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“Fellow Daoist, please calm down.

Can you sense who the murderer is” An old man asked, trying to calm the Peacock Spirit Clans leader down.

Upon hearing this, the Peacock Spirit Clans leader closed his eyes and carefully determined whose aura was around his kin when he died.

After a long period of analysis, the conclusion he reached made the whole place boil.

The young clan leader of the Peacock Spirit Clan was killed by a mere human.

Worse still, he was taken down alongside Yuan Hong of the Primordial Sun Holy Land.

“Could it be him”

Suddenly, the image of a young man appeared in Yuan Cangs mind.

“Little friend Yuan Cang, do you know who the murderer is” The eyes of the Peacock Spirit Clans leader flashed and he instantly appeared in front of Yuan Cang.

Yuan Cang dared not dally around and hurriedly shot to his feet.

The elders of the Primordial Sun Holy Land greeted the Peacock Spirit Clans leader and bowed.

“Senior, Yuan Hong once had an argument with someone in the ruins.

That persons name was Lin Mo and he was in tier 12 of the Dragon Transformation Realm.” Yuan Cang answered.

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“Only tier 12…”

Everyone was stunned.

A mere cultivator in the 12th tier of the Dragon Transformation Realm should have stood no chance against two geniuses.

It sounded ludicrous.

“He cant be the culprit then.

The one who killed my son was a tier 16 Dragon Transformation Realm cultivator.” The Peacock Spirit clan leader responded.

He was certain of his analysis.

Moreover, he was also aware that his son had died from taking in a lethally sharp Sword qi.

“Forget it.

Please inform me once youve located the true murderer, little friend Yuan Cang.

The Peacock Spirit Clan would remember the favor that you have given us.” With that, the clan leader returned to his own base.

The Primordial Sun Holy Land had many methods at their disposal.

As such, there was a high chance that they could locate the culprit.

However, such a task was easier said than done…

“Senior, I am sorry for your loss.

I will definitely take revenge for my brother.

I will inform you once I have something concrete.” Yuan Cang cupped his hands and said.

Obtaining the friendship of the Peacock Spirit Clan was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Everyone present looked at Yuan Cang with great envy.

One had to know that although the Peacock Spirit Clans leader had yet to enter the Nirvana Realm, he was actually very young.

He had a boundless future waiting for him, and as things stood, he had a high chance of entering the Nirvana Realm in the future.

To be able to earn the favor from such an expert was truly a rare opportunity.

At this moment, Lin Mo was still trying to find the Silver Arowanas.

He discovered that there was more than meets the eye to the mist above him.

Once the Silver Arowanas entered the mist, it was as if they had dived into water.

It was extremely difficult to catch them once it happened.

“I still cant find them…”Lin Mos face was filled with helplessness.

He expanded his soul energy to scan the area within a ten mile radius.

Forget the Silver Arowana, he could not even detect a single demonic beast.

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Lin Mo dove into the mist and searched around.

It was extremely quiet inside, and it was seemingly isolated from the outside world.

This made it extremely difficult for his soul energy to permeate through the mist, and as a consequence his awareness of his surroundings was also extremely low.

After searching for a while without success, Lin Mo decided to give up.

At this moment, he suddenly smelled a faint fragrance.

Upon taking in the fragrance, his soul power was suddenly enhanced, and he could feel his senses sharpening…

“This is the smell of the Silver Arowanas.”

Lin Mo was overjoyed.

He followed the fragrance and soon felt that something was off.

After many years of change, there was actually an undercurrent within the mist.

Lin Mo followed the flow of spiritual energy and traveled far away.

“The Silver Arowanas might have followed the undercurrent.”

Upon reaching this conclusion, Lin Mo did not hesitate for a single instance.

He immediately followed the undercurrent.

At the same time, he continuously radiated his soul power, hoping to locate any treasures that were hidden within the mist.

To his surprise, he was actually successful.

Following the undercurrent, he quickly located 7 Silver Arowanas.

They were the ones that had escaped earlier.

Their patterns and sizes were all the same.

They were surrounding a golden aquatic plant, absorbing the pure energy emitted by it.

“Gold Coin Grass, a top-grade tier 8 spirit herb.

Its a great item that can nourish ones soul power.”

Lin Mo was overjoyed, and he stealthily moved forward.

In order to secure all of the arowanas, Lin Mo had even summoned his Origin Spirit Puppet to capture them all.

As for himself, he picked up the Gold Coin Grass.

“Great, I caught all the Silver Arowanas and even nabbed a Gold Coin Grass in the process.

Not a bad harvest, if I do say so myself.”

Lin Mo laughed out loud and the Origin Soul Puppet returned to his side, along with 7 Silver Arowanas trapped within its spiritual energy.


A shocking Sword qi slashed towards Lin Mos head.

This made him furious.

He took out Plain White Snow and glared in the direction of the attack.

“Show yourself, you coward!”


Another strong sword Qi came at him from his back, but Lin Mo had easily neutralized it with Plain White Snow.

The powerful wave of energy caused the spiritual energy in the area to shake.

The mist dispersed, revealing the land below him.

“Did you think that Im easy to pick on”

Lin Mo was furious.

His attacker had attacked him twice now.

Did they really think that he could not find them

He circulated the devouring power from the God Devouring Body and spread it out, forming a domain.

All of the spiritual energy around Lin Mo was instantly absorbed and devoured by him.

The mist was a product of the spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth.

In fact, its energy was so unique that it had surpassed most forms of spiritual energy.

Now that Lin Mo had absorbed the spiritual energy around him, the person who launched the sneak attack at him had no way to hide.

Only then did Lin Mo notice that there were two groups of people attacking, and they seemed to be two mercenary groups.

“This target is too difficult to take on.


After taking a look at Lin Mo, the one who looked like the leader ordered his men to retreat.

“No, dont leave.


Lin Mo said coldly.

The Origin Soul Puppet appeared behind the mercenaries like a ghost and threw a punch.


A powerful force spread out.

Even though these people reacted extremely well and immediately blocked it, due to the difference in their strength, they were all sent flying.

“What a powerful puppet…”

Seeing this, the mercenary group on the other end dared not move a single muscle.

They were afraid that they would enter Lin Mos crosshairs as well…

“Sir, please spare us.”

Realizing they were outmatched, they immediately knelt down and begged Lin Mo to show mercy.

“Spare you Why didnt you think of this before you attacked” Lin Mo sneered.

At this moment, the mercenaries had no other thoughts in their minds besides surviving.

What else could they do, after all

“Sir, we can compensate you with some spiritual stones.

Please spare our lives…” A few people from afar also walked up and begged for mercy.

“Thats right, sir.

The reason we attacked in the first place was because weve been eyeing the Gold Coin Grass for a long time.

Weve been locked in battle with the demonic beast guarding it for a long time.”

“Despite going to great lengths to defeat the demonic beast, you just suddenly appeared and snatch our prize away, sir.

It was for this reason that we attacked you.

We didnt know who you were, we swear…”

The two groups of people spoke one after another, giving a rough description of what had transpired.

It turned out that there was a demonic beast guarding the Gold Coin Grass.

If that was the case, he really had to thank these two groups of people.

After all, without them, the Silver Arowanas might have been eaten by the demonic beast the moment they came over.

In that case, he had no qualms with them.

“Is that so If thats the case, then Im at fault for stealing your prize…” Lin Mo waved his hand, telling them to get up.

“We wouldnt dare to accuse you of such an act, sir.

It seems that you are fated to obtain the Gold Coin Grass, not us.

As such, it is rightfully yours.” The mercenaries stood up and continued.

They dared not take the Gold Coin Grass from Lin Mo.

After all, the puppet by Lin Mos side was an existence that could annihilate with a single punch.


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