come.

Only a few cities near Ancient Flame City could come.

Moreover, besides a portion of these people who were active in the wild, most of them were in Ancient Flame City.

“Elder Su, I am going to hold an auction next.

I would like to invite you to take charge.

Is that possible” Lin Mo said with a smile.

Su Hanhai naturally would not reject his request.

He agreed on the spot.

“Speaking of which, young friend, what kind of treasure are you planning to sell at this auction” Su Hanhai asked.

He was also very curious about the origin of Lin Mos treasure.

To be able to take out so many high-grade treasures, his origin must be extraordinary.

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However, if it was said that it was given by the eighth prince, then it would not be to the extent of taking out a tier 9 martial art.

“All of them are spirit pills and spirit medicines, and they are healing types,” Lin Mo smiled and said his plan.

Since the Ancient Flame Ruin had appeared, then it would not make sense if he didnt take the opportunity to make a fortune.

It just so happened that he had the God Slayer Body, which could devour all energy.

Spiritual stones were used up very quickly for him.

Naturally, the more the better.


Su Hanhai and Su Yuelong exclaimed at the same time.

Auctioning healing-type spirit pills and spirit medicines

Could it be that Lin Mo did not plan to participate in this ruin

“However, I might sell it at a bit of an expensive price.

When someone causes trouble, I hope elder Su can help.” Lin Mo chuckled.

His words made Su Hanhai and Su Yuelong speechless.

At this moment, why did Lin Mo look no different from those profiteers on the streets…

Moreover, he had also heard that Lin Mo had already been collecting spirit pills and herbs seven days ago.

At that time, he was still puzzled as to why Lin Mo would do such a thing.

Now, he finally knew.

Moreover, he would soon be involved in this matter and follow Lin Mo to scam other peoples spiritual stones.

“Little friend, we will be able to enter the Ancient Flame Ruin soon.

Are you really going to sell the spirit pills and herbs that you have gathered with great difficulty” Su Hanhai asked.

He was very puzzled by Lin Mos actions.

“Dont worry.

I hope that Elder Su can also provide a batch of battle-type spirit pills.” Lin Mo smiled.

Very quickly, a piece of news spread out.

The Lin auction house would be auctioning off many high-grade spirit pills and herbs

Moreover, the Su clans patriarch, Su Hanhai, personally guaranteed that they were all healing and battle-type pills and herbs.

At that time, Ancient Flame City and many new friends would be welcome to participate.

At the same time, Lin Mo also used a tier 7 spirit pill as a price to hire a group of foreign mercenary groups.

He got them to spread the news that the Lin auction house would be holding an auction tonight.

Moreover, while they spread the news, they also told everyone, either explicitly or implicitly, that the Ancient Flame Ruin had appeared, and that healing and battle-type pills would be especially expensive.

At night, when the auction was held, most people already thought that the auction treasures this time would be very expensive.

Even so, they still surrounded the Lin auction house.

It was not for anything else but to obtain one or two healing pills to prevent serious injuries from being left untreated in the ruin.

“Everyone says that tonights auction items are especially expensive.

How much can it be expensive…”

“Its hard to say.

Moreover, many people want it.

Even if its expensive, they can only accept it…”

“Its said that this Lin auction house has only been open for a few days.

Its fine if they dont hold any events and give some discounts, but they still want to extort.

I really want to rob them.”

“Shh, dont spout nonsense.

The patriarch of the Su family is personally overseeing the auction.

Are you courting death…”

On the auction stage, Lin Mo stood properly.

Looking at the sea of people in front of him, he could not help but feel a little surprised.

They had already hinted that it was very expensive, yet they still came.

“Thank you all for participating in this auction.

I wont keep you in suspense anymore.

I announce that the auction officially begins.”

Lin Mo held the auction hammer in his hand, and with a wave of his hand, a large jade bottle appeared in front of him.

“Pure Heart Pill, mid-grade tier 5.

It can alleviate the pain in ones body, and at the same time, heal ones injuries rapidly.”

“Due to its low tier, the auction will begin in groups of ten.”

The moment he finished speaking, there was a look of shock in everyones eyes.

Pure Heart Pills were only mid-grade tier 5 and could not be considered precious.

However, it was extremely rare for ten to appear at the same time.

If one was injured in battle, one would be able to recover quickly after consuming one.

If it was a more serious injury, they would be able to recover quite a bit.

“These Pure Heart Pills will be of great help to the expedition to the ruins.

We cant miss it.”

“Thats right.

Even if we dont need it, well bid for it and distribute it to our brothers below us.

Its an additional guarantee.”

“Manager Lin, theres no need to introduce it.

We know the effects of the Pure Heart Pill.

Hurry up and tell us the price.”

Some people shouted, looking forward to the pure heart pills.

Seeing this, Lin Mo no longer kept them in suspense.

He said, “The starting price for ten Pure Heart Pills is 300,000.

Each increment must not be less than 50,000.”

Lin Mo dropped the auction hammer and said with a smile.


At this moment, Su Hanhai, who was drinking tea backstage, heard this and spat out a mouthful of tea on the spot.

“A starting bid of 300,000 Are you kidding me”

The corner of Su Hanhais mouth twitched.

Under normal circumstances, the starting bid for 10 Pure Heart Pill would be 80,000 to 100,000.

Moreover, the starting bid had to be increased by 50,000.

“How black-hearted is your master” Su Hanhai asked.

Hearing this, Duanmu Jia and Miao Qing broke into a sweat and felt a little embarrassed.

Especially Duanmu Jia, whose heart was about to break.

The reputation that she had painstakingly built up was gone just like that…

“Has this guy fallen into the eyes of money…”


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