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However, just as Lin Mo was about to continue his barrage of attacks, more and more people had noticed the commotion and were rushing over.

“We cant stay here for long.

Lets leave!”

Lin Mo and Bai Luo met up, and using the Origin Spirit Puppet to lead the way, they left the area.

Before leaving, however, Lin Mo made sure to grab a jade seal for himself.

Due to the mystical nature of Traceless Wind, no ordinary person would be able to go after them.

“Where are Lil Die and the others” Lin Mo asked.

“Follow me.”

The two of them left the Dragon Transformation Pool.

Although there were people chasing them from behind, they were unable to catch up to them.

After getting rid of their pursuers, Lin Mo and Bai Luo arrived at a valley.

Upon arrival, Bai Luo waved her hand, and the scenery of the valley in front of them changed.

Lin Mo could feel that there were at least a dozen killing formations buried around them.

However, with Bai Luos arrival, the killing formations here were all disabled.

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Within the valley, a fiery red petite figure flew out, accompanied by an innocent laughter.

“Big Brother, youre finally here.”

Lin Die threw herself into Lin Mos embrace.

This extremely dependent look caused Bai Luo to grit her teeth.

“Little brat, I treat you very well too.

Why arent you sticking to me” Bai Luo said through gritted teeth.

She stretched out her hand and tugged at Lin Dies tender face, looking very displeased.

“Sister Bai Luo, youre the best… Hehe.” Lin Die let go of Lin Mo in pain and grabbed Bai Luos hand while giggling.

“Sigh, you…”

Bai Luo was helpless.

She was helpless against the kid.

“Alright, lets hurry to the Dragon Transformation Pool.

If were late, our opportunities will be snatched away.” Lin Mo said as he brought everyone back.

However, their luck was running low.

The jade seals were sparsely distributed.

It was very difficult to find any jade seals remaining, as most of them had already been taken by others.

“Hehe, looking for some jade seals”

A figure walked out from afar.

There were quite a few people following behind him, and among them was someone they were familiar with.

Lin Mo and Bai Luo shielded Yan Rong and Lin Die as they looked at the people approaching them.

The man who spoke was wearing a gray-black cloak and a bamboo hat.

There was actually a small snake with a strange pattern circling around his waist.

Behind him, Ling Feng, who had a grudge against Lin Mo and the others, was also there.

It seemed that the information about Ling Feng being a wandering cultivator was not quite accurate.

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“Go away.

A good dog doesnt block the way,” Bai Luo snapped coldly.

She was very displeased with Ling Feng and his gang.

However, the man leading the group did not seem to have a good temper either.

Upon hearing Bai Luos words, the smile on his face instantly vanished.

“I was originally thinking of making a deal with you guys.

But it seems that you guys are incapable of appreciating favors.”

The person stated coldly.

The small snake coiled around his waist suddenly shot out.

It bared its fangs and headed straight for Bai Luo.


Bai Luos entire body emitted a white light.

A layer of bright silver armor appeared on her body.

With a thrust of her long spear, she had sunken her spear into the small snakes mouth.

In the next moment, an intense spear intent erupted and blew the snake apart.


Ling Feng also made his move.

With a raise of his hand, a layer of intense Sword Qi erupted from the ancient book in his hand.

In fact, the attack had gone beyond normal Sword Qi.

This was a sea of swords that covered the sky and completely enveloped Lin Mos group.

It was an incredibly powerful move.

“Yan Rong, watch over Lil Die.” Bai Luos gaze was ice-cold.

She was getting tired of constantly meeting obstacles.

At the same time, Lin Mo also jumped into action, leaving behind his Origin Soul Puppet to protect Lin Die and Yan Rong.

His body glowed with divine light, giving him a dignified appearance at first.

However, in the next moment, his body resembled a black hole instead, devouring everything in its path.

No energy was able to escape him.

The man standing at the front of the group gave Lin Mo a bad feeling.

Lin Mo could tell that he was extremely strong at first glance.

It was for this reason that he went all out.


The earth and sky shook.

The mountains in the area collapsed and the earth cracked.

“What this Isnt that Lin Mo Whats this domain he created Its so terrifying.”

“Whos the other person Ive never seen them before.

The fact that hes on par with Lin Mo probably means hes from a renowned background.”

Their battle had drawn plenty of attention.

Many onlookers started to gather below them as they wanted to learn of the identities of the battlers.

Lin Mo frowned.

The person leading the group had an extremely bizarre aura.

Back when he had used his God Devouring Body to consume his energy, the energy he had absorbed felt sinister.


Lin Mo made yet another move.

Using his God Devouring Body, he quashed the energy he had absorbed and making it vanish off the face of the earth.


As expected of Lin Mo, he managed to force the other party back.”

The battle between the two of them was extremely bizarre.

Only at this moment did Lin Mo realize that something was amiss.

The opponents attack method had not originated from spiritual energy.

Instead, it had consisted of tens of thousands of tiny bugs.

The bamboo hat on his head had been knocked off by Lin Mo, revealing his original appearance as a result.

It was an incomparably savage face, and one could vaguely see bugs crawling over it.

It was extremely disgusting.

“Its a Spirit Insect Master.” Lin Mo suddenly recalled of such an occupation.

Different from Spirit Formation Masters and Alchemists, the cultivation of a spirit insect master was extremely strange.

One needed to implant the insects into ones body.

Such a method would easily cause a backlash.

After all, it was a foreign substance, and if something unforeseen were to happen, not even God would be able to do anything about it.

However, at the same time, if such a person were to succeed in his cultivation, they would become unbelievably powerful.

If a battle against insect masters, one would need to take care of them fast, as the former was capable of unleashing a near endless swarm of bugs.

Those bugs were usually able to devour their opponents completely.

“Thats the Ghost Bug Master, a famous expert in the imperial capital.

His moves are ever-changing and difficult to defend against.”

Someone recognized the other partys identity and exclaimed in shock.


Lightning flashed and a three meter long centipede appeared in front of Lin Mo.

it had three heads and was biting at him from three different directions.

Upon seeing this, Lin Mo slashed with his Plain White Snow.

A powerful Sword Qi soared into the sky and killed the centipede.


At the same time, fresh blood splattered out.

Lin Mo took the opportunity to attack and injure the so-called Ghost Bug Master.

Although the insects summoned by the other party were strange, they were nothing in front of absolute strength.

“What If youre mad, then come face me yourself.

Why rely on some tiny insects” Lin Mo said coldly.


The Ghost Bug Master was furious.

The bug that he had painstakingly raised had been easily disposed of by Lin Mo…

“Kid, sell that bug of yours to me.

I can let bygones be bygones if you do,” the Ghost Bug Master said.

He pointed at Lin die in the distance.

His ultimate goal was actually her.

“What did you just say” Lin Mo was shocked.

The person had actually managed to see through Lin Dies true identity.

“Thats right.

Sell her to me and well let bygones be bygones.

I can also introduce you guys to a good place,” said the Ghost Bug Master.

If Lin Mo was smart enough, he should be able to understand the hidden meaning behind his words.

However, at this moment, Lin Mos eyes gradually filled with killing intent.

Seemingly sensing Lin Mos anger, his God Devouring Body increased its circulation speed, causing a vortex to form with Lin Mo as its center.

Raising his head once again, Lin Mo held Plain White Snow and pointed forward.

“Im not interested in the place youve introduced.

On the contrary, I can send you to another special place of my own…”

Lin Mos voice was ice-cold as a soaring Sword Qi spread out.

“Ill send you to Hell…”


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