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Once all the attackers had been defeated, Lin Mo sensed that there was still something amiss.

His soul power was extremely powerful, especially after consuming the Silver Arowana and the other precious resources not too long ago.

The person who had set up the trap had yet to leave the area, and was instead watching from the shadows…

Lin Mo reckoned that his goal was for Lin Mo and his group to tire themselves out and ambush them once they had let their guards down.

“Fellow Daoist, you hid yourself well, but your lack of soul power has failed you,” Lin Mo called out.

The young man hiding in the dark revealed himself form, his pale face carrying a hint of astonishment.

However, he quickly calmed down and snickered.

“Things mightve derailed from the plan, but its not too big of a deal.”

His eyes flickered as he looked at Lin Mo and Bai Luo.

It looked as if he thinking about his chances against them.

“You sure talk big for someone of your skill.

So what, you thinking you can beat the both of us alone” Lin Mos expression remained indifferent as he mocked the young man.

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“Pff, I wouldnt even need to use a spirit array to deal with two small fries like you.” The youth said sinisterly.

His pale face gave off an enigmatic air.

“You sound like a savage, which is completely opposite of how you actually act.” Lin Mo commented.

His expression was calm.

The young mans expression morphed into shock momentarily before returning to his previous expression.

“Im guessing that youve got some kind of trump card prepared, right But that trump card can only be used a limited of times.

So, youre trying to provoke us so that you could use it on both of us at the same time.

Am I correct”

Lin Mo logically broke down the young mans actions.

He felt that the young mans behavior was abnormal.

Had he actually possessed the talent that he claimed to have, he would not have needed to set up a spirit formation to kill off so many people.

He had planned everything to a meticulous level of detail, and his plans had even included dealing with Lin Mo and Bai Luo.

There was no way that someone as meticulous as him would commit such a grave mistake as getting caught by Lin Mo.

“Haha, your senses are very sharp.

Did you sense the danger” The young man sneered.

“I did.

However, Id like to see just how powerful your technique is.” Lin Mo activated his God Devouring Body, enveloping the entire lake in a pitch-black domain.

Then, he walked toward the young man with the intent of taking his attack head on.

“Youre courting death,” the young man said coldly.

With a swoosh, he threw out a talisman of unknown effect.

Upon flying out, the talisman instantly morphed into a golden needle.

It seemed to contain enough power to pierce all manner of items, be they the heavens or earth themselves.

A mere instant later, the golden needle had already reached before Lin Mos face, and it exploded, drowning him within an immense burst of power.

“A tier 9 attack talisman.” Bai Luos expression changed drastically.

The talisman was an extremely precious treasure.

Moreover, the prerequisites for using the talisman were also very minor, which made it a great killing weapon.

Had Lin Mo not deployed his God Devouring Bodys domain to consume the talismans energy, Lin Mo would have suffered serious injuries from the blast.

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A crisp sound rang out just as the explosion had taken place.

Lin Mo had summoned his Origin Spirit Puppet to intercept the attack.


Lin Mo suddenly yelped in shock.

Once the talismans energy had dissipated, Lin Mo noticed that a golden needle had been embedded within the Origin Spirit Puppets forehead.

Even a puppet as tough as this was unable to completely block the attack.

Although Lin Mo had neutralized the threat, the puppet did not survive unharmed.

Once the golden needle fell off, cracks started to appear on the head of the Origin Soul Puppet.

Spiritual light flickered in the Dantian of the Origin Spirit Puppet.

A moment later, spiritual energy surged out and repaired the puppets cracked head.

This surprised Lin Mo.

he did not expect the puppet to possess such a function.

Usually, when puppets were damaged, it was essentially the same as being destroyed.

After all, repairing cultivation puppets was a very different process compared to repairing ordinary items.

However, Lin Mos Origin Spirit Puppet contained a rich well of spiritual energy within its Dantian.

It was due to this source of energy that enabled the puppet to repair itself.

Upon this realization, Lin Mo suddenly recalled Bai Luos surprise over the puppet when she had first seen it.

Clearly, the puppet had been famous during ancient times…

Due to the damage it had sustained, the Origin Spirit Puppet was temporarily out of commission.

As such, Lin Mo had no other choice but to personally take action.

However, since his opponent did not seem to have any tier 9 offensive talismans left, Lin Mo had nothing to worry about.

With that, Lin Mo and the young man clashed against one another.

Plain White Snow was wreathed in flames.

This was a flame condensed from Dao principles, and this was the first time Lin Mo had used it in combat.

“Ill send you to hell,” said Lin Mo as he shot forward, leaving only an afterimage behind.

When Lin Mo reappeared, he was already behind the young man, and there were flames in the shape of wings sprouting from his back.

With a flap of the wings, a raging blaze burned in all directions.

However, the young man was not an easy opponent to deal with.

He moved strangely, and suddenly vanished into thin air.

His speed was also extremely fast.

Moreover, his realm was higher than Lin Mos, and his martial arts were profound.

Despite his advantages, he was unable to shake off Lin Mo, and before long, Lin Mo had managed to close the distance between them.


Lin Mo swung Plain White Snow at him, flaring up the runes across the blade and unleashing a pillar of flame that devoured the sky.

“Dragon Subduing Technique.”

The young man exerted his full strength, and a powerful burst of power condensed to form a dragon-shaped projection behind him.

However, Lin Mo cared not for the gimmick.

With a swing of Plain White Snow, he intercepted the dragon projection head-on.

“So powerful…”

Lin Mo was surprised.

The power contained within the dragon projection was extremely powerful.

It had managed to overpower his sword attack, and yet, it showed no signs of weakening.

It shattered the God Devouring Bodys domain, and although the projection had sacrificed much of its power in doing so, it still managed to hit Lin Mo square in the chest.


Lin Mo unleashed his full power, spreading flames across the dragon projections body.

While doing so, he expanded his God Devouring Bodys domain even further, turning it from a defense-oriented domain into an offensive one.

His goal was to destroy the dragon.

“Go to Hell.”

The young man roared and cut his own wrist.

Fresh blood dripped onto the projection, making it even more powerful.

Upon receiving the power-up, the dragon projections strength reached astronomical levels.


Sensing the power contained within the projection, Lin Mo was shocked.

At the same time, he had also deduced his opponents identity.

Putting all else aside, if he was someone from the Yanhuang Empire, he would definitely be someone who hailed from the Yanhuang royal family.

Otherwise, he would definitely have been targeted by the imperial family since he possessed both a tier 9 treasure as well as a spirit-grade cultivation technique.


Lin Mos arm shot up in pain as the dragon projection crushed Lin Mos Sword Qi with its ruthless claw attack.

Lin Mos defenses had been pierced, and powerful as the God Devouring Body was, the dragon projections claw had proved to be even stronger.

“This ends here.”

A cold light flashed in Lin Mos eyes.

Endless flames burst out, and the power of the stars filled the sky.

In just an instant, the lake below evaporated, and was replaced instead by a sea of fire.

Affected by the sudden environmental shift, the dragon projection almost collapsed.

The young man was shocked by the power behind Lin Mos flames.

As far as he was concerned, Yuan Cang of the Primordial Sun Holy Land was the only one who could manipulate flames to such an extent.


The two of them clashed fiercely.

Unable to bear the power contained in their blows, the spirit formation surrounding the lake shatter, revealing the events transpiring above the lake to all onlookers.


In the end, with his last embers of flame, Lin Mo pierced through the dragon projection and into the young mans left shoulder.

If it was not for the young mans quick reaction, the attack might had even taken his life.

Even so, his injuries were still very serious.

He had been injured by the flames of Dao.

If left untreated, he would receive a nasty Dao wound.

However, Lin Mo gave no such mercy to the young man.

Intense flames enveloped Plain White Snow, and Lin Mo struck the young man down between his brows.


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